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Powerball $164M
MegaMillions $35M

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Why Gun Rights Advocates Don't Trust Hillary Clinton on Second Amendment

Europe on War-Footing

Pentagon Chief
Suspends National
Guard Bonus Clawbacks

> Official Statement 

Russian Warships
'Will Not Refuel in Spain'

  Donald Trump's
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Star Destroyed Overnight

  Grab Trump by the Ballot

Democratic Operative
Calls NY Times Publisher
a 'Pretty Big Wuss'

Hiring a College Football
Coach Is Expensive.
Firing One Is, Too.

Would You Let Your Father Watch You Give Birth?

Iconic 'Afghan Girl'
Arrested in Pakistan

Key EpiPen Competitor
Out in 2017 at 'Very,
Very Low' Cost

> An Alternative Is Coming Back to Stores 

Who Is Evan McMullin?

Ash Carter 'Outraged'
Over Reenlistment
Bonus Scandal

Bill Clinton:
Don't Call Me First Man

Adele Endorses Hillary

CNN's Blitzer: Trump
Shouldn't Attack Media

College Is Still Getting
More Expensive.
What Can Stop It?

> Hillary's Plan: Free Community Colleges 

China Receptionist Job
Sees 10,000 Applicants

Apple Has Lost
$22 Billion in Value
Since 4PM Yesterday

Guy With Epic Mullet
Sues Over Memes

Woman Sues KFC
Because Ad Showed
Too Much Chicken

As the Stethoscope Turns 200, Is the Iconic Device Becoming Obsolete?

Rory McIlroy's Caddie
Cashes in on FedEx Cup

Taco Bell Giving Away Free Tacos Thanks to World Series Stolen Base

U.S. Women's Captain
Opens Up About the
Real Hope Solo

  Britain's First Legalized Prostitution Zone

  Still Daddy's Girls

Corey Kluber Sets World
Series Strikeout Record

> Magic Formula for the Indians 
> Pitch-Perfect Start for Indians
> Indians Shut Down Cubs in Series Opener 
> Indians Were 20-1 Odds Preseason
> Police Plan Large Presence in Wrigleyville 
> 14-Year-Old Used Math to Predict WS Last Spring

Indians 6, Cubs 0

Start Time For Game 2
Moved Up Due to Forecast    ChiTrib

  Carpool Karaoke

Women Work 39 Days
a Year More Than Men

Obama Ridiculed on
Snapchat by Daughter

Gingrich Blasts Megyn Kelly For Trump Coverage: 'You Are Fascinated by Sex'

WikiLeaks: Huma Wrote About Clinton's 'Head'

Trump: I Can Still Win

Hillary Gains Some Ground Among Young Voters...

Expecting a 'Landslide'?
Don't Bet On It

For Las Vegas 'Wal-Mart Moms,' It's the Disaster vs. the Laughingstock For Prez

Hillary Clinton Attends
Adele Concert as
69th Birthday Treat

Trump Touts Hotel as
Pence Heads to Utah

Network TV Decline...

Study: Toxic Metals
Found in Children's
Halloween Makeup

A Third of Social Media
Users Are 'Worn Out' by
Presidential Campaign

Selfie Blackmail

Lyft and Budweiser Offer
Free, Discounted Rides in
NYC for Halloween 2016

NBC Worried Jimmy
Fallon's Boozing
Got 'Out of Control'

  Prince Charles

  Farewell Old Friend

Why Playboy's No-Nude Era Could Be Coming to an End

Brad Pitt Child Abuse
Probe Extended Amid
New Allegations

Terrifying Scare at
Miranda Kerr's Calif. Home

Texas Teacher:
'I Killed Two People'

Staten Island Woman's Pet Dogs Seemingly Started Eating Her Body to Stay Alive After She Died

Anger as Russian Warships Set to Refuel in Spain

Russia's Different Reality

Autism Severity Reduced
With Parent-Led
Communication Therapy

> 'Super-Parenting' Improves Autism 

Transgender Kids
Coming Out Younger...

Few Answers in What
Drove Father of Young
Boys to Suicide Jump

What's More Distracting
Than a Noisy Co-Worker?
Turns Out, Not Much

Harvard Men's Soccer
Team Wrote Obscene
'Scouting Reports' on
the Women's Team and
Speculated 'On Their
Favorite Sexual Positions'

Burger King Has Already
Won Halloween

New England's Ski Season
Is Already Underway

Flyers Roar Back, Beat
Sabres in Shootout

NYT Front Page  NYDN

BBC Outside Source 10.26

What Your SNOT Says
About Your Health

The 7 Best Ways
to Lose Weight

Can't Sleep? Do Yoga

Train Your Body to Wake
Up Without an Alarm Clock

Viewers Vow to
Never Watch the
Walking Dead Again

Ciara Pregnant  Bradley

George W. Bush Turns 70

Tom Cruise 'Has Been
Spending Time With
Suri And Is Romancing
a British Woman'

  Abbey  Kendall  Myleene

  Hailey  Olivia  Kate  Bar

  J-Law  Kourtney  Blake

  Erin  Prince Harry  Cox

Jon Bon Jovi Interviewed by Howard Stern

  Lady Gaga Takes Over
The Late Late Show

  TV Show Host Attacked

  Steven Spielberg at 69

Would You Divorce
Kate Beckinsale?

Katy Perry Turns 32

Tom Cruise Says:
'It's a Beautiful Religion'

Jacko's 'Creepy Notes'?

Pussy Riot's New Video

Former Indiana Basketball Player Claims Bobby Knight Frequently Squeezed Players' Testicles

Sports Writers Feel the
Wrath of Gannett Cuts

Cavaliers Rout the Knicks

Spurs 129, Warriors 100

Teen Expected to Survive
After He Was Shot
Outside Utah School

Stasi: Two Terrible Presidential Candidates,
Yet Voters Are Not Angry

Hannity Offers to Pay For
Obama to Go to Kenya

Trump: I'd Love to Fight
'Mr. Tough Guy,' Joe Biden

Moscow Politician: Russia Is Preparing For WAR

Trump: Clinton Would
Start WWIII in Syria

Why Hillary's Plans For No-Fly Zones Could Provoke U.S.-Russia Conflict

Live From Trump Tower,
It's Trump TV

Trump Halts Big-Money Fundraising for GOP

Surge of Migrants Illegally Crossing U.S.-Mexico
Border Ahead of Election

Most Americans Don't Feel Represented by Democrats or Republicans

Fires Raze Parts of
Calais 'Jungle'

Fury in Germany Over Syrian Muslim Refugee Who Gets State Hand-Outs For His FOUR Wives and 22 Children

Michigan Town Passes
Resolution to Ban
Syrian Refugees

  Man Plummets Through Concrete Floor of Home
into 10-Foot Hole

  Gripping, Emotional
Hearing Held in Fatal
Drunken Driving Crash

AI-Body Scanners Could
Speed Up Your Airport
Security Screening

5 Cities Chosen For
Self-Driving Car Test

Facebook Isn't Making
Money When You Shop
on Facebook - Yet

Facebook: Video Will be
70% of Traffic by 2021

Apple's Annual Sales Fall
For First Time Since 2001

Apple Said to be Developing Car Operating System in Canada

Backpage Wins by
Losing in Suit Over
New Trafficking Law

Sumner Redstone, 93,
Says His Exes Teamed
Up and Swindled Him
Out of $150 Million

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Officially Charged With
Criminal Contempt

  Mother of the Day

75 Lawsuits Are
Pending For Trump
Ahead of Election Day

Hillary's 33,000 Emails
Might Not be 'Missing'
After All

Timberlake May Face Jail Over Voting Booth Selfie

Hispanic Crowd Boos
Marco Rubio Off Stage

Giants Release
Kicker Josh Brown

> Kicker Claims He Never Hit His Wife 

Arby's Takes a Stab
at Venison Burgers

Apple 'ONLY' Has
$231.2 Billion in Cash

How Much Do You Really
Need For Retirement?

Putin's Greatest
Warning to the West Yet

Mercedes-Benz Reveals
Luxury Pickup Truck

Judge Approves $15B
Volkswagen Settlement

Vatican: Cremation OK,
But Keep Ashes Off Mantel

Stop Balancing
Your Checkbook

Where Is Steve Bartman?

Fan That Fell at Denver
Broncos Stadium After
'MNF' Has Died

Feds Target Non-Compete Clauses as Unfair to Workers

Black Female HS Kicker
Mocked by Gorilla Suit

Naked Driver Arrested

  U.S. Border Tunnel

Rolling Stones to Play
Private Event at Gillette Stadium for Kraft Family

ISIS Atrocities
Reported Around Mosul

Cook Political Report:
Dems to Tak Senate

Trump Tells Reporters
to 'Ask Obama' About
Rigged Elections

Campaign Manager
Tells Trump to Stick to
Script or Prepare to Lose

Texas Voter Turnout Up as Millions Cast Early Ballots

Francesa Rips Yankees For Stadium Enhancements Including Breast Pump Stations and Kids Area

AT&T Is Spying on
Americans For Profit,
New Documents Reveal

Nurse Killed 8 Elderly
Patients, Police Allege

Gannett Plans to Cut
2% of Workforce

Brazil Man Freed 'After
20 Years Held by Family'

Philippine Leader to U.S.: Don't Treat Me Like a Lapdog

3 Best Cities in the World:
London, Paris and NYC

  The Villages Living Under Heathrow's Death Sentence

  You Won't Believe the
Rack on this Record Buck

  Calais 'Jungle'

  Barbara Walters at 87

  Gronk Goes Undercover
as a Lyft Driver

Video Shows Armed
Burglars Tiptoeing Around Sleeping Kids in Home

Man Leaving Strip Club
Runs Over Himself...

Tourist Dies After Riding
Star Tours at Disney's
Hollywood Studios

Woman, 20, Auctioning Off Her Virginity After Fire Destroys Family Home

120-Mile Beer Run Made
by Self-Driving Truck

Tourists Reveal Their
Biggest Culture Shock
When Visiting Europe

Whoever Wins, It's
a Loss for the Media

Four Killed on Australian
Theme Park Ride

Inside Donald Trump's
One-Stop Parties

It's Lester vs. Kluber in
Game 1 of 'Lovable Losers' World Series

Twitter Expected to
Layoff 8% of Workforce

'DWTS' Recap   The Voice

  Gigi  Lady Gaga  Ashley

  Suki  Hailey  Taylor  J-Lo

  Raised on the Road

The Safety Rules EVERY
Parent Needs to Know

What Toothpaste
Do YOU Use?

Men Reveal the
Biggest Turn-Offs

Women Drink Nearly
as Much as Men
(Blame Wine O'clock)

Alcohol Is a Poison That Will Catch Up With Them

Energy Drinks and
Alcohol Are 'Like Cocaine'
For Young Adults

Anger Is Bad For You

Is Your Life Complete?

Why Iceland Is the
Best Place in the
World to be a Woman

Four Arrested After Flash
Mob of 30+ Teens Turns Violent, Attacks Passerby
at Temple University

NYC Principal Brutally
Beaten For Telling
Teenage Student to
Remove His Headphones

How Autism in Girls
May Help Reveal the
Disorder's Secrets

More Guns on Campuses Won't Make People Safer, Researchers Say

Fla. Gun Store Owners
Jailed For Two Years For
Selling a Pistol Disguised
as a Walking Cane

Baby 'Born Twice'

Infants Should Share
Parents' Room For
First Year, Report Finds

Girl Scouts Cookies
For Breakfast?

  Giant Spider Carrying
a Mouse Is Horrifying
and Impressive

Why Retiring Turns
So Many to Alcohol

Why a Simple Cracker
Holds the Secret to
Your Dream Body

The Subtle Ways
You're Adding Pounds
to Your Waistline
Without Even Realizing

The Test That Predicts
Whether You and Your
Partner Will Break Up

Doctors List 40
Unnecessary Treatments

You're Never Going to
Retire - And Here's Why

Here's What the
Average American
Owes After College

Will Millennials Pay For Network TV on YouTube?

Newspaper Advertising
Woes Are Getting Worse



Facebook Wants You to
Buy Movie Tickets and
Order Pizza From Its App

Google Flights Will
Now Notify You
About Price Changes

Is Dental Insurance
Worth the Cost?

Why I Finally Canceled My Newspaper Subscription

New Hair Loss Treatment Inspired By Sports Injury Remedies

Watch the Amanda Knox Documentary on Netflix
> Unanswered Questions 

How Irish-Americans
See Ireland

  The Big Picture

  Jackson Hole Cam

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Bravo's Andy Cohen Dishes in Explosive New Memoir

Everything You Know
About Sleep Is Wrong

Get Fit in 15 Minutes

Male Birth Control Pill?

Look at Your Penis,
It Might Have Cancer

How Much Screen Time
Is Right For Your Kids?

The Best Time to Exercise

Can the Average Guy
Really Transform His
Body in 10 Weeks?

Struggling to Lose Weight: Six Lunch MISTAKES

  BBC Outside Source

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State Trooper Dies After
Being Struck by Car in Wilton

> Local Discussion: Comments 

  First Snow of the Season

Canada Considers End
of Nickel Coin

> Local Discussion: Comments 

What Happened Overnight?
Wed., Oct. 26, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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Off-Duty Cop Refuses to
Cooperate After 1-Car Crash;
DA Says He Can't Charge Anyone

  Map: Local Sex Offenders

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Today: Sunny, with a high near 40. North wind 3 to 8 mph.
Tonight: A chance of snow, mainly after 5am. Increasing clouds, with a low around 32. East wind 3 to 5 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. Little or no snow accumulation expected.
Thursday: Rain and snow likely before 11am, then rain. High near 39. Breezy, with a southeast wind 13 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 33 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

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Skunk in Town of Diana
Tests Positive For Rabies

Statewide Obamacare
Average Increase: 16.6%

WPD: Homeless Man
Possessed Stolen Debit Card

WHS Student Accused of
Punching 15-Year-Old Girl

Section III Morning Recap

Girls Soccer Scores  Boys Soccer

Copenhagen, Lowville Fall

5:30PM: WHS vs. New Hartford

6:30PM: Bishop Ludden vs. T.I.

7:30PM: Cazenovia vs. S. Jeff

5:30PM: LaFargeville vs. Sackets

7:30PM: Tully vs. IHC

18 Latest Births at
Lewis County General Hospital

> Official:

Copenhagen Man Is Facing
Charges After Domestic Incident

Syracuse Is Restocked and Ready For Another Final Four Run

Ritchie Secures $5K For T.I.
Central Anti-Bullying Efforts

Gov. Cuomo Will Oppose
Democrats in Senate If They
Don't Support His Agenda

No Early Voting in New York

Federal Prosecutor Designated
to Investigate Complaints of
Voter Fraud, Intimidation

Earn Less Than $900 a Week?
You Should NOT Have a
Non-Compete Clause...

SLC Man Charged With Felony
Driving While Intoxicated

NYSP: Two 14-Year-Old
Watertown Boys Face Charges
After Leading Police on 120MPH Chase on Interstate 81

> Local Discussion: Comments  

Stolen Vehicle at Moe's

Jefferson County 911 Concerned About Future Upgrade Costs

Adams Woman Charged With
12 Counts of Animal Cruelty

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Potsdam Police Blotter Oct. 25

Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

Watertown Fire Department
Adopts New Operating Procedure

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Fire Departments Forced
to Start Paying For Heroin
Antidote as Price Skyrockets

Christmas Tree Farm
Feels Effects of Drought

WAMC: NY-21 Debate
'Taped' in Plattsburgh

Stefanik, Derrick & Funiciello
Spar Over Environmental Issues

Katko vs. Deacon

  Farmer Who Thinks Politicians Are Full of Manure Erects Politically Incorrect Outhouse

  Suit Accuses Town of Bias
Over Lawn Signs

Police: Woman, 27, Ticketed
for Hitting Kitty Hoynes Pub
in Syracuse, Driving Off

A String of Daytime Residential
Burglaries in Cicero

Female Police Officer Charges Workplace Harassment...

Glenn Curry Show Oct. 25
> Official: Community Broadcasters

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

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Latest Births in NNY: Watertown | Carthage | Lowville

WX: Watertown | Lowville | Pulaski | Canton | Fort Drum

COR Executives, Others:
We Are NOT Discussing Plea
Agreements With Preet Baharara

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul
Answers Tough Questions

Lead Prevention Week
Focuses on Kids' Blood Tests

Proposed 35% Tax Hike
Has Oswego Residents
Concerned Over Cost of Living

  Onondaga Deputies Accused of Excessive Force in Federal Suit

Uber's Courtship of Upstate NY Continues With Free Flu Shots

3 Shot in 3 Hours in Rochester

Two Legionella Deaths

DraftKings, FanDuel Reach
$12 Million Settlement With NY

Assembly Members Will Seek
Laws in 2017 to Help Homeless
Pre-K Kids Stay in School

UAlbany Police Arrest
Suspect in Sexual Assault

5 Schenectady Police Officers to be Interviewed in Probe of Mayor

Snow This Weekend? Depends...

Clocks Fall Back 2AM Nov. 6

Apartments For Rent?

Canton Trustees Taking
Time in Developing Rental
Property Registry

Accepting New Patients
Watertown Dental Health | Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali  

Watertown Students Hold
Mock Presidential Election

31 Divorces Filed in Oct.
(Sponsored by

 32 DBAs Filed in October
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

24 Property Transactions
in Watertown in October

Local Realtor: Lori Gervera

Jeff Graham Show Oct. 25
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Town Justice: 'Emergency
Doctrine' Valid in Rescue
of Thirsty Dog in Winter

  WSTM's New HD Set

  TV News Crew Attacked

  Top Actors From Upstate NY

  Deer of the Day

N'east Radar Loop  Montague
  JCC   Clayton   Route 81  SPCA
  Sandy Creek  Alex Bay
Public Square  1000 Islands

  North Country Beauty

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Irene F. Doyle, 91
Clayton, Cape Vincent

(10/26, Cummings Funeral Service)

Timothy P. Markwick, 57

(10/25, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Ricky L. Parker, 51

(10/25, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Marela A. McConnell, 68
Adams Center

(10/25, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Reta H. Abbott, 93

(10/25, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Anna L. Murrock, 89

(10/25, Cummings Funeral Service)

Mary E. Rist, 56
Des Moines, Iowa

Kenneth R. Stevens Jr.

(10/24, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

James E. King, 81
Sackets Harbor

(10/24, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Send Flowers:

Dorothea L. Papineau, 97

(10/24, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Helen Schneider, 88

(10/24, Cummings Funeral Service)

Ruth A. Bezanilla, 70
West Carthage

(10/24, Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home, Carthage)

Thomas E. Miller Sr., 76

(10/24, Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home, Carthage)

Carol F. Thornton, 74

(10/24, Costello Funeral Service)

Arlene E. Lettiere, 85
Watertown and Chaumont

(10/24, Cummings Funeral Service)

Joyce A. Inslee, 70

(10/24, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Sally A. Brouse, 80

(10/24, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

COPENHAGEN - A graveside committal service for William R. Hofbauer will be held 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct
. 30, in Riverside Cemetery, Copenhagen. Mr. Hofbauer died Feb. 27, 2016.  Arrangements are with the Lundy Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc.

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74% of 'Crime' Guns Come
From Outside New York

18 Latest Births at
Carthage Area Hospital
> Official:

Former WWNY Reporter
Gives His Emmy to Rome
Teacher Who Inspired Him

Youth Hockey League Not Responsible for Brawl in Stands, NY's Top Court Rules

Watertown Students
Complete Pushup Challenge

New Enrollment Services
Location Is Underway at JCC

Will Cowboys Saloon Ever
Open at Destiny USA?

Jefferson County September
Unemployment: 5.4%

(Department of Labor)

Unemployment Rates Sept. 16 Sept. 15
Jefferson 5.4 5.5
Lewis 5.7 5.6
St. Lawrence 5.4 5.9
Oswego 6.0 6.5
New York State 5.1 4.8

Community Bank System
to Buy Merchants Bank

Z93: It Looks Like Byrne Will
Probably Beat Addie Russell

> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Man on Tractor Drives Drunk Through Lowville, Gets Prison Time

Woman Accused of Driving
Drunk Without Pants, Underwear

Father's Sentencing in Baby
Maddox Murder Delayed Again

Akwesasne Woman
Allegedly Runs Border With
200 Pounds of Tobacco

Attorney General Report
Shows 74% of Firearms Used
in NY Crimes Were Bought in
States With Weak Gun Laws

  Crumbling Ruins and Ghost
Town of Upstate New York

County Clerks Team Up With
State Senator Ritchie...

Lowville Academy Grad
Elected as National FFA Officer

SLC Lawmakers Discuss
Discrepancies in Bookkeeping

Balloons to Heaven Honors
Garrett Phillip's Life

SUNY Canton Students and
Parents Speak Out Against
Campus Police

Elise Stefanik's Cautious
Dance With Donald Trump

NY-21 Congressional Candidates Stay Firm on Positions

State to Auction Off Maserati

Should Albany Lawmakers be
the Highest Paid in the Nation?

DeFrancisco: Cuomo Has Too Much Control Over Upstate Revival

Cuomo Flexing Political Muscle
For Senate Democrats

State Suspends Nurse
After Two Cocaine Busts

Lost Hunter, 67, Fires Shots
in Air in Lewis County;
Located by Forest Ranger

Upstate Teamsters Face
30% Pension Cut

How Much Rain Did We Get?

A Portrait of the Woman Who
Killed Herself at State Park

$48M Embassy Suites to Open
at Destiny USA in Fall 2017

Black River Breaks Flow Record

St. Joseph's Hospital
Loses $13 Million

Upstate NY's 19 Worst
Heart Attack Hotspots

PAC Founder Believes Passage of Child Victims Act Will Be Priority for Cuomo in 2017

  Syracuse Fall Comic Con

Report: Fresh Produce a
Challenge for NY Schools

State Police Buying Newer,
Faster, Quieter Helicopter
That Will Ferry Gov. Cuomo

SLC Sheriff's Blotter

Butler: COR Will Stick
With Mercy Site Development

Now With Room to Expand,
Lowville Pantry Needs
Money For Repairs

When Is Your State
Rebate Check Coming?

Section III Girls Soccer Brackets

Section III Boys Soccer Brackets

Watertown Arena's Concession Stand Now Open for Business

Jefferson County Launches Task Force to Fight Animal Cruelty

Salmon River's Lower Fly
Fishing Area Reopened,
Water Flow Back to Normal

City of Oswego Cracking
Down on Landlords With Code
Violations, Back Taxes Due

Jeff Graham Show Oct. 21:
Assembly Candidate John Byrne
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Glenn Curry Show Oct. 20:
Comedian Matt Clark
> Official: Community Broadcasters

18 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

Fort Drum Officials Remind
Hunters to be Safe, Follow Rules

Graham: Expect Neddo
to Challenge Palermo For
City Judge Position

> Official: Community Broadcasters Oct. 18

Salmon Run Mall to Host
Mall-O-Ween "All Treats" Event

High School Sports Schedules

Nov. 4th Assembly Debate Will
Be Streamed Live by WPBS

WPBS to Air Watertown
History Documentary

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 56 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

(Sponsored by

Gouverneur Police Blotter

Lowville Police: Watertown Man Restrained His Estranged Wife

Gouverneur Man Facing Charges After Traffic Stop in Lowville

Lewis County Woman Pleads
Guilty to Manslaughter in
Death of 3-Year-Old Girl

Mother, Daughter Make
History as Troopers Together
in New York State Police

New York State Parks Seeks
Police Officer Candidates

226 New State Troopers

Police Officer Exam Nov. 19

Tues., Oct. 25, Police Blotter

Mon., Oct. 24, Police Blotter

Sun., Oct. 23, Police Blotter

Sat., Oct. 22, Police Blotter

Fri., Oct. 21, Police Blotter

Potsdam Police Blotter Oct. 24

Potsdam Police Blotter Oct. 23

Potsdam Police Blotter Oct. 22

Potsdam Police Blotter Oct. 21

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Primary Source of Local News?
#1 Television 43.1%
#2 Internet  35.1%
#3 Radio  8.1%
#4 Newspaper 7.6%
#5 Word of Mouth  6.0%

Department of Health
Levies Fines For Violations

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Exclusive: Public Square Traffic Cam

Source:  Live at Five
Square  State  Bay  Tug Hi

Irene F. Doyle, 91, Clayton, Cape Vincent

Anna L. Murrock, 89, Watertown

Ricky L. Parker, 51, Watertown

Marela A. McConnell, 68, Adams Center

Reta H. Abbott, 93, Mannsville

Timothy P. Markwick, 57, Gouverneur

Mary E. Rist, 56, Des Moines, Iowa

Kenneth R. Stevens Jr., Ellisburg

James E. King, 81, Sackets Harbor

Helen Schneider, 88, Watertown

Ruth A. Bezanilla, 70, West Carthage

Thomas E. Miller Sr., 76, Carthage

Carol F. Thornton, 74, Redwood

Arlene E. Lettiere, 85, Watertown

Sally A. Brouse, 80, Adams

Joyce A. Inslee, 70, Boonville

Nancy J. Denise, 72, Carthage

Todd V. Regan, 51, Theresa

Dorothea L. Papineau, 97, Watertown

Carrie M. Post, 23, Port Leyden

Elaine K. Widrick, 70, Croghan

Barbara M. Twiford, 72, Adams

Joyce M. Walsh, 94, Sackets Harbor

Mary K. Buckingham, 75, Lowville

Helen I. Weiler, 90, West Leyden

Michael T. Webster, 29, Watertown

Christina Schwartzentruber, 101, Martinbsurg

Thomas L. Matthews, 74, Watertown

Frances J. Nichols, 91, Burrville

Susan Barr Abbass, 75, Carthage

John T. Raso, 59, Theresa

Arlene E. Shaw, 91, Alexandria Bay

Troy A. Chartrand, 41, Croghan

Robert H. Reese, 80, LaFargeville


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