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New York State has great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231. Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at 8305.html called "Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations".

11 point 197 pounds bow kill, town of Lee Center, killed by Shea Schoff.

Matt Boudreau shot this buck on Nov. 14 near Tupper Lake. 9-point, 234 pounds after hanging for five days. 

This 8-point, 153lb deer taken by Debbie Snyder on Nov. 20 with in the town of Forestport with a neck shot at 60 yards.

Shane Baxter with an 8pt shot Nov. 21 in the town of Alexandria while hunting with his cousin, Don.

Zack Flynn, Chaumont, with a nice 8-point. Shot in the town of Cape Vincent at hunting camp with friends.

Pete Rose, Rodman, harvested his second buck of the season Nov.16. 150lb, 6 point. Next year Caty will join dad and her brother on the hunt.

Scott Messier, Black River, harvested this 9 point on Nov. 20 on Fort Drum with his father's bolt action savage 30-30. He came in grunting to me to a combination of grunt and bleat calls.

Nelson Bourquin, Chaumont,  nice 8-point shot Nov. 23 at the farm dressed out 180 lbs.

Garrett Lavere shot his first buck (7 point) while hunting in Burrville with his step father. It weighed 160 pounds shot on Veterans Day.

Steve Finster, Evans Mills, shot this 10 pt in Moravia on Nov. 16.

Jake Childers, Carthage, shot this 4 1/2 year old, 141 pounds 7 point with his Mathews ZXT Bow on Fort Drum on Nov. 24.

Marshall Eves, Copenhagen, harvested this 175 lb 8 point on Nov. 12 in the town of Champion. The big boy escaped from the drivers but didn't make it past the watchers set up in the pines.

Jarrid Childers, Carthage, shot this nice 8 point on Oct. 3 with his bow on state land in Jefferson County.

Jordan Curtis, Saranac Lake, was hunting with is Dad and Grandpa in Croghan. This is his first deer. 6pt. and 130 lbs.

Adam Collins,
Croghan, took this 4-point with his .308 just after sunrise on opening day in Southern Tier. Difficult tracking despite a perfect shot made his first buck all the more memorable!

Matt Hanni, Derry, N.H., spent some quality time afield with his brother and friend near Watkins Glen. This 155 lb. 5 point was his first bow kill, ending the S. Tier bow season.

Kevin Legg got a birthday present one day early on the afternoon of Nov. 19. It was taken near his home in Plessis and had 11 points.

Debbie Pond shot this 8-point buck at the Ponderosa, with her good luck charm, her dad, Frank Aubin.

Crick McKenzie, Baldwinsville, shot this 8-point buck opening day morning on Wellesley Island. Used a grunt call twice to bring him in from 150 yards and took the shot at 40 yards with a 12 gauge Mossberg 930 semi-auto.

Steve Finster, Evans Mills, shot this 10-pt opening day southern tier in Auburn.

Dean Merry, town of Watson, 8-point taken at tree stand back in the woods.

Scott Topping, mid evening hunt on Nov. 20 and harvested this real nice. 8-point buck with his .243 somewhere in Lewis County.

Peter Lorusso, 26, from Ellisburg, shot his first deer, a 12 point on Nov. 20.

Larry Burch shot this nice 170 lb. field dressed 7 pt. while hunting with his son Kevin on Tug Hill on Nov. 21.

Bill Hoover harvested this beautiful 9-point after sitting  an exhausting 8 whole minutes in his stand. Depauville's honey hole.

A nice 160-pounds, 4-point shot by ag in 6k.

Jack Newman Jr.
, 14, Carthage, made a perfect shot on this 3 year old, 9 point with his Dad looking on from a near by tree stand. This is his second buck with his bow this year and forth deer with his bow.

Doug Pleskach's 180lb 11-point shot on Nov. 16 on Keener Hill in the town of Martinsburg.

Robert Derouin II hunting in his back yard in the town of Pamelia.

James R. Wratten, Adams, after 5 years of a dry spell in the southern tier shot this doe opening day at 40 yards with his fathers Winchester Model 88 lever action .308.

Andrea Cornell, Hastings, shot her first buck in Canisteo on Sat Nov 16. 10 point!

Jason Ripley, Harrisville, with 11-point buck shot on mullen flow hunting club with gramps old 06.

A nice 180-pound, 10-point taken by Russ Carpenter while hunting with Todd and Missy Townsend on Nov. 16.

Jeff Jones of Webster, N.Y. (formerly Brownville) took this fine 8-point in the Southern Tier on the "Hidden Pond" property.  Jeff shared the moment with his father Sam Jones and uncle Larry Whitmire.

Shot by Jim Barber at The Whitehouse Camp in Harrisvill​e. HAPPY 73 rd BIRTHDAY to his Dad Tom Barber who was present.

Christopher Hobbs, Evans Mills, hunting with his dad on state land in Henderson, caught this guy at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Morgan Moore, Croghan, with her first deer! Shot at her uncle's in Moravia with her Dad.

Justin Lister shot this 8 pointer in Lorain County, Ohio, on November 16 at 8:06 a.m.

Dale Wood shot this 9-point, 180-pound deer on Nov. 17 in Evans Mills. 

Cole Smith, Oswego, 188 Lbs., 7-Point, 18-inch spread; shot in Pennellville NY in the morning of opening day - Nov. 16 with a custom-made Romano Rifle Co .264 Win. Mag. Rifle at 275 yards.

Chris Foster, Baldwinsville, shot his first deer Nov. 17 in Cato on family property.

Ashley Byer's first buck. Shot Nov 16 at 3:30 .m. with her trusty .243. Her father said it was extra special to because he was able to video the hunt for her.

Stephen D. Cornell, Watertown, shot this deer on Saturday morning in the town of Henderson. She dressed out at 168 lb. " One shot one kill."

John Duvall, 17, Burville, with an 8 point, 160 lbs.

Don Dowd and this 14 point buck was taken in the Town of Oswego on Nov. 16 at 9:30 a.m. in the morning. He was so close to the hot doe in front of him, that her rump hit him in the chops as he chased her through the cattails.

John Bears first bear. Taken on Fort Drum. Nov. 10.

This 200-lb, 7-point deer was shot Nov. 13 in the town of Rutland right before dark by Ronnie Weston of Calcium.

Jackie Pomerville , Felts Mills, shot her first deer opening weekend from Dad's tree stand up to grandma and grandpas house in the town of Rutland.

TJ Gore from Gouverneur shot this nice 8 pt. 130 lb. buck on Nov. 12 near Degrasse his first deer.

Mike Watson shot this 10-point on Nov. 13 on Pillar Point. 

Curt Christman of Lowville dropped this young 8 pt buck on Nov. 12 just off the Castorland Swamp. Nothing like hunting the first snow of the year.

Butch Harris of Rossie shot this 8-point on Nov. 14 in the picture with him is his grandson Kaleb Stephenson.

Sid Wheeler, Watertown, shot a 220 pound, 10-point buck on Nov. 3 at his camp in Barnes Corners. 

7 point buck 180 lbs. shot by Brodie Jordan on Nov. 5 in Rockport, Ontario.

This 170-pound, 10-point deer was killed Nov. 14 by Jerry Caron in the town of Pitcairn.  Used grunt call to lure him in to 50 yards for the shot.  

200lb, 8-point shot Nov 10 in Dutchess County by Terrence Battle. 

Tim Lawler shot this deer on Nov. 13 in Hounsfield.

Jesse Rose, 15, of Rodman, with his father by his side, put this nice 140 lb 5 point down Nov 9. He put the stand time in and once again took the deer down with one well placed shot. Dad couldn't be more proud.

Andrew Tefft, 15, with his first ever deer.  It was shot during youth weekend with his Dad in the town of Brownville.  Thanks to Art for letting him hunt on his land and MaryAnne for the photo!

Brian Ackerman shot a nice 200 pound 10 point on Nov. 12 in the town of Lacona.

Kylie Hanni, 17, took her first buck, a 170 lb. 10 point near Lacona with a 20ga she got for her 16th birthday.

Adam S. McNulty shot this 9 point buck behind his girlfriend's house in Watertown on Nov 10. 

Patrick MacKay, Star Lake, harvested this 170 lbs. 10 point buck while hunting with his son, Paul, in the town of Russell. Special Thanks to Shawn Grenier for helping track and drag.

Joshua Van Patten, 15, Mexico, shot his first buck which was a 6 point, while hunting with his mother on Nov. 10 in the Northern Tier.

Justin Vincent with a six point shot at 75 yards dropped in same spot town of hounsfield shot with 30-6.

John Eves, Copenhagen, harvested this 9 point on Nov 8th in the town of Rutland.  He was headed into the woods to drive deer to some friends when he observed this monster scent checking a brush line on the way in.

Adams Center buck hunter Brian Sheley finally got "the big boy". Harvested with a bow near Auburn. 10-point and 170-pounds 

Cathy Rivers shot this 189 lbs 6 point with a 16 3/4" spread with the help of her father's 32-special near her home in Copenhagen.

Tristen Bauer, Lyonsdale, shot this165lb 8pt. shot in Harrisburg on Nov. 9 with 12-gauge shotgun.

Shot by Dennis W. Sears at his camp on Coyote Ridge, Popple Knoll in town of Croghan on Nov. 9 at 1015 a.m. with a 1894 Marlin 30-30.

Tony Powell
shot this 185-pound, 8-point on Nov. 7 on Pillar Point.

Randy Bump Jr. 
took this deer on Nov. 8 in the town of Watertown, off Hunt Street.

Carl Schuck
, Carthage, shot this 8 point buck with his good friend, Winchester 30-06 at about 150 yards. Taken in a place called the woods (Thatís all ya get).  Clean shot through the trees on a sunny morning of Sunday, Nov. 3.

Cody O'Donnell, New Bremen, took this 8-point deer on Nov. 4. 180-pounds.

Shot by Joey Avola.

Ryan Lane shot this 8-point, 170-pound buck out back of his house Nov. 6 in Houseville.

Shot by Gordy Hall in Theresa on Nov. 6. 8-point, 140-pounds

Dan Cobb shot this nice 8-pont after sitting only 10 minutes in the stand. 168 pounds field dressed. 

Shot by Ron Albro of Black River 8 point on Nov. 5 in the town of Rutland.

Mike Dangerfield, Clayton, shot this beautiful 8 point,175 lb. buck in the town of Diana in Lewis County.

Mike Dangerfield- 9pt shot in Lewis County.

Mark Hopkins, Adams, shot this 8-point buck on Fort Drum on Nov. 3.  Special thanks to his wife & son for helping him get it out of the swamp

John Scanlon shot this 177 lb 8 pt on the diamond S farm Flat Rock Road in Martinsburg  on Nov. 3 after many close encounters finally bagged the big boy.

Mikaela Rutter, Mannsville shot her first deer on Nov. 2 in Mannsville. 

Chase VanTassel, Theresa, shot this 10-point Saturday night following his grandfather's funeral.  This was the best thing that happened following such a sad week!

8 point buck shot by Aaron Capone, Watertown, on Nov. 3. Shot in the town
of Clayton. Thanks to Scott Clement, Brian Howard, and Conner Clement
for helping drag this 200lb beast out. Special thanks to the late
great Leonard Clement who taught me how to hunt.

Pete Rose shot this nice 171 lb buck on muzzle loading Sunday with his son Jesse Rose 20 minutes after setting their watch. You can't see the two stickers in the photo making this a 10 point.

August "Auggie" Christman, 21, shot this doe three minutes after getting in the tree stand with her Dad Curt Christman! First hunt of the year first deer she's ever shot! Killed in the Castorland swamp.

Eileen Weaver, Lorraine shot this 8 pt buck in the town of Houndsfield on opening day of rifle season.

Michelle Green Gallegos, daughter of Bill Green, Henderson. got her first mule deer in Elba, Idaho, on Nov. 1st. A 220-yard shot

This 9-point was taken in Burrville by Andy Jenkins and his 6-year-old son, Lucas.

Howard Blank, Lyme, got this nice 8 point buck out behind the house on Oct. 30.

Austin Hinderliter with his first deer shot with a bow in Fulton County.

Brandon Tibbles shot this 3-point opening day of Muzzleloader 2013 15 yards away and 20 minutes into the hunt.

John MacGregor II shot this 6-point Tuesday morning, Oct. 29, with his trusty 270 single shot at 145 yards. Found him in the same spot.

This buck was shot by Kevin Trombley of Three Mile Bay at the secret spot. Working my way down a high ridge I spotted him bedded down with a doe on a small nob at the end of the next ridge. After firing I spotted the doe crawling on her belly over the nob and out of sight through low thick brush. 

Kaleb Eckert,15 ,LaFargeville shot his first buck while hunting with dad on Oct. 27.

Paul Grove, Carthage, shot this 8 point, 160 pounds on Fort Drum on opening Day of
Rifle on Oct 26.

Joseph Gilchrist, Watertown, shot this 8 pt last night Oct. 27 in Black River. "This will probably be my first wall art."

Nick and Ray Robinson got this buck in the town of Pamelia on opening weekend.

Dorry McIntosh, Dexter, bagged this 6-point buck on the second day of rifle hunting. 

Zachary Marolf of Croghan shot this 8-point during the start of rifle season.

Michael LaBarge, along with his son Cody LaBarge and nephew Brady Guyette took this nice 8 point opening day of the regular season on the second drive of the morning.  Special thanks to Uncle Lynn!

Stephen Byers, Burrville, shot this 8-pt buck in Black River on Oct 23. "It was my first hunt ever with my wife Sarah. I think I will take her more often."

Steven Hilton, Pulaski, shot this 11-point, 210-pound dressed, bruiser, old swamp buck.

Nick Ferguson, 18, New Bremen with a 6 point muzzleloader buck harvested Friday, Oct. 25. The buck appeared to be trailing two coyotes who had passed by just minutes before.

A.J. Jordan shot this 8 point, 215 lb. Buck on the banks of the Touchet River in Walla Walla, Washington.

Legendary north country high school basketball coach Lew Kibling, Mannsville, knocked down this nice 8-point with his muzzle loader in Pierrepont Manor on Oct. 22.

Maureen McCann, 17, Fulton, shot her first buck with the bow in the town of Volney on October 23.

Jamie (Hill) Burke got this 6pt during muzzle loader season.

Little Buck Club members Sonny Stone, Bruce Stone and John Scanlon got their bucks opening weekend of muzzle season.

Brian Oatridge, with daughter, Holly, and son, Jayden, shot this 147 lb doe with muzzleloader on October 21 (on the day the kids didn't go with daddy).

Jaryn Sheley and Erin Beach, Adams Center, both shot nice deer while hunting near Hermon on youth weekend. This is Erin's first deer.

Jack Meeks, Evans Mills, shot this nice 8-point buck with his muzzle loader on Oct. 23.

Tayler Juby,14, of Glenfield, got his first deer on the opening day of muzzleloader while hunting with his grandfather, Franklin Merry, at camp near Crystal Lake, Watson.

Jacob Melchior got two deer in one night a doe and spike horn with his CVA muzzleloader October 19 near Lowville.

Tyler Daniels, 16, of Gouverneur, shot his first buck, a five point, on Oct. 20 behind his house with his dad, Dan Alguire.

Jim Fralick of Watertown harvested this 8 pt buck in the Town of Watertown on the opening morning of Muzzle loader season, Oct. 19. Jim likes to go 'old school' with his 40 yr old Thompson Center Hawkens 50 cal. sidelock and open sights.

Ed Ellis, Natural Bridge, with an 8 pt taken Oct 20, in Natural Bridge during muzzleloader season.

This buck was shot on opening day of muzzleloader in the town of Watertown by Kevin Trombley of Three Mile Bay. The buck was with two others. After a misfire I was able to pull the bolt back on my gun and it fired this time.

Adam Stephenson, Theresa, shot this 180 pound 8 point opening morning of muzzleloader season.

Ian Weller took this seven point opening day of muzzeloader thanks to his dad. This was his first deer muzzleloading.

Donna Martel shot this 5◊7 660 lb bull moose in Limestone Maine on October 15. Another great wedding anniversary hunting experience!

Jessica Knapp, Watertown, got her first deer taken with a bow on Oct. 16 with her best hunting partner, Brian. 6 point 120 pounds.

Meghan Goutremout, 15, of Chaumont shot her first buck, a six-point on opening day of youth hunt with her Grandpa Donnieís rifle and her Dad by her side.

Madison Mullikin, 15-years-old, Hammond, shot her first deer a six point buck out back of her house sitting on watch with her Dad and Uncle on youth hunting weekend.

Courtney Sartwell bagged this hefty 4-pointer near Barnes Corners opening day of youth. This is Courtney's first dear ever.

Derek Shaw with his buck taken youth weekend 2013 in the town of Lowville.

Lee Ackerman and his monster 13 point 290 pound buck that he shot opening day of muzzle loader October 19 in Redfield.

Christopher Hilts with his first deer. A four-pointer, shot with a rifle on Oct. 14 while hunting with his dad.

Garett Lavere got his first deer which weighed 110 pounds in youth weekend on Sunday while hunting in Burrville.

Tyler Collette took his first deer, and first deer with a bow in Henderson.

Peter Noone, Philadelphia, shot a 10 point on Sep. 28 during early bow season. The 10 point was shot in Philadelphia and the deer weighed 185 lbs dressed out.

Mark Savage, Theresa, harvested this 8pt in the southern tier in November2012'. He had a 19 1/2 inch inside spread.

Brian Soules took his first deer (6 point) while hunting in Adams on opening day of youth deer hunt.

McKenzie Marti, age 15, of Lowville, shot her first buck an 8 point while sitting on watch with her dad in the town of  Lorraine. A great way to kick off a hunting season! Thanks dad for a great morning hunt and for getting my deer out of the gulf!

Hunter Cobb harvested this 8-point buck on opening day of bow season. Weighed 210 pounds dressed.

Mark Brow Jr. harvested this nice 8 pointer on Nov. 18, 2012, in the town of Orleans.

Darrell Sweitzer from Dexter shot this 8x7 Elk while muzzleloading in New Mexico on October 5. 

Madyson Bennett, 15, killed her first buck up to Papa and Nanas farm while hunting with her favorite hunting buddy! (DAD)




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