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Wal-Mart: Black Friday Deals   Black Friday

4:30PM CBS: Panthers at Cowboys (-1)

8:30PM NBC: Bears at Packers (-8.5)

 | Daily Show | TMZ | Howard Stern

Man Jumps White House Fence While Obamas Are Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

  First Family Serves
Thanksgiving Meals
to Homeless Veterans

Retailers on Target
to Smash Black Friday
Sales Records

Technology Is
Killing Off Christmas

Cyber Monday Is Dead

How Walmart
Keeps an Eye On Its
Massive Workforce

Lions 45, Eagles 14

'Putin Has Not
Returned My Call,'
Turkey President Says

Tensions Are Heating Up
Over Turkey's Downing
of Russian Warplane

Russians Buzz Macy's
Parade With Drone

> 'They Thought I Was a Terrorist' 

Obama Compares
Syrian Refugees to
Pilgrims on the Mayflower

America Has Wised Up
to the Black Friday Con

How to Respond to the Rudest Thanksgiving
Dinner Questions...

Adele Announces
First Tour Since 2011

Protesters Storm Macy's

  Macy's Parade

Cameron: Bombing ISIS
Will Make Britain Safer

> 'If Not Now, When?'  

  Paris Victims

  'Star Wars' Releases
Another Trailer

Johnny Manziel's
Pathetic Booze Coverup
Failed Miserably

Dust Mites in Your
Mattress Eat Your Skin

'Suspicious White Powder'
at Mosque Was Flour

Crowds Brave Rain to Greet Pope Francis in Kenya
> Pontiff's First Visit to Africa 

Pope: Interfaith Dialogue Needed to Battle Extremism

Thanksgiving Travel

Man Spotted With Paris Attack Suspect Traveled to Syria, Belgian Officials Say

Cop in Chicago Shooting
Had History of Complaints

Protesters to Target
Chicago Shopping
Area on Black Friday

> Protesters Destroy Part of City Christmas Tree 
> Obama Backs Protests 

On Thanksgiving, Cherish
Family, New Friendships

Make the Dinner Table
a Cell-Phone Free Zone

10 Simple Health Hacks to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How Eating Red Meat
Could Trigger a Stroke

Owner Unchains Himself
From Top of Water Slide,
Ending His 17-Day
Attempt to Save Park

  Blimp Goes Down
Behind Long Island School

3.5 Million People
Attend NYC Parade

Heading to the Movies?

Scare Wars! U.S.
Bans Under-13s From
Violent New Movies

'Manger Mom' Identified, Won't Face Charges For Leaving Baby in Nativity Scene

Grizzly Bear Attack
Fended Off by Hunter

Do We Need the Penny?

Jared Fogle Accused
of Being Deadbeat Dad

  China's New
High-Speed Railway

  Texas Man Hits $1.8M Jackpot at Nevada Casino

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  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Prince Harry  Tom Cruise

  The Zuckerbergs  Liam

  Margot  Nicole  Billie

  Michelle Keegan  Abbey

  Emmy Rossum Hands Out Turkey Dinners to Homeless

  Gigi  Lucy  Millie  Vicky

  Nick Jonas  Jesse  Harry

  Kendall  Julianne  Adele

  Krysten Ritter  Rachel

Why You Should Never
Dial Your Ex to Ask:
What Went Wrong?

This Gives Granny Panties
a Whole New Look...

The Big Boob
Backache Epidemic

The Women Nearly
Killed by Sleep Walking

Turkey Releases Audio
of 'Warning' to Downed
Russian Jet

Merkel Vows Germany
Will Do More Fight ISIS

  Network of ISIS Tunnels

Trump Under Fire For
Mocking NYT Reporter...

Just Pardon the Turkey...

Obama to Nervous Nation:
No Credible Reports
of Terror Plot

> Travelers Face Intense Security 

The Chicago Police
Shooting of Laquan
McDonald, Explained

Chicago Cops Warned
of Gang Violence in
Wake of Video

Since Ferguson, A Rise
in Charges Against Police Officers Across America

Frank Gifford Suffered
From Concussion-Related
Brain Disease: Family

10-Minute Test That
Detects a Stroke From
a Few Drops of Blood

The Epidemic of
Baby Boomers Hooked
on Painkillers

Is This Man DB Cooper?

School Resource Officer Fired After Fight With Student

Will Smith Plans to
Enter Political Arena
'in the Near Future'

Brian Williams Settles
into New Job at MSNBC

Pasture-Raised Turkeys
vs. Conventional Turkeys

West Point Bans Cadets'
Pillow Fight at 30 Injured

Deaths Persist in Youth
and Student Football
Despite Safety Efforts

Actor Paul Walker's
Father Sues Porsche
Over Fatal Crash

Cheese Heist Ends in
Truck Rollover, 3 Arrests

Porn Stars, Crack Cocaine, Private Jets, HIV and Me

Democrats May Be a
Generation Away From
Recapturing House

Why the Democrats
Are in Such Shambles

'Tampon Tax'

Putin Takes His Revenge

Downed Russian Pilot:
'Turkey Gave No Warning'

Why Russia-Turkey Spat Won't Start World War III

Marine Corps Chief Says
His Troops Ready For Syria

ISIS Taunt America

How Shopping Technology Forces Retailers to Alter Holiday Game Plans

This Offends You, LEAVE!'

How to Pick a Decent Wine With 5 Minutes and $15

FDA Approves a New,
Boosted Flu Vaccine

Queen Elizabeth Says It's 'Extraordinary' to Meet Her 2nd Prime Minister Trudeau

  Holidays Are
Murder on Turkeys

  Kylie on Ellen   Selena

  Gigi and Zayn   Amy

  Grafton Street in Dublin

  Live Music in a Pub

Palestinian Teen Girls Play Bigger Role in Terror
Attacks on Israelis

Plot Thickens: Pentagon
Now Facing More Scrutiny
Over $766M Task Force

Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer
Is Running Out of Time to Turn Things Around

How the Gun Control
Debate Ignores Black Lives

Palace Theater to be Lifted
29 Feet For Expanded
Facilities and Retail

John Stamos Avoids Jail in Misdemeanor DUI Charge

Monk Accused of Abuse Had 200 Sexual Partners, Some Were Child Prostitutes

79-Year-Old Shot Dead
Hours Before Retirement

The Trouble With Saying
You Don't Want Children

New Procedure Eliminates Fat Under Chin

Parents Turning To
App & Device To Disable
Teen Drivers’ Phones

Millions May Be Victims of Facebook App That’s ‘Privacy Nightmare’

8-Year-Old Girl Killed
While Driving Car

MIT Scientists Figure
Out What Happens
When We Sneeze

140K Kentucky Felons Now Have the Right to Vote

13 Servers Fired Via Text Message at Fla. Restaurant

This Tuition Bill From 1979 Will Make You Want to Cry

Memorable Facebook
Name Isn't Real After All

Donald Trump: I Was ‘The First Guy
That Really Predicted Terrorism’

Good News on Thanksgiving: Being
Grateful is Good For Your Heart

Muslism Organization Putting Up Billboards In Florida To Explain About Peaceful Religion

Study: Rudeness Is Contagious,
Spreads Like A Virus

Police Bust Weekly Mahjong
Game Played By Elderly Women

Butchers Debut Vending
Machines Full Of Meat

Ski Resort First In California To
Use Recycled Wastewater For Snow

American Airlines Refuses Compensation
for Family Denied Boarding

Special Education Teacher Accused Of Tipping Special-Needs Child Out Of Her Chair

A New Approach To Combating
Shoplifters In One South Jersey Town

Teen Charged As Adult In Philadelphia
Trooper Shooting; Bail Set At $3 Million

What Does It Mean To ‘Live Like A Millennial?’

Newborn Baby Found In Manger of
Church’s Nativity Scene In Queens

Family of Man Killed By Sweeper
Speaks Out After Learning Sexting
May Have Led To Crash

Denver Proposal Would Limit New Pot Shops

Man Breaks Neck In Fall
After E-Cigarette Explodes

'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed Happy In Qatar

Amazon Worker in Massachusetts
Fights To Get Thanksgiving Day Off

Parents Say Teen Died After
‘Twerking’ On Car, Getting Run Over

Leaders Scramble to
Defuse Crisis Over
Russia's Downed Jet

> Putin Vows 'Tragic Consequences' 

Helpless Pilots 'Were Shot Dead as They Parachuted to the Ground'
> One of Downed Pilots 'Escaped'
> Missing Pilot 'With Syrian Army' 

Brussels Metro and
Schools Reopen

Protests Across Chicago

Horrifying Dashcam
Video Shows White Cop Shooting Black Teen 16 Times Point Blank While He Lays on the Ground

Terror Warning Snarls
Thanksgiving Traffic

> Heightened Security Measures at Airports 
> Travelers Should Expect Delays 

TSA: Holiday Travel Tips

The New Thanksgiving
Family Fight: War Over
Tablets and TV

Let's Be Honest: Black
Friday Needs a New Name

  Aloe Vera Spills on
Florida Roadway

Women Wearing Burqa Will
Be Fined in Switzerland

Shark Drones to Patrol Stretch of Australia's Coast

Muslimtown, USA

Sell-Out For Queen's
90th Birthday Bash

Why These X-Rated
Red-Carpet Dresses
Betray Women

What's Really Threatening the American Dream?

Man in Darth Vader
Costume Tries to Rob
Store; Clerk Strikes Back

This Is the Best Rocky
Film Since the Original

Why Diet Mixers Get
You Drunk FASTER

Rubio: U.S. Must Not
Demonize Police Officers
Amid 'Rare' Misconduct

Why We Always Overdo
Thanksgiving Dinner

Forget Thanksgiving - It's Already Christmas on TV

The War on Christmas
Continues - Mall Kicks
Tree to the Curb

Chrysler Changing How It
Notifies Owners About Recalls

CDC: ‘Kissing Bug’ Seen In California, May
Carry Parasite Causing Deadly Disease

Mario Lemieux’s Son Dreams
of Playing For Pittsburgh Penguins

Hunter Shoots 600-Pound Black Bear

Amazon To Pull ‘Man In The High Castle’
Subway Ads Featuring Nazi Symbols

Air Traffic Controller Shortage
Affects South Florida

Smart Car Seat Senses Driver’s
Physical And Mental State

Passenger Claims He Was Kicked
Off Plane For Being Overweight

Despite Being No. 1 For Bird Strike Reports,
Denver Airport Isn’t Using Bird Radar

Meteorologists Around Country
Say Yes To $23 Dress From Amazon

Boston Man Allegedly Used Online Dating
Service To Set Up Armed Robberies

State Trooper Hit By Accused
Drunk Driver After Patriots Game

Former CIA Official: ‘Difficult’ For US
To Act To Prevent Another Terror Attack

Poll: 66 Percent Don’t Believe Obama
Has Clear Plan Dealing With ISIS

Laser From Christmas Light
Show Strikes Coast Guard Plane

Substitute Teacher Shortage
Has District Turning To Parents

Group of Teens Charged With
Leaving Spray-Painted Deer Carcass
Near Teachers’ Picket Lines

Baby’s Brain Tumor Shrinks
After Kiss From Pope

Moviegoers Rush Out Of Theater
After Thinking Sound Was Gunshot

Michael Moore Defies State’s Ban,
Opens Home To Syrian Refugees

Chicago Police Officers Share
The Highs, Lows Of Their First
Three Years On The Job

Chicago Area Digs Out From Biggest
November Storm Since 1895

Pizzeria Owner Nearly Booted From
Southwest Flight For Talking In Arabic

Mass. Governor Still Seeking Info On
Vetting Process For Syrian Refugees

Gas Prices Falling Below $2
Just In Time For Holidays

Hoverboard: Hottest,
Hard-to-Get Gift

NPR Is Graying, And Public Radio Is Worried About It

There's a Lot to Like in Facebook's Notify App

It's Never Too Late
to Quit Smoking

10 Gifts That Will
Make You the Best
Holiday Guest Ever

  New Flying Drone 'For Everybody' Lands in S.F.

Holiday Drone Sales
Expected to Soar

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How Menopause Can
Affect a Woman's Sex Life

Women With PMS Are Up
to Three Times as Likely to Get High Blood Pressure

8-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed With BREAST CANCER

Study Finds Nail
Polish Chemical
Ends Up In The Body

Dating My Friend's Brother

I Want More Sex
Than My Husband

One in Four Men

Yes, You CAN Have a Happy Marriage Without Sex

The Midlife Crisis Is Real

Popular HGTV Host
Diagnosed With Cancer
and Saved After Viewer
Spotted Lump on His Neck

  Natsha and Devin

  Katherine Jenkins

  Red Carpet in London

  Gemma Arterton  Heidi

  Bradley Cooper Boxing

  Best Underwear for Men?

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Tonight: A slight chance of showers after 4am. Mostly cloudy, low around 46. South wind 14 to 17 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Friday: Showers likely, mainly after 3pm. Cloudy, high near 56.

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Syracuse Beats UConn, 79-76,
in Thanksgiving Thriller

Warm Black Friday Weather
Turns Chilly For the Weekend

54 Degrees on Thanksgiving

Watertown Salvation
Army Serves 634 Meals

Turkey Run Race Results

In Black Friday Border Mall
Battles, Canada Tries to
Outshine U.S. Deals

  10th Mountain Division
Soldiers in Afghanistan

What Happened Overnight?
Thurs., Nov. 26, Police Blotter

ive Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

'Suspicious Activity at
Mannsville Rest Area' at 2:15AM

Troopers: Motorist fled scene at 110 MPH

State Police Charge Five
Motorists With Drunk Driving

WPD: Lowville Man Facing
Charges After Domestic Dispute

Black Friday 2015 Guide

Retiring Fort Drum Soldiers
Recognized For Selfless Service

3:30PM ESPN: SU vs. UConn

  Deer of the Day

  Thanksgiving Table Settings

  Thanksgiving Sunrise

  Warren Bonney, 93, Crosses
the Finish Line at Turkey Run

  Whiteface Mountain OPEN

 31 Divorces Filed in November
(Sponsored by

 28 DBAs Filed in November
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

Bars Welcome Busy Holiday
Break, Police Urge Caution
on Upstate Roadways

Thanksgiving Week DWI
Crackdown in Jefferson County

Man Charged With Stalking

Canadians Less Likely to Get Their Snow Tires in U.S. This Year

No Ruling on Fantasy Sports

Firefighters Battle Blaze
at Town of LeRay Home

Cuomo May Backtrack on
Tying Teacher Evaluation
to Common Core Scores

Which Stores Will Stay Closed
on Thanksgiving 2015?

Thanksgiving Buffet?

  Swan Bay & TI Bridge Sunset

N'east Radar Loop  Montague
  JCC   Clayton   Route 81
  Public Square  1000 Islands

 Potsdam Police Blotter

Four Women Celebrate
100+ Years in Lewis County

UConn Beats Michigan, Will Face SU in Battle 4 Atlantis Semifinals

Syracuse 83, Charlotte 70

SU Wins Back 1 Scholarship
Per Year in NCAA Appeal,
Still Must Vacate Wins

> Boeheim Mum on Decision 
> ESPN Analysts Take Shots at NCAA

Sackets Harbor Patriots Hope For More Success on the Hardwood

SUNY Potsdam Reacts
to Latest Hate Message

Lewis County Jail Inmate
Dies in Apparent Suicide

Classy Taxi 642-8026

Bear World  Blinky's  SJW&L

Salvation Army Volunteers
Prep For Thanksgiving Dinner

Best Craft Fair of the Year...

10,000 Holiday Greeting
Cards Distributed to Military

 City of Watertown Planning
Board Agenda Dec. 1

> NNYCF Application For Expansion  Staff Report
> 241 Coffeen Street Application   Staff Report 


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Black Friday Store Hours

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Virginia "Ginny" Hayes, 88
(11/26, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Eugenie B. Olsen, 91
(11/26, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Jarrod A. Hurley, 30
(11/26, Sundquist Funeral Home, Lowville)

Mary Ellen Weston, 75
Alexandria Bay
(11/26, Costello Funeral Service, Alexandria Bay)

Carolyn E. Bazinet, 50
Grindstone Island
(11/26, T.R. Jetty Funeral Home, Clayton)

Lillian V. Ferguson, 64
(11/25, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Daniel Reed, 81
(11/25, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Richard R. Robinson, 92
Formerly of Watertown

Marjorie E. Madden, 78

Louise C. Downing, 65
(11/24, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

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Black River Native Named
Fort Drum Garrison's
Highest-Ranking Civilian

Stefanik Visits Fort Drum
Soldiers in Afghanistan

Scrooge Steals Veteran's Thanksgiving Meals in Remsen

Driver Killed When Her Car Strikes Horse Being Led Across Road

Search Continues For Man, 82,
Missing in Adirondacks

Red Cross Issues Safety Tips
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Buy Now: Nutcracker Tickets

 Thanksgiving Night

Beer, Spirits & Beverages
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ATMs and Local Banking
Carthage Federal Savings & Loan
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Northern Federal Credit Union
Community Bank
AmeriCU Credit Union

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

Gov. Cuomo: State Police
to Crackdown on Impaired,
Distracted and Speeding Drivers

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

Lewis County Board of
Legislators Agenda Dec. 1

Group Helps Needy Veterans
Have Clean Laundry

Plaque Dedicated to
Fallen Fort Drum Soldier

Sheldon Silver Verdict?

A Reason to be Thankful

Carthage Family Health Center Looking to Expand Clinic Hours

Tragic Accident Claims
Life of Assistant Fire Chief

Cuomo Announces Start of
2015-16 Skiing and Riding
Season in New York

Man Arrested, $10 Million
Worth of Cocaine Seized by
St. Lawrence County Deputies

Third Hate Message Received
by SUNY Potsdam Professor

JCSO: Winter Driving Tips

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  Clayton Christmas Parade

Glenn Curry Show Nov. 24
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Jeff Graham Show Nov. 24
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WWNY: Deal to Keep Alcoa
Means Second Break on Power

Alcoa Shrinks Jobs Pledge
in $69M Deal With State

3.5 Year Grace Period For Alcoa's Massena Plant

Deal Will Keep 600 Jobs at
Alcoa's West Plant in Massena

Cuomo, Schumer: Deal Preserves Hundreds of Jobs
> Statement by State Sen. Ritchie 
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Amish Girls' Kidnapper Considered Victims '2-Dimensional Characters' He Wasn't Hurting

Watertown's Mill and Factory
Streets Now Open to Traffic

Watertown Sees First Real
Snowfall of the Season

2,045,774 Facebook Users
Reached in the Past 7 Days

NYSP: 20-Year-Old Florida
Woman Dies After Head-On
Crash With Tractor-Trailer
on Route 11 in Ellisburg

Ogdensburg Mayor-Elect
Hospitalized in Syracuse

  Snowman on Fort Drum

Nurse Who Took Pic of
Man's Genitals Loses License,
Gets 3 Years Probation

New Hartford Church
Members Facing Murder
Charges in Death of Teen

Is It Legal to Give a Child a
Lottery Ticket For Christmas?

WNY Police Unions Support
2 a.m. Bar Closing

Cooperstown Police Use
New Proactive Approach
to Combat Drug Addiction

Speeding in School Zones:
Putting Drivers to the Test

Activists: Shut FitzPatrick
Nuclear Plant And Create
Renewable Energy Jobs

  Live: SPCA Kitty Cam

 Watertown Holiday Schedule

Salmon Run Mall: Black Friday

  Furniture & Mattresses

Time For a New Vehicle?

Russell Couple Facing Firearm Charges, Troopers Say

Journey to Perform July 13
at Lakeview Amphitheater

Destiny USA Threatens to Cut
Power to IHOP, Sues For $2.1M

Verizon Wireless Opens
New Destiny USA Store

  Ogdensburg Woman
Celebrates 109th Birthday

Watertown Bucks Baseball
Team "Out of Business"

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Dry Hill Ski Area and Thompson Park Ready For Snow

Concerns Rise Over Impending
Loss of Old Watertown Homes

Will You Get a NY Property Tax Rebate Check This Winter?

Dano's Pizzeria in Felts Mills
Closes After 17 Years

> Local Discussion: 107 Comments 

Watertown Business Giving
Away Hearing Aids in Contest

  Winners of the JCC Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition

Is It Legal to Ride a Hoverboard on the Street in New York?

  17 Latest Property Transactions in the City of Watertown
Local Realtors: Lori Gervera | Scott Gerni | Sandra Macy  

 City Hall Holiday Hours

WPBS to Host Two Downton
Abbey Screenings in December

> Official: 

19 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

  The Sweet Smile Club

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Tonight: A slight chance of showers after 4am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 46. South wind 14 to 17 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

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Watertown Police: Take Steps to Stop Thefts From Vehicles

Troopers Investigate
Robbery at Ellisburg Motel

Lowville Police: Watertown
Man Accused of Sending
Threatening Text Message

Lowville Teen Facing Charges
After Personal Injury Crash

Lewis County Deputies: Woman Possessed Synthetic Marijuana

Gouverneur Police Blotter

28 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

(Sponsored by

Wed., Nov. 25, Police Blotter

Tues., Nov. 24, Police Blotter

Mon., Nov. 23, Police Blotter

Sun., Nov. 22, Police Blotter

Sat., Nov. 21, Police Blotter

Fri., Nov. 20, Police Blotter

 Potsdam Police Nov. 24

 Potsdam Police Nov. 23

 Potsdam Police Nov. 22

 Potsdam Police Nov. 21

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Virginia "Ginny" Hayes, 88, Brownville

Eugenie B. Olsen, 91, Carthage

Jarrod A. Hurley, 30, Lowville

Mary Ellen Weston, 75, Alexandria Bay

Carolyn E. Bazinet, 50, Grindstone Island

Lillian V. Ferguson, 64, Watertown

Daniel Reed, 81, Theresa

Richard R. Robinson, 92, formerly of Watertown

Marjorie E. Madden, 78, Liverpool

Louise C. Downing, 65, Watertown

Anne T. Kellogg, 87, Croghan

Coleman D. Boliver, Croghan

Jeffrey A. Babcock, 55, Natural Bridge

Leland G. King, 72, Hammond

Esther M. Saccketti, 89, Watertown

Denise E. Collins, 77, Rodman

Earl L. Mealus, 88, Lowville

Ruth E. Rushnell, 99, Watertown

Lena R. Gadbaw, 86, Carthage

Richard C. Brown, 88, Pierrepont Manor

Michael J. Ames, 46, Watertown

Roy I. Reilly, 78, Dexter

Dr. James L. Harrington Sr., 90, Clayton

Bruno O. Pacific, 87, Clayton

Anne C. Tinsley, 89, Watertown

James R. Hartzell, 82, Watertown

Douglas A. Murray, 76, Adams

Jean S. Myers, 91, Watertown

Barry L. Mills, 90, Cape Vincent

Timothy J. Mason, 72, Henderson Harbor

Elizabeth O. Baker, 62, Alexandria Bay

Michael J. Alteri, 57, Adams

Lena M. Black, 68, Clayton

Patricia A. Gyore, 70, Lowville


• Attorneys
• Auto Dealers
• Auto Repair
• Banks
• Bookkeeping
• Bookstores
• Bowling
• Bridal
• Cell Phones
• Children
• Chiropractors
• Churches
• Cleaning
• Clothing
• Clubs & Pubs
• Computers
• Contractors
• Dance
• Dentists
• Dining

• Electrical
• Fire Depts.
• Fishing
• Fitness
• Florists
• Funerals
• Furniture
• Garden
• Gift Shops
• Golf
• Grocery
• Hair
• Hardware
• Heating
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Insurance
• Jobs
• Limos
• Lodging
• Lumber
• Mortgages
• Movies
• Museums
• Music
• Oil Change
• Optician
• Pets
• Photo
• Plumbing
• Pools
• Realtors
• Sporting
• Taxes
• Telephone
• Theatre
• Tires
• Tours
• Travel
• Video


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