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Prep School Student
Sobs in Court as He's
Found NOT Guilty of
Major Rape Charges

'He's One of the Great
Sleaze Bags of Our Time'

O'Malley Blasts Dem
Leaders For 'Rigged'
2016 Debate Process

Gen. Mark Milley:
Readiness For Ground
Combat Is No. 1 Priority

Pilot Dead After Stunt
Plane Crash Before
New York Air Show

Student 'Molested'
by TSA Agent in
LaGuardia Bathroom

'70 MPH Sex Act' Driver
Jailed After Crash
That Killed Girlfriend

Laws Must Change to
Give People Right to Die

Court Upholds NSA
Sweep of Phone Records

Ashley Madison CEO
Steps Down After Hack

State of Emergency
Declared in Florida
as Erika Approaches

Erika Winds Affect Virgin Islands

Tropical Storm Erika: Death Toll in Caribbean
Hits 20

Memo to Trump:
This Is What Mass
Deportation Looks Like

President Obama Goes
to Prison in HBO Special

Women Rule Pakistan's
Med Schools, But Few
Practice. Men Want
M.D. 'Trophy Wives'

People Saw a Woman
in Need of Help. Why Did
They Walk Past Here?

Detroit Man Stopped
For ‘Making Eye Contact’
With Cop In Ohio

  Reese Witherspoon

Trump Piñatas Become Popular Item
In San Francisco’s Mission District

Study: Surgeon Performance Not
Affected By Fatigue From Overnight Work

Reporter Recalls Witnessing
Elvis / Beatles Meeting 50 Years Ago

First Female Firefighter Suspended After
Complaining Of Sexual Harassment

Playground Equipment Geared
Toward Fighting Childhood Obesity

Cops: 4 Men Knock Down, Rob
96-Year-Old Woman, Take Her
Emergency Alarm From Walker

Police: Man Arrested For Harassing
Neighbors Tried To Hit Officer
With Finger Print Machine

Animal Rescue League Moves Gala
Out Of Heinz Field Due To Vick Signing

Electronic Price Tags May Help Prevent
Customers From Being Overcharged

Man Accused Of Killing Friend While
Adjusting Gun He Kept In His Underwear

Man Steals Car With Two Women
In Back Seat In Front Of Police,
Leaves Behind Prison ID Card

As DNC Meets In Minneapolis,
Biden Considering Presidential Race

Army Sgt. First Class Brought To Tears
After Theft Of Irreplaceable Keepsakes

Woman Sells Her College Diploma
On eBay For $50,000

USC Coach’s Alcohol Expense Reports At
University Of Washington Under Scrutiny

Off-Duty Firefighters Backpacking
To Aid Of Man Gored By Bison

Drone Interferes With LAPD Helicopter
in Hollywood; Operator Arrested

Law Prevents Family From Arranging
Former Foster Child’s Funeral

Bears Breaking Into Front Range
Homes, Ripping Up Cars

Security Camera Records Semi
Ramming Into Family Of Four

Study: Majority Of Parents Fear Schools,
Buses, Making Their Kids Sick

Man Driving To Alcoholics Anonymous
Meeting Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver

Survey: Most Office Battles Center Around
Cleanliness, Temperature Settings

TV Gunman Ordered To Get Counseling
After Station Fired Him In 2013

TV Gunman Wore Body
Armor and Missed Several Times as He Opened Fire

5:10 AM TV Segment
Likely Provided WDBJ
Shooter With Location

Questions About Broadcasters' Name Changes Arise After Va. Shooting

Young Black Man Jailed
Since April For Alleged $5 Theft Found Dead in Cell

George W. Bush Visits New Orleans 10 Years After Storm Stained His Reputation

New Drug Could Dramatically Cut Cholesterol

What Do Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health?

Woman Hit by Foul Ball
at Fenway Park Sues
Red Sox Owner

Boy, 8, Busted for Joy Ride With Siblings, 3 and 5

Trump: 'I Am the King
of the Tax Code'

Orlando Lodging Faceoff:
Disney, Universal, Legoland

Austrian Van Death
Toll Rises to 71

Suffocating Migrants
on Ship Beaten Down
With Knives; 52 Dead

Trump Has Hair Tugged to Refute Toupee Claims

One Billion People Used
Facebook on Monday

Lawyers Plan Challenge to Arrests Based on Secret Cellphone Tracking

College Student Shot
Dead in Georgia

'Nazi Gold Train May
Be Booby-Trapped'

Say Goodbye to Hess

Jenna Jameson
Shows Off Fuller Figure

Billy Joel at Wrigley Field

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

Slim Your Chubby Hubby
With Spanx

Ashley Madison Was Developing 'What's
Your Wife Worth' App

Ellen Page: Stop Calling
Straight Actors Playing
LGBT Characters 'Brave'

  Woman Kicked Out
of Coffee Shop For
Wearing a Sports Bra

  Kim Kardashian  Casey

  Jennifer Aniston  Pippa

  Alessia  Victoria  Ariel

  Star Wars Posts
Surprise Teaser Trailer

Boy, 4, Dies After Being Left in Hot Car in Las Vegas

Millions of Gallons of Wastewater Closes
Another Beach in Hawaii

Sarah Palin Rips ESPN

Woman Claims She
Warned Subway About
Jared Fogle in 2008

Young Goths 'at Risk
of Depression'

Lindsay Lohan Claims
She Was Drugged
at Pals' Wedding

Mass Shootings in U.S.:
Guns, Glory, Broken Dreams

NYDN Editorial:
Snap Out of the Madness

Vigil For Slain Journalists Draws Hundreds

  Inside Flanagan's
Soulless Apartment

The Inoffensive Everyday Phrases Used by Alison Parker That Earned Her a Death Sentence Because Flanagan Deemed Them 'Racist'

A Wig, License Plates, Six Glock Magazines, And a 'To Do' List in Vester Flanagan's Crashed Rental Car

Gun Bought Legally...
> I'm Not Shocked by First Social Media Murder 

TV Station Releases Statement About Flanagan's Employment History

'She Doesn't Know
How She Survived'

Man Jumps Through
Window After Gunman
Starts Shooting

MSNBC's Katrina
Coverage Cut Back
Because of Brian Williams

  Katrina 10:
An Oral History

Eating Steak Is
Good For Your Heart

Utah Man Dies of Plague in 4th U.S. Death This Year

Usain Bolt Taken Out by Cameraman on Segway

Apple Confirms
September 9 Event

New Poll Offers Good News For Biden and Trump

2 Killed in Calif. Shooting Near IRS Office

Former NBA Star Darryl
Dawkins Dies at 58

New Projection Shows
Erika Off Central Florida
Coast as a Hurricane

  Jessica Biel

  Nina Dobrev  Katy Perry

  Gisele  Julianne's Rock

  Seinfeld's Charity Lemonade Stand Shut Down

Planned Parenthood
Fights Back

Jordan Spieth Has His
'Worst Round in Years'

AP Sues Over Access
to FBI Records on
Fake News Story

Wal-Mart Is Using
'Star Wars' to Start
Christmas Push in August

Woman Files Lawsuit
Against Derrick Rose

Woman Cited For Breastfeeding While Driving

Digital Surveillance
'Worse Than Orwell,' Says
New UN Privacy Chief

A Cincinnati TV Station With a Paywalled Site Is
Challenging the City's
Leading Newspaper

Gas Priced At 99 Cents A Gallon Spotted In Ohio

Former WDBJ Co-Workers: We Aren’t
Surprised Vester Flanagan Was Gunman

Murder of TV Reporter, Photographer
Shines Spotlight On Preventing
Workplace Violence

Psychologist Shares Warning
Signs Of Workplace Violence

Alison Parker’s Father: I Will Become the
‘John Walsh Of Gun Control’ If I Need To

Poll: Biden Leads Clinton Against
Top GOP Opponents

Md. University to Eliminate Textbooks

'Butthurt,' ‘Swatting,’ ‘Manspreading’
Added To Oxford Dictionary

Study Finds Peak Months For
College Students’ 1st Drug Use

Amazon to Start Alcohol Delivery In Seattle

Man Finds Best Friend's Body
Stuffed Under Staircase

Is Tuition Insurance A Good Investment?

Insurance Institute Tests
Auto-Brake Technology

Owner of Drone Downed By
Shotgun Claims Neighbor Told Him,
'Don’t Spy On My Expletive House'

License Plate Reader Helped
Find Va. Shooter, But They’re Not
Widespread In Local Law Enforcement

As Costs Pile Up, More Teachers Turn To
Crowd Funding To Pay For School Supplies

Survey: Most Americans Say It’s
OK To Use Cellphones In Social Settings

Family Forced To Wear Rubber-Soled
Sandals, Rubber Gloves In Shower
Over Electric Shocks

Move Over Man Caves, 'She Sheds'
Rising In Popularity

NYC Lawmaker Proposes Banning
Sale Of Big Sugary Drinks To Minors

Website Selling Gruesome
'Cecil The Lion' Halloween Costume

Residents, Councilman Blasts Midnight Fireworks Show For Khloe Kardashian Party

Child Who Played Darth Vader in TV
Commercial Receives New Heart Valve

Study: Parents Often Put
'Food Pressure' On Their Kids

Students at High School Upset
Over New Dress Code Cracking
Down On Girls' Clothing

Most Dangerous Place In Detroit
On A City Bus? Riders Frightened,
Cautious After Deadly Stabbing

Study: Many Students Throwing Out
Fruits, Vegetables From School Lunches

Woman Who Opened Door To Find
A Bear: ‘Paws Were As Big As My Face’

Family From Ireland Hopes
Boston Doctors Can Save Boy’s Life

Limo Driver Leaves Mom,
Grandmother Behind At Gas
Station In Make-A-Wish Disney Trip

TV Station Celebrates
Lives of Slain Colleagues

Victim's Father
Calls For Gun Control

Shooting Is Being Called
First 'Social Media Murder'

When a Snuff Film
Becomes Unavoidable

  Richmond Front Page

'Daily News' Front Page
Slammed as 'Death Porn'

TV Station, Community
Mourn Slain Journalists

> Murder on Social Media  
> Tragedy Hits Home For Journalists 
> Suspect's Family Expresses Sorrow 
> Gunman Brings Horror to American Screens
> Shooter Terrified Co-Workers at 2 Stations 
> I'm a Human Powder Keg
> Why Shooters Record Themselves in the Act  

Cameraman Who Was Murdered Had Filmed the
Moment Flanagan Was
Fired and Escorted From
TV Station 2 Years Ago

> Fiancée's Wedding Dress Arrived Wednesday

Father of Murdered
TV Reporter Compares
Her Death to Sick ISIS
Beheading Videos

A 'Difficult' Personality

When I Use My Photo, No
One Wants to Date Me

Ashley Madison:
'The Wedding Is Off!'

Ashley Madison CEO
Caught Up in Hack

How Pears Can
Beat a Hangover

The Hot Hamptons
Cemetery Everyone's
Dying to Get Into

I Made One Change
to My Diet and
Dropped 112 Pounds

Star Wars Could Make
$615 Million During
Opening Weekend

Starkist to Pay Consumers
in Cash or Tuna to Settle Claims It Underfilled Can

What Does Biden Know?

Trump Wants to Deport
11 Million Migrants:
Is That Even Possible?


The Most Painful Moment
in a Mother's Life

Women Injured in Orlando Airport Tram Accident

'Nazi Gold Train': Poland
Asks Treasure Hunters
to Stop Search

Teacher Accused of Secretly Filming 120 Pupils

Two Drone Pilots
Ticketed For 'Orca
Protection Violations'

Most of Florida Remains in Possible Path of TS Erika

U.S. Wildfires Have Burned
5 Million Football Fields
Worth of Land This Year

Ash Carter: Pentagon Needs Better Cyber Security

Rescue Group Finds
Neglected Horses With
3-Foot-Long Hooves

McDonald's Chicken Supplier Accused of Cruelty

Subway's Era of
Massive Growth Is Over

Why Women Can't
Cope With Stress...

Lack of Housework
'Makes Women Fat'

  Danielle Lineker

  Sarah Jessica Parker at 50

  He's Flippin' Mad!

  Beautiful Model Told
She's 'Too Large'

  Miley Cyrus on Kimmel

  Taylor and Selena  Lisa

  Jen & Justin Honeymoon

  MISTAKE: She Bathed in Bleach to Treat Her Eczema

  This Mutilated Toucan Now Has a 3-D Printed Beak

  Fake Speed Camera

Why It's Wrong to Let
Men Stay Overnight
in Maternity Wards

Tennis Balls For Chair
Legs Now 'Suggested'
School Supply

How to Have the Worst
Family Vacation Ever

Cruise Ship Features
That Have Gone Away

Is Australia Laid Back
or Uptight?

Could Pope Francis be
Donald Trump's Undoing?

Cops: Woman Had 0.258%
BAC While Picking Up Children at School

Computers Can Predict Schizophrenia Based
on How a Person Talks

EPA Contractors Caused a Gold-Mine Blowout That Turned a River Orange

What Does It Take to Get Fired by a Federal Agency?

Some People Are Born
Without a 'Mind's Eye'

I've Been a Bridesmaid 4 Times. Here's the Real Cost

Why Firstborn Girls Are
More Likely to Get Fat

How to Spot a Family Killer

Wal-Mart to Stop Selling
AR-15s & Similar Weapons

The 9 Health Symptoms
Men Should Never Ignore

Could WATER Be
the Key to Slimming?

Spouses of Stroke
Survivors Face
Lingering Health Issues

This Is How to Make
Your Shed into Your
Own Private Bar

Live-Stream Your Life
> Official: Meerkat 

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'RHONYC' Reunion Recap

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My Wife Was Addicted
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Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 77. 
Sunday: Partly sunny, with a high near 82

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Update: 2 Children Hurt in
NYS Fair Roller Coaster Crash

> Local Discussion: Post Comments

  Live: State Fair Cam

Zoo's Executive Director Resigns
> Local Discussion: Post Comments

Official News Release

Fort Drum Apache Accidentally
Drops 'Dummy'
> Local Discussion: Post Comments

Cuomo: New App and Website
for NYS Fair Launched

Assemblywoman Russell Joins Speaker Heastie at NYS Fair
> Local Discussion: Post Comments

Kate Wehrle Joins Staff of
Assemblywoman Russell

Report: Kevin Hart Kicked
150 People Out of Syracuse
Show For Using Cellphones

> Local Discussion: Post Comments

Glenn Curry Show Aug. 28
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Cindy Habeeb Show Aug. 28
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Pamelia Residents Blame
Town For Dry Wells

Students Move into JCC Dorm

Under Cloud of Racist Threat,
More Minority Students Enter
SUNY Potsdam

New Company to Take
Over Upscale Bowling
Alley at Destiny USA

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NYSP to Create Sexual
Assault Victims Unit

What Happened Overnight?
Fri., Aug. 28, Police Blotter

Live Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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2 Motorists Charged With DWI

Mayoral Candidate Stephen Jennings: City Fire Department
Needs to Become More Efficient

Rodman Leadership in
Dark About Manure Pit

'Military Pass' Offers FREE
SU Football Tickets to
Active Duty and Veterans

Return of Regular Wolfe
Island Ferry Delayed

State to Improve Westcott
Beach State Playground

Trial Begins Monday in
Ogdensburg Burglary Case

Border Agent Who Killed NY
Prison Escapee Richard Matt:
I Had No Choice

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

Potsdam Police Blotter

Deputies: Man Threw
Woman on Couch

Community Sessions Outlining Six Town Community Fund
to be Held in September

Funny Cide to Appear
at Saratoga Race Course

EJ Manuel to Start For Bills

UPDATE: Factory Street Project

Reconstruction Project
Expanding to Factory Street

Mary Rain Gets Some
Special Prosecutor Info

No Charges Will Be Filed
in Fatal Accident

16 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
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 Watertown BOE Agenda

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Christopher W. Gauthier, 53
Point Peninsula
(8/28, North Country Cremation Service)

Benjamin T. Winkler, 24
(8/28, Cummings Funeral Service, Clayton)

Kathleen F. Clark, 64
Lyons Falls
(8/28, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Brooks P.J. Bragdon
Cape Vincent
(8/28, Cleveland Funeral Home, Cape Vincent)

William T. Ritter Sr., 73
(8/28,  Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Ethel M. Kidder, 80
(8/27, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Jean H. Derouin, 69
Sackets Harbor
(8/27, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Tina L. Chapman, 44
(8/27, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

William C. Randall, 65
(8/26, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Peter J. Putnam, 64
(8/26, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

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Horizon Aerial Media Services submitted this view of roof work underway at the Dulles State Office Building in Watertown. Click the image to enlarge. 

State Fair Attendance
Rises on Opening Day

Day 2 at the State Fair

What's in that Belgian Waffle?

Local State Trooper Opens 'Law Enforcement Day' at State Fair

Eric Church Concert Review

Rick Springfield Thanks
Fans For Supporting His Butt

Reviews of EVERY Food
Stand at the State Fair

> Food Allergy Guide to the State Fair

  Hochul's Day at the Fair

  A Few Great Bakeries

The Upstate/Downstate Divide

Pearl Washington Out of Surgery

Auburn Prison Locked Down
After String of Assaults

Future of 18 Syracuse
Schools to be Discussed

NY Teacher Says Testing
Is 'Asinine'; Lt. Governor
Says Cuomo Is Listening

> Plan to Curb Boycott of Tests Creates a Backlash 

  A Cruise to Boldt Castle

  JCC Honors Distinguished Alumni & Hall of Fame Inductees

Former Law Secretary Admits
to Forging Judge's Signature
to Avoid Losing Home

Assemblyman Wants to
Ban Soda Sales to Minors

JCC Receives $1.1M Grant
For TRiO Support Services

Emergency Forces Plane
Carrying Troops to Turn Back

Roxanne Burns Show Aug. 27
> Official: Community Broadcasters

  Sheriff Kevin Wells Pitches
in on Prisoner Transport

  SLC Meth Lab Bust

10th Mountain Aviators
Deploying to South Korea

Demolition of Victorian
Home Almost Complete

  Rare Tumor Removed
From 4-Year-Old's Brain

Katko Will Give Away Pope
Francis Tickets in Lottery

Autopsy: Accident Victim
Died From Broken Neck

Travel Advisory:
Route 12E Paving Aug. 31

NYS Fair Ribbon-Cutting to be
Private Affair, Excluding Public
And Protesting Teachers

Trains, Horses and Fine Arts
Are Some of the New Exhibits

Melissa Etheridge: I'm Ready
to Get Loose at NY State
Fair's First-Ever Pride Day

Living Proof 'Project Children'
Made a Difference

Plane Lands Safely at Drum;
Fire Departments on Alert

Exclusive: 911 Audio of
Airplane Incident at Fort Drum

  Aerial View: Luxury Yacht Anchored Off Wellesley Island

WPD: Contractor Accepted
$3,500 Down Payment,
Didn't Do Any Work

Rebuilding Year For WHS
Cyclones Soccer Powerhouse

Auditions For Next Watertown Lyric Theater Production

Cheaters in Upstate NY?
Only 3 U.S. Zip Codes Don't
Have Ashley Madison Users

Five-Term Mayor Graham:
I Am More Available to be
Mayor Than My Opponents

> Local Discussion: Post Comments 

Stefanik Endorses Graham

Local Judges Concerned About
DA Mary Rain's Policy Change

Heat & Flames Forge Bonds
in DEC Firefighting Team

Shake-up, Probes Follow
Summer of Turmoil in Prisons

  4th Annual Thunder
for a Cause Bike Run

Glenn Curry Show Aug. 26
> Official: Community Broadcasters

 33 Divorces Filed in August
(Sponsored by

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

 38 DBAs Filed in August
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

JCC Board of Trustees Agenda

Police Release Name of Woman
Who Died at Phish Concert

Federal Judge Plans to Ban
Lawyer From Filing Lawsuits

FBI Raids WNY Motorcycle Club

State Assembly Holds Second Upstate Hearing on Poverty

Fans Call America Pharoah's
Arrival 'Momentous'

Students Can Now Transfer
Credits Between SUNY Colleges

Discounted Miranda Lambert
Tickets for Military Members

Town Judge Accused of Stealing From Pee Wees Seeks Hearing

DEC Opens Restricted Wildlife
Areas for Limited Time

A.G. Schneiderman Announces
End to On-Call Scheduling
at Gap, Inc. Stores

Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered
Honey Grahams Recalled

Roxanne Burns: The City of
Watertown Has a Lot to Offer...

  Have You Seen This Girl?

  It's Almost Fall:
Burrville Cider Mill Opens

  Butter Sculpture Revealed

  A New Crop of Orange Has Arrived on the SU Campus

  3,800 New SU Freshmen

SLU Welcomes Largest
Freshman Class Since 1978

> 56 New International Students 

Teachers Get Ready For
Early Start to School Year

Water Spout Seen on
Lake Ontario Near Oswego

Fed: Syracuse Area
Struggling to Grow Jobs

Mayoral Candidate Joe Butler Jr. Says He's Not Afraid to
Make Changes at City Hall

Deputy Announces Bid
For Lewis County Sheriff

Cuomo Warns College Students About the Dangers of Buying
False ID Documents Online

More EEE Found in Mosquitoes
Near Central Square

NYS Fair Bike Helmet Giveaway; Free Lids Not Just For Kids...

Upstate New Yorkers Going
Overboard on Vitamin D
Testing, Excellus Says

Deer - More Than Corruption
or Taxes - Are on NY Voters'
Minds in Assembly Primary

What Ever Happened to Heidi
Allen Kidnapping Hearing?
Drama Behind the Scenes

University Hospital Posts $5M
Profit For First Half of 2015

Lawmakers Vote to Hike
Jefferson County Sales Tax

Of All NY State Fair Midway
Rides, Mega Drop May
Freak You Out the Most

> WSYR: What's New at the Fair? 

Upstate Groups Want to
Secede From New York State

Reform Groups Have High
Hopes For Ethics Review Panel

WPBS Offers New Episodes From Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Arthur in Honor of National Preparedness Month

Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Against Tony Stewart
Moved to Federal Court

Police Identify Woman Killed
in Town of DeKalb Crash

  Doug Black Takes Over
General Brown Football Program

  Amelia's Army Wears Yellow
to Support 4-Year-Old Girl
Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

  Billboard Attacks Cuomo Over
$15 Per Hour Fast Food Wage

  Aerial: IHC Tennis Courts

Ritchie Secures $50,000 for
Watertown Arena Overhaul

Paul McCartney to Perform
in Buffalo October 22

State Fair: Concert Schedule

School Shopping on a Budget

9 Latest Births at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville
> Official:

DWI Crackdown in Jefferson
County Through Labor Day

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Watertown Prepares for a
Primary Election on a Thursday

Frankie Scinta: Don't Miss
Our Show Sept. 4, 5 and 6
at the Bonnie Castle Resort

4PM Sunday, Aug. 30: Concert
at St. Cyril's Church in Alex Bay

City Council Primary Ballot

 6 Latest Property Sales
in Watertown in August

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Syracuse Man Pleads Guilty
to Watertown Bank Robbery

Gouvernenur Man Arrested
on Numerous Drug Charges

Pimp Sentenced to 17 to 34 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking

Fri., Aug. 28, Police Blotter

Thurs., Aug. 27, Police Blotter

Wed., Aug. 26, Police Blotter

Tues., Aug. 25, Police Blotter

Mon., Aug. 24, Police Blotter

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Potsdam Police Aug. 27

Potsdam Police Aug. 26

 46 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

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Department of Health
Levies Fines for Violations

(Newzjunky, Aug. 3)
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Exclusive: Public Square Traffic Cam

Source:  Live at Five
Square  State  Bay  Tug Hi

Black River Drive-In
Friday - Thursday, Aug. 21 - 27
- The Man From UNCLE PG-13
- Vacation R

Christopher W. Gauthier, 53, Point Peninsula

Benjamin T. Winkler, 24, Clayton

Kathleen F. Clark, 64, Lyons Falls

Brooks P.J. Bragdon, Cape Vincent

William T. Ritter Sr., 73, Forestport

Jean H. Derouin, 69, Sackets Harbor

Tina L. Chapman, 44, Glenfield

William C. Randall, 65, Watertown

Peter J. Putnam, 64, Ogdensburg

Ethel M. Kidder, 80, Copenhagen

John P. Kelly, 70, LaFargeville

Christopher L. Sayyeau, 56, Chaumont

John D. "Jack" Perkins, 65, Philadelphia

Kenneth G. Shean II, 42, formerly of Watertown

Bette M. Simmons, 88, Canton

Angila P. Hellinger, 55, Lowville

Janice L. Feneran, 79, Watertown

Daniel R. Moser, 59, Croghan

Robert J. Mayfield Sr., 72, Fairfax, Va.

Priscilla E. Linck, 73, Constableville

Phyllis M. Feinberg, 91, Alexandria Bay

Brinley M. Gerstenschlager, Brownville

Jerry C. Tufo, 81, Watertown

Leah M. Beyel, 96, West Leyden

Judith A. Jerome, 69, Adams


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