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New York State has a great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231. Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at 8305.html called "Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations".

Tyler Hoch killed this 10-point weighing 172 in the town of Croghan on Nov. 15.

Eric Jewett shot this buck while hunting down in PA with some friends, scored 144 1/2. Biggest buck I've ever taken so far, he's going on the wall.

Scott Soules Jr., 14, Black River, while hunting with his family in Lewis County and his 243 rifle harvested his first ever whitetail. As for huge smile on his face, the whole family couldn't be more happy and proud of this young hunter.

Shawn Gilbert, Adams, shot this 8 point in Rochester on Saturday Dec. 3.

Kyle Briant shot this 11-point with his .308 in the town of Ellisburg on Nov. 27 at 7:28 AM. The buck had split brow tines on both sides and is his biggest buck to date.

Patrick Morse, 9-point, 171-pound, 17-inch spread, town of Webb, on Nov. 24.

Caitlin Lee shot this beauty on her first morning on watch this year. 16 1/4 inch spread 8 point.

Curtis Lehman took this 10-point on Dec. 1 in Lewis County.

This big 8 point was taken by Justin Queary, Carthage, with Nathan Brooks and Nick Nagle in Ohio over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Tommy Baretta got this dandy 4 year old, 225 lb buck in the town of Pinckney while it was running a doe in the Pinckley/Taurus swamp. Special thanks to the Taurus hunt club.

Raymond Bombardier's patience  paid off by letting the  little bucks walk got a nice  8-point.

Kavanagh Oliver, 15, with his Dad Kevin Oliver, Sackets Harbor, shot this large body 4 point deer on their property town of Hounsfield the morning of 11/27/2016. Kavanagh says  "it's always a great time spending time with my best friend. My Dad ! "

Devin Carlisle, 8, LaFargeville, helped track this nice buck in the town of LeRay on Nov. 20. This was his first hunt.

A nice 10 point taken near Watertown by Greg Couch.

Paul Grant, 16, Watertown, with his first deer taken on 11/23 in the town of Rodman.  After passing up two questionable shots at a doe and a large buck he took advantage of the opportunity to take to this fine buck with a clean one shot kill.  

Duane Windover shot this 235 lb black bear in the town of Croghan on Nov. 24.

Dick Howland of Carthage shot this nice 10-pint on November 22.

Doug and Maryann Collins took this 8pt, 197 lb buck in Lorraine on Nov. 17. 

Thanksgiving night near Henderson. -- Jamie Bray

Jonathan Hedges
shot this 8 point  buck on 11-23-16 at 3:40pm, in Watson, he was following two does, the best part, he used his wife's new .243!

Jesse Rose of Rodman was able to harvest this beauty 7 pt. on Nov 23rd in Rutland, thanks to the generosity of his favorite aunt Kelly and uncle Ken. First day back from college on a hunt with dad and his little sister.

Michael Donovan, formerly of Watertown, with a 10 pt bruiser he struck in Pine Valley, NY on November 21st on family land. It is his biggest deer in 45 years of hunting.

Jere Rohr shot an 8 pt which dressed out at 205lbs in Jefferson County on Nov. 25.

142 lb 8 pt shot in St. Lawrence County on 11/19/16. -- Dale F. Barker

Eileen Yulik shot this giant in the town of Rodman while walking to the "infamous" ERDC stand. It was her very first Sunday buck.

Dave Edwards, Evans Mills, shot this 10-point on Nov. 19 in Jefferson County.

AJ Missert from Ogdensburg bagged his biggest buck to date on Nov. 29.

Lukas Williams, Adams, shot this 8 point 150 lb buck in Coldwater, Michigan on Nov. 11 with his Hoyt Ignite bow. This is Luke's first year hunting and his first deer he made a perfect shot from 25 yards.

Ed White shot his 200 lb  5 pt on Nov. 19 in the town of Orleans on his private property.

Leon Carlisle shot this 180lb buck in the town of Evans Mills with his 7mm08 accompanied by his 8 yr old son Devin Carlisle about 9:30 a.m. Nov 19.

After sitting in tree stand for 15 minutes, William Stowell took this 8 pt buck in the town of Lorraine on Nov 19, 2016.  It dressed out at 216.

DJ Hubbard shot his first buck a 7 point 18" spread on Sunday, Nov. 13, in Carthage.

Alex Miller, Forestport, 14, shot his first buck in Rhinebeck. 

First deer I have ever shot. With my 7mm-08  in Redwood, NY. 6 point. At 7:15 in the morning on Thursday, Nov. 17. Still made it to work on time -- Jesse Bearup

Trapper Purvis killed this monster on his way to the stand on Nov. 12.

Ryan Reynolds shot this 8-point on Nov. 13 in Jefferson County. 

Valerie Stephenson, Theresa, shot this 3 point on Nov. 19 in Rossie with her 270 at 200 yards.

Erik Lillie took this 4-point, 150-pound deer in the town of Lorraine. 

Richard Phelan took this 11-point, 190-pound on Nov. 18 in the town of Lorraine. 

This 225-pound black bear was taken by Richard Kaban  in Lowville, NY. 

Wade Tupper, Syracuse, shot 10 point buck weighing 255lbs while hunting in Illinois.

Gerald Der, Lowville, shot this 8 point buck with a 308 rifle when getting into his tripod stand first thing in morning of Nov. 15 while hunting in the town of Lyonsdale in Lewis County.

Peter Van Eenenaam took this nice Adirondack buck on Nov. 11 in the town of Fine.

192lbs 9 point taken in the town of Clayton at 30 yards by Daniel Lowe

Brooke Woodrow snagged this 8 pointer with her dad Robert Woodrow on Nov. 12 in Russell, NY.

Loren Smith, Watertown, (originally Carthage) harvested this amazing 215 lb, 18 inch inside spread 10 pt with a Winchester .30-.30 while hunting on Nov. 6 in Jefferson County.

Grant Sanderson
took this 200 lb 6-point buck 22 inch spread on Nov. 12 in Pulaski, NY.

Maggie Munger shot her 8 point on 11/11 and Andrew Munger shot his 8 point (weighing 194 lbs) on Nov. 12. Both shot on the same land in St. Lawrence County.

Ray Burdick tagged this 200+ 8-point on family land in the town of Henderson on Nov. 14 chasing a doe.

Pat Ritz  11 point 210lb monster buck chasing a doe shot 11/12/16 up at camp near Star Lake, NY. His biggest buck ever taken to date!

Morgan O'Brien, 14, shot this buck (her very first deer!) while hunting with her Dad during Kid's Camp weekend in Lorraine.

Shelly Colburn shot this 130lbs spike for her first buck in Adams, Jefferson County

Eric Brown, Carthage, shot this deer in Deer River while hunting with his father-in-law. 160lbs shot on 11/12/2016 

Keith from Rodman shot this 8-point on Nov. 11 in Taylorville.

Aidan Rogers helped Dad Joshua recover this 8 pointer.

Darren Bush, Gouverneur, shot this 7 pointer with a crossbow while hunting with his buddies in Ohio on 11/10/16.

Rusty Tuttle - 14pt shot with a bow.

A nine point shot near Loraine/Worth by Mike Corwin of Watertown.

Bill Allen took this 182-poind, 8-point just outside Chaumont on Nov. 4.

Scott Topping, Watertown, took this 8-point, 205-pound buck from a tree stand early in the morning on Nov. 4 in Lewis County. 

Rocco Crescenzi shot this buck on Nov. 10 in the town of Hounsfield. It dressed out at 190-pounds.

Zach Augliano took this 10-point on Friday, Nov. 4, in Jefferson County. 

David Johnson, Philadelphia, arrowed this 13-point buck Nov. 4 in Tioga County. The deer responded to a grunt call and was shot at 20 yards. 

Nimue Rimiller got her first deer on Nov. 5 in Lorraine. 3-point, 150-pounds.





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