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New York State has great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231. Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at 8305.html called "Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations".

Masyn Stephenson spotted this deer for his uncle Adam. Masyn actually found the blood trail and the deer. He's going to make a good hunter when he gets older. 

Kolton Hunter, 7, and his luck hats helped score this 4-pointer on Nov. 5 in the big woods of the Adirondacks near the Boleo camp.

Alec Rowsam shot this 6-point on Nov. 6 on his grandpa's land in Martinsburg. 

Steve Byers, Cape Vincent, took this nice 11-pt buck using his muzzleloader on Nov 3rd.

On Nov. 5, Liane Brown took this 7-point, 18.5 inch spread buck on family land in the town of Rodman with her .243 rifle. 

John Lillie with a 9-point, 190-pound buck shot on Nov. 5 in the town of Lorraine. 

Scott VanRy, Sandy Creek, with an 8-point, 22-inch spread shot Nov. 5 in Orwell.

Kyle Busby shot this 9-point on Oct. 28 in the town of Henderson weighing in at 210.2lbs.

Chloe Kalin, 6, of Rutland with her first assist. She helped her Daddy, Will, by spotting this 145 pound doe at 7:55am on November 1st while hunting with him behind the house. She picked this doe for him to shoot out of the four that walked in front of them. 

Bob Bisig Jr. shot this 11-point buck from his "Blue Jay" stand in Henderson, NY. Shot with his Remington 270 while hunting with his wife, Kim and son, Rob, Nov 2, 2016.

Corwin Christman shot this 8-point opening morning of muzzler hunting with his dad in Castorland.

Debbie Marriot-Briot shot this 8-point buck weighing 200 pounds on Oct. 29 in Barnes Corners.

Patrick Roberts shot this 8-point, 178-pound deer on Oct. 23 in Pamelia. 

Double reds, second of the season. -- Jamie Bray

Zachary Steiner shot this 14-point, 200-pound buck on Oct. 7 with a 30-year-old compound bow near Burrville. 

Natalie White, 13, Cape Vincent, traveled to PA with her step dad for the early youth season. Even though she was dealing with heavy rain and winds she was able to take her first deer.

236 pound 8 point shot 10/23/16 in the town of Pamelia. -- William Livermore

Scott Topping of Watertown, on Sept 17,2016 while hanging tree stands for the up coming deer season in Croghan early bear season harvested this black bear using his Marlin 30/30.

Greg Peebles shot this 7 pt, 140 lb buck in the Copenhagen area. Pictured with grandfather Gerald Borland.

Cody Steria, 15, took this 8-point, 180-pound buck during youth weekend in the town of Martinsburg.

Amanda Craig with her first deer taken with her bow on Oct. 9 in the town of Hounsfield.

Michael Hibbard, Watertown,  with 175lb 8 pt taken with a bow on Oct. 12.

Sofia Perkins, 14, Dexter, took this doe with one shot at 75 yards with a .243 on Oct. 8 in Theresa with her grandfather. 

Zack Steiner shot this 14 point, 200-pound buck with bow on Oct. 7 in Burrville. It was his first deer with a bow and the biggest the Steiner family has ever taken.

Grant Gardner, 15, with his first deer of 2016. 8-point, 148-pound taken with a bow on Oct. 6 in the town of Champion. 

Alyssa O'Connor, Lowville, with her first deer taken at Balsam Flats with her father. 

Shelbie Alguire, 14, shot a 6-point buck on Oct. 9 during youth hunting in Macomb.

Dustin Sepko, Black River, with 160lb 8 pt taken with bow on Sept. 28 near his home.

Jason Byers of Cape Vincent shot this 9pt buck on the second day of Ohio's archery season while hunting with his dad who captured the whole hunt on video. 

Chase Levensailor, 11, Forestport, shot first bear in Maine with his father. 150 pounds

On Nov. 16th at noon, Curt Christman of Lowville downed this six point while walking back to the truck after sitting in the Castorland swamp all morning. Curt figured if this little guy wanted to ride in his truck that bad, why not!

Alex Thomas, Watertown, shot this 8 point on Nov. 14 while hunting on his property in Watertown. Hours later his dad, visiting from Vermont, got a small buck in the same spot.

Jordan McConnell of Theresa shot this nice 8 point buck on Nov. 15 his 16th birthday.

John Astafan III of West Carthage shot this nice 6 point in the town of Denmark.

Jeremy Goodenough of LaFargeville shot this 8pt buck on Nov. 14 outside of Depauville.

Colton Denny took his first buck in the White Swamp, Alexandria Bay, on Nov. 11. It was an 8 point 190lbs dressed.

Kurt Munger of Lowville shot this 205 lb. 8 point in Turin on the morning of Nov. 14.

Dave Edwards, Evans Mills, shot this 9 point 202 lbs buck in Jefferson County on Nov. 8.

11/11/15 was the lucky day for Tom Gray hunting on his deer preserve around the number four area of Lewis county just before dark this 8 point came within shooting distance lucky for him not so much for the deer.

Dakota Browne, 220lb, 8 point buck on Nov. 11, 2015

Chris Rinard. 9 point taken in Dexter with a 300 magnum

Eric Jewett- 8pt buck shot in town of Watertown

Taken by Shawn Susice Nov 5th 7:45 am bear weighed 405 lbs dressed...shot just outside of Natural Bridge

Jaycee Reff shot this big 8 point buck on opening day of youth hunting in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Jaycee used his new 7mm-08 rifle and took this deer from his brother's tree stand. Jaycee still wishes he was hunting back in Adams Center, NY, however.

17 year old Nate Messick took this nice 160 lb 8 pt while hunting with his dad on 11-4-15 just south of Watertown.  Nate used a Winchester Model 70 .308 taking the shot at about 50 yards.  The deer ran about 40 yards and came to rest right on the 4wheeler trail making for an easy recovery.  While headed out to hunt that afternoon, Nate said, “hey Dad, lets switch stands tonight to try and change our luck”  Dad still doesn’t have a deer. 

Pat Phillips shot this 8-point 190-pound buck with a Ruger 270 in Montague with family and friends on Nov. 7.

Jeffrey Soules shot this 8pt, 180lb dressed buck on Nov. 8 near his home in the town of Cape Vincent.

This 172 lbs 10 point was shot by Shaun Miller on 11/09/15.  This rutting buck was shot with a 300 win mag. right after making a scrape.

Cesar Portela, Stone Mills, shot a 9 point on Oct. 30. It weighed 185. Was taken with 270 .

Edward Derby, Rodman, arrowed this buck in East Rodman while sitting in "Brian's mom's stand".  It is his best archery kill to date. Special thanks to Brian's mom for letting him use the stand.

Ashley Byers harvested this great doe on opening day 10/24/2015, in Theresa, NY using her trusty .243. Her father captured it all on video while filming this hunt for the Forever Wild Outdoors television show.

Chantal Briant of Henderson shot her first deer, a 3-point, on a friend’s property in the town of Ellisburg on Halloween night while hunting with her husband and good friends.  The buck was taken with her .243 Savage Axis at about 30 yards and she made a perfect shot.

Gabriel Niles 15, shot this 10-Point, 200+ pound Buck with his dad near Redwood.

Kaylee Goodnough shot her first 8-point on Nov. 2.

Alexis Gravelle, 17, Adams, shot this 7pt 140 lb buck on Monday, Nov. 2, in Belleville while hunting with her boyfriend Andrew Lennox. She is one happy girl with this one.

Kevin O'Brien: 160 lbs 8 point harvested morning of Nov 6 on O'Brien family farm. 1st buck. Shot with Remington Savage .243.

Jim Christopher of Harrisville harvested this black bear while bow hunting with Tony Bova at their camp in the Town of Diana.

Steve Soules, Watertown,rifle used, Cape Vincent Nov.7, 8-point, 170 pounds dressed.

Brian Soules, 16, shot this 8-point on Oct. 31 in Adams with a ruger .270.

Zach Intorcia dropped this 8 point Buck while hunting with his dad in Deer River. The deer weight was 162 lbs. Zac says there is nothing like that sound of his deer dropping.

Kory Pearson took this 8 point Halloween evening with his dad in Worth on family land.

Timothy Filiatrault shot this 8 pt. Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, in LaFargeville. This was his first buck using his new Savage 30-06. His father called and minutes later this buck ran out about 50 Yds away from their stand and Timothy took it down first shot.

Allyson Capone, Watertown, shot a nice doe during youth weekend with her proud father, Aaron Capone, sitting next to her. The doe was taken in town of Clayton. This is her second deer.

Luke Jordan, 14, of Walla Walla, Wa., shot his first ever buck the last day of bow season in the County of Walla Walla. The 8-point buck weighed 150 lbs. with a 20-inch spread was shot with a PSE bow.

Myron Swarts, Whitney Point, on 10/20/15 shot this 9 Pt buck, 175 lbs by bow near St. Lawrence Park on the bank of the St. Lawrence River.

Ken Flint, Sr., Beaver Falls, taken on 10/24/15, 11-point, 15" spread, 170 lbs, shot with a .308 caliber, Mark II Ruger.

This 154 lb 4 point was shot on 10/26/2015 in the town of Watertown by Randy Bump Jr., (originally of Parishville). This was not his first buck, but it was the first time that Randy successfully called a buck in with his grunt call.

Brian Hull shot this nice 6-point buck opening day from my tree stand on his brother-in-law's property. He dressed out at 170.

A 9-point buck taken by Frank Drohan, Dexter, with a muzzleloader on the morning of Oct. 25 in LaFargeville. The deer was just over 200 pounds dressed.

Randy Gould and his grandson Tyler shot this nice 6pt 162lbs near the family residents in the town of Rutland on 10/25/15 at 120 yds. His lucky grandson was very excited.

Caleb Miller, Sandy Creek, shot this 160-pound, 18 1/2 inch wide, 5-point buck with his muzzleloader for his first deer on Oct. 24.

Grant Gardner, 14, Champion, with his first rifle deer. The 190-pound, 8-point was taken during the evening watch while hunting with his dad and cousin Andy Jr.

Grant Gardner, 14, Champion, with his first muzzleloader deer. The 150-pound, 6-point was taken on opening morning while hunting with his dad and cousins Andy and AJ. 

Michael Holbrook, Lowville, shot his first deer on Oct. 12 while hunting with his grandfather during the youth hunt. He used his new 7mm08 Thompson Center rifle. The doe was taken the last few minutes of the hunt.  

Alexis Hill shot her first buck opening day of bow, a 3 point at 115 pounds.

Collin Cring took his first deer during youth weekend with his father, Joseph Cring.  Collin made the impressive 250-yard shot with a 270 short mag near Sackets Harbor, NY.

Former Henderson, NY, resident Gary Shutts with his first mule deer, and son-in-law KJ Karjola. Deer was shot on public lands in the Oquirrh Mountains near Stockton, Utah, where he now resides. Deer was shot with his 30 06 at 375 yards.

Tucker Bovee shot his first buck on opening day of youth rifle. 6 point 147 pounds.

Chelsey Smith, Clayton, shot her first deer, a 4-point, while hunting Oct. 19 with her grandpa William J. Smith.

Keegan Wohnsiedler, 13, Harrisville, harvested his first mule deer buck while hunting with his father near Sheridan, Wyoming.

Mike Comet of Lowville harvested this 4 point buck on the opening morning of muzzleloader season near Glenfield as he was surrounded by a flock of 38 turkeys.

Ashley Froedtert, 14, Dexter, shot her first deer Oct. 11 while hunting with her dad and brother in Tylerville during the youth hunt weekend. Her steady hand and patience allowed her to place the perfect shot at 101 yards with her Ruger .243.

Kaylee Goodnough shot her first deer with a bow on Oct. 5 in Ellisburg. 

A nice doe taken in the town of New Bremen with the help of the Beck girls' tracking skills.

Shot with a bow in Lewis County. 15 point, and 200+ pound class buck. -- Wayne Long

On the third night of the 2015 coyote season... a double near Ellisburg.  - J. Bray

Hart Grey, LaFargeville, shot this 9-point on Nov. 10 in the town of Orleans.

Mason and his buddy Blake posed this 4-point shot by his stepfather. 

Kory Pearson shot this 6-point on Nov. 24 after only hunting for 20 minutes. It was shot on family land in Worth with his dad.

Ashley Byers, Clayton, shot this doe on Nov. 15.

Elizabeth with a 7-point shot in Orwell. 

Chris Warner, Watertown, shot this 8-point in Hounsfield with a browning win mag 300 on Nov. 22. 

Lawrence Booth shot this 9-point on Nov. 18 at Dansville. Sitting 15 minutes in stand and he came out. Base measures 6 inches. "My 65th birthday present."

Ray Burdick, Henderson, shot his second nice buck of the season on Nov. 23. A nice 8-point weighing 180-pounds with thanks to his cousin Ed Morris for helping him drag it out of the swamp.

Joshua Ryan shot this 12-point buck in Adams. Finally got his first deer of the season.

Bill Slover, Rodman, shot this 10-point, 164-pound on Nov. 17 in the town of Rodman.  It was raining and the deer were moving before the snowstorm hit. 

Chris Davis, Mannsville, shot this 5-point buck on Nov. 21 approximately 45 minutes before dark while hunting state land in southern Jefferson County. The buck dressed out at 127-pounds

8 point deer shot on Nov. 19 with a rifle by Alex Fuller, Gouverneur. 

Dylan Intorcia, 16, shot this 8 point chasing a doe on Saturday, Nov. 15, in Auburn opening day of southern tier with his buddy, Josh Jesmer.

Seth Ackley, 16, took this 6 point buck on Nov. 19 in the town of Rodman while hunting
With his dad and brother.

Devan DeCicco, Watertown, took this spike horn buck with a Savage 30-06, at 30 yards, on Sat. Nov. 15. It was his first deer.

Pete Rose of Rodman was able to get this nice 7 point just before the storm hit.

Stephanie Lane, Turin, shot her first deer on Nov. 16 from about 245 yards away with a lung shot. The doe was harvested from family land on Tug Hill.

Paige Schraenkler, Rodman, with her first deer harvested in the town of Rutland with her father's rifle at 150 yards! Not a bad shot for her first deer

Bobby Costello, 14, of Alexandria Bay, shot his first deer, an 8 pointer, after school on Nov. 17, in the town of Alexandria

Jeff Davison shot this buck Nov. 11 in Macomb. 9pt, 190-pounds.

Rebeka Adams, 15, Dexter, harvested her first deer, a spikehorn on Nov. 15 while hunting with her father. 

Tyler Eckert, 15, of LaFargeville, shot his first deer on Nov. 15. A 6-point,145 lbs

Tom Ross, Adams, gave this bruiser the powerball on Opening Day of Southern Tier.

Nickolas Derouin, Theresa, shot this button buck on Saturday, Nov. 15, dressing out at 95 lbs while hunting with his father, Rick Derouin in Adams. The deer was shot at 30 yards and was his first ever deer. His father was very proud of him.

Justin Petrie, 21, harvested this 8 pointer Saturday, Nov. 15, in Orwell.  Weighed in at 156 after the long uphill drag back to camp.

Mike Clary, Carthage, shot this 165-pound, 6-point, on Nov. 16 in the town of Champion.

Stephen Byers from Cape Vincent. Shot this 8pt on the morning of Nov. 14 in the town of Rutland. Shot while videoing for Forever Wild Outdoors.

Brandon Boulton
, 16, of Sackets Harbor, shot this 160# 8 pt. from right under his deer stand.  Didn't even have his gun loaded yet from getting into the deer stand when he saw it.

Bill Meyer got this monster on Nov. 15 in Croghan. "Special thanks to my dad for gutting it."

Jason Bartlett, Henderson, shot this 8-point on Nov. 17. 

Ernie Prievo shot this 11-point, 140-pound buck on Nov. 14. 

Cassie Houppert, New Bremen, shot her first 6-point on Nov. 13 while hunting with her father.

Mallory Cooley, Clayton, harvested her first 6-point buck on the morning of Nov. 8 while hunting with her dad.

Allison Schlieder, 26, Lowville, shot this buck near Tug Hill on Oct. 30.

Daisy Overton shot this 4-point while hunting on her grandpa's land on Nov. 11. It's her second deer as well as her second buck.

Amber Neibacher, Carthage, shot her first deer on Nov. 2 while hunting with her dad.

Noah Ingerson harvested this 200-pound, 8-point buck on Nov. 12 in the town of Cape Vincent. 

Caitlin Rose shot her first deer on Nov. 10 while hunting with her dad and big brother. Dad couldn't be more proud. 

Trevor Gibbons, 18, took this 188-pound, 8-point on Sun., Nov. 9, on family land in Carthage.

Doug Fleischman, Adams, took this 8-point buck on Nov. 14. He dressed out at 185-pounds with a 17-inch spread. 

Alex Tibbles shot this 7-point buck Friday, Nov. 14, in Harrisville just before dark. This is his first deer and he dropped it with a head shot.

Mike O'Shaughnessy shot this 175-pound, 9-point buck on Nov. 1 outside Carthage. 

Mike Cunningham, Oxbow, bagged this 9-point, 190-pound buck on Nov. 15 in Jefferson County.

Matthew Dano, 15, Boonville bagged his first deer on Nov. 11 near Boonville. 15-point buck. 

Ryan Gould shot this nice doe at 75 yards with his 243 in the town of Rutland thanks to his dad.

William Camidge and his daughter, Jessica, got this deer on Nov. 1 in the town of Harrisburg. 

Garret Zich, Plessis, took this 9-point on state land. 

Ryan Lane shot this 8-point buck behind his family farm in Turin. 

Jordan Allen, 14, shot his first deer, a 6-point, on Oct. 12 during the youth hunt while hunting with his grandfather Grant Davis, Richville. 

Brandon Thomas, 15, Watertown, shot his first deer on Nov. 8 on his great-grandmother's land. He was hunting with his father. The doe weighed in at 152 pounds. 

Noah Heath, 13, town of Alexandria, shot his first deer with a bow. 

Michael McGraw shot this 10-point on Friday, Nov. 14. 

Elijah Johnson, Watertown, stationed at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, with his first Pronghorn antelope. Dressed out as 155-pounds, 13-inch horns with solid cutters. 

Brandon Bancroft of Watertown shot this beautiful 7 pt. on Nov. 2 in the town of Watertown. it is his second deer, first with a rifle. 

Sean Owney, 17, Potsdam, shot his fist buck in the town of Potsdam on night watch Nov. 4. The buck is a 9 point.

Dressed out 241 pounds, whitetail 6 point shot 11-2-14, by 18 year old Dakota Browne, Sackers Harbor. Deer was shot at roughly10 yards with his rifle. Yes 241 pounds dressed...with a paddled set of antlers.

Owen McGuire, 14, with his first buck ever and second doe of the season. Owen was hunting with Jody Garret and his Dad (Charlie McGuire) at Lucky Star Ranch. Thank You Jody and Doreen Garret for allowing us to hunt on your property!

Cesar Portela, along with son Andy's help in harvesting  this 8 point 195lbs  buck on Nov. 1 in town of Houndsfield  Cesar was dosing off asleep while Andy saw and alerted dad.

Randy Gould shot this 4 point in the town of Rutland on November 1st with a 243 rifle at 150 yards.

Ashlee Sprowl, 17, Lowville, shot her first deer ever Oct. 26 in Rutland while hunting with her father and brother. 13pts and 180-pounds.

Mackenzie McBride, shot this 6 point weighing 140lb on opening day behind her house in Gouverneur.

Chris Soules, 16, of Adams, took this deer while hunting with his dad and brother.

Shea Widell, 11, of Webster, with a nice 8 point taken by his dad, Tom Widell, while the two were archery hunting on Nov. 1.  Shea is the grandson of Rod and Karen Richmond, Henderson, and is counting the days until he can be out there hunting himself!  

Harry Ambrose shot this nice 150lb 7 pt. at his hunting club on Tug Hill opening day

Wesley Churchill shot this 185lb 8 point Nov. 2 out back of his house in the town of Rutland.

Ralph Lowry for tv show Foreverwild Outdoors Adrenalne Adventures with his first crossbow kill on 11-2-2014.

Glenn Sprague shot this 8-point, 180-pound deer on Nov. 2 in Lorraine. 

Paige Leroux, Cramberry Lake,  shot this 8 point buck weighing 150-pounds while hunting in Newton Falls on youth weekend. "This is the first buck I have ever shot."

Nicole O'Connor, 14, Lowville,  with her first deer during youth weekend at the flats of Herkimer County.

Desiree Russell, Lowville went hunting on Oct. 22 with her husband Marc, in the town of Watson and harvested this beautiful piebald spike buck with a muzzle loader.

Eliza Branagan, 18, Croghan, took her first deer while muzzleloading on Oct. 23 in Croghan. 

A nice little buck shot by Ray Burdick on family land in the town of Henderson.

Meryl Passage, Carthage, 7-point, 197-pounds.

Max Egan, 17, Lowville, shot his first ever buck muzzle loading, with his Dad, in Martinsburg.

Nicholas Allen, 16, Clayton, shot his first deer of the season on Oct.18 in the town of Cape Vincent.

Laurlyn Bush from Pennellville, harvested this 7 Point/150 lbs Northern Tier Buck Opening Day of the Muzzle loading season. Shot with a custom L. Romano Rifle Co. 45 cal. patched round ball rifle on Oct. 18 at 5:20 p.m. in St. Lawrence County. 

James Scott Jr. shot this 4 pt with a Matthews crossbow on Oct. 17 behind his residence in Deer River.

Brenda Cobb-Brucker, formerly from Lowville, now residing  in Holland Patent, NY.  I shot my doe in Oneida County in the town of Marcy on Oct. 16 with my PSE DNAsp.

Elly Gamble, 12, shot this deer in Owen County, Ky., while hunting with her dad during the youth firearms season. Elly made a 150-yard shot with her 243 youth rifle.

Jamie Bray, Sackets Harbor, with first called coyote of the season, taken in Ellisburg at the honey hole on Oct. 17.

Kendra Fone, 14 of Mannsville, harvested her first deer on family land in Burrville on Oct. 12. She was accompanied by her grandfather, Lynn Truesdell when she made a textbook shot to take her 115 lb doe.

Kiley Perkins, 14, Adams, shot her first deer weighing in at 115 lbs, on her first hunting trip ever, with her Grandfather Paul Shelmidine on Oct. 12 in the town of Lorraine.

Kalob Ackley, 14, shot his first buck a 6 point during the youth season on Oct. 11 in the town of Rodman.

Brandon Bancroft with his first deer, taken with a Matthew Craze bow on Oct. 1 at town of Watertown.

Dawson Stuckey got his first deer on Oct. 11 while hunting with his uncle Tim Monica during the youth weekend hunt. 

Owen McGuire, 14, with his first deer. Owen shot this during the youth season while hunting with his father Charlie McGuire in Adams on Oct. 12.

John H. Long, 14, Chaumont, with his first deer. The large doe was harvested on Saturday, Oct. 11, in the town of Brownville during the 2014 Youth Firearms Deer Hunt. The special hunt continues through sunset Monday and is part of the NYS DEC Junior Hunter Mentoring Program. 

425 lbs bear taken in town of Diana by Brenton Lawlee Sept. 13, 2014.
With help from Bernie Lawlee and Harry Mosley on retrieval.  Thanks guys!!! Could not have done it with out you !




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