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New York State has a great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231. Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at 8305.html called "Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations".

Father and son take down father and son! Last day of hunting for us , today was a great day.
Itís a hunters dream to hunt with your dad and both of you drop bucks on the same day. Love times like these. Canít wait for jeremih to get big and be able to hunt with us!

Arletha Moore at a young 82 years old and a great great grandma gets an 8 point 170 pound deer in St. Lawrence County on November 30.

Don Mooney, 78, of Watson, shot this 9 pointer running across Second Crick in Watson at 150 yards.

Scott Soules Jr., 15, Black River, harvested this healthy doe while hunting with uncle in Lewis County. On last day of regular big game season Dec. 3 shot with savage .243.

Tim Dora shot this 200-pound, 9 pt buck in the town of Pamela.

14-year-old Allyson Ruetten's very first deer. A 7 pt. taken with a Saiga in 7.62x39 on Pillar Point.

Jessie Mitchell shot this 175 pound, 10 point buck in LaFargeville, NY. 

Mark Brow Sr filled his bow tag with this nice 8 point in Cayuga county. On November 16, 2017 first deer with his Barnett crossbow made a great 35 yard shot. First morning at camp two days before riffle season in southern tier.

Megan Krokowski, Lyons Falls, shot this 8 point buck on her familyís woodlot on Nov. 15. The buck weighed in at 180 pounds dressed out. Her father provided strategic assistance after finding a great deal of buck sign. Listening to his advice as to how he would hunt this buck she was able to pick the right location for watch and the buck came right to her after only being on watch an hour.

Colin Olmsteads a Thanksgiving buck.

Dylan Smith shot his 8 point in Castorland at 140 yards with his .308

Brandon Copp harvested his first and maybe last New York buck as he will be returning to the motherland, Texas.

Grayden J. Brunet of Sackets Harbor shot this nice 8 point Sunday night Nov. 19, in the town of Hounsfield.

No truck, no problem.  - Josh

Craig Coffey, Canton, shot this 10 point in Galesville, WI, on a hunting trip with friends. shot with a ruger 6.5 creedmoor.

7 point with both brow tines broken off, would of been a 9, shot within 10 minutes of being in some apples in the town of Georgetown, field dressed at 198, shot on the 18th opening day of southern with a .308  -- Justin Petrie

Gary Holle, Evans Mills, shot an 8 point buck in Livingston Manor, NY on Npv. 20 using a .308 Ruger American compact.

Brandon Tibbles shot this 7 point on state land 10 yards away on Nov. 18 while hunting with his family.

Bill Bell shot this 7 pointer recently in the town of Theresa.





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