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New York State has great variety of big game hunting opportunities. Along with this are many regulations and occasional changes that hunters need to be aware of. Hunters can always call their local environmental conservation police officer with questions or call into the Watertown Headquarters Office weekdays at (315) 785-2231. Many of the basic questions about big game hunting are answered on a DEC web page at 8305.html called "Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations".

Sean Owney, 17, Potsdam, shot his fist buck in the town of Potsdam on night watch Nov. 4. The buck is a 9 point.

Dressed out 241 pounds, whitetail 6 point shot 11-2-14, by 18 year old Dakota Browne, Sackers Harbor. Deer was shot at roughly10 yards with his rifle. Yes 241 pounds dressed...with a paddled set of antlers.

Owen McGuire, 14, with his first buck ever and second doe of the season. Owen was hunting with Jody Garret and his Dad (Charlie McGuire) at Lucky Star Ranch. Thank You Jody and Doreen Garret for allowing us to hunt on your property!

Cesar Portela, along with son Andy's help in harvesting  this 8 point 195lbs  buck on Nov. 1 in town of Houndsfield  Cesar was dosing off asleep while Andy saw and alerted dad.

Randy Gould shot this 4 point in the town of Rutland on November 1st with a 243 rifle at 150 yards.

Ashlee Sprowl, 17, Lowville, shot her first deer ever Oct. 26 in Rutland while hunting with her father and brother. 13pts and 180-pounds.

Mackenzie McBride, shot this 6 point weighing 140lb on opening day behind her house in Gouverneur.

Chris Soules, 16, of Adams, took this deer while hunting with his dad and brother.

Shea Widell, 11, of Webster, with a nice 8 point taken by his dad, Tom Widell, while the two were archery hunting on Nov. 1.  Shea is the grandson of Rod and Karen Richmond, Henderson, and is counting the days until he can be out there hunting himself!  

Harry Ambrose shot this nice 150lb 7 pt. at his hunting club on Tug Hill opening day

Wesley Churchill shot this 185lb 8 point Nov. 2 out back of his house in the town of Rutland.

Ralph Lowry for tv show Foreverwild Outdoors Adrenalne Adventures with his first crossbow kill on 11-2-2014.

Glenn Sprague shot this 8-point, 180-pound deer on Nov. 2 in Lorraine. 

Paige Leroux, Cramberry Lake,  shot this 8 point buck weighing 150-pounds while hunting in Newton Falls on youth weekend. "This is the first buck I have ever shot."

Nicole O'Connor, 14, Lowville,  with her first deer during youth weekend at the flats of Herkimer County.

Desiree Russell, Lowville went hunting on Oct. 22 with her husband Marc, in the town of Watson and harvested this beautiful piebald spike buck with a muzzle loader.

Eliza Branagan, 18, Croghan, took her first deer while muzzleloading on Oct. 23 in Croghan. 

A nice little buck shot by Ray Burdick on family land in the town of Henderson.

Meryl Passage, Carthage, 7-point, 197-pounds.

Max Egan, 17, Lowville, shot his first ever buck muzzle loading, with his Dad, in Martinsburg.

Nicholas Allen, 16, Clayton, shot his first deer of the season on Oct.18 in the town of Cape Vincent.

Laurlyn Bush from Pennellville, harvested this 7 Point/150 lbs Northern Tier Buck Opening Day of the Muzzle loading season. Shot with a custom L. Romano Rifle Co. 45 cal. patched round ball rifle on Oct. 18 at 5:20 p.m. in St. Lawrence County. 

James Scott Jr. shot this 4 pt with a Matthews crossbow on Oct. 17 behind his residence in Deer River.

Brenda Cobb-Brucker, formerly from Lowville, now residing  in Holland Patent, NY.  I shot my doe in Oneida County in the town of Marcy on Oct. 16 with my PSE DNAsp.

Elly Gamble, 12, shot this deer in Owen County, Ky., while hunting with her dad during the youth firearms season. Elly made a 150-yard shot with her 243 youth rifle.

Jamie Bray, Sackets Harbor, with first called coyote of the season, taken in Ellisburg at the honey hole on Oct. 17.

Kendra Fone, 14 of Mannsville, harvested her first deer on family land in Burrville on Oct. 12. She was accompanied by her grandfather, Lynn Truesdell when she made a textbook shot to take her 115 lb doe.

Kiley Perkins, 14, Adams, shot her first deer weighing in at 115 lbs, on her first hunting trip ever, with her Grandfather Paul Shelmidine on Oct. 12 in the town of Lorraine.

Kalob Ackley, 14, shot his first buck a 6 point during the youth season on Oct. 11 in the town of Rodman.

Brandon Bancroft with his first deer, taken with a Matthew Craze bow on Oct. 1 at town of Watertown.

Dawson Stuckey got his first deer on Oct. 11 while hunting with his uncle Tim Monica during the youth weekend hunt. 

Owen McGuire, 14, with his first deer. Owen shot this during the youth season while hunting with his father Charlie McGuire in Adams on Oct. 12.

John H. Long, 14, Chaumont, with his first deer. The large doe was harvested on Saturday, Oct. 11, in the town of Brownville during the 2014 Youth Firearms Deer Hunt. The special hunt continues through sunset Monday and is part of the NYS DEC Junior Hunter Mentoring Program. 

425 lbs bear taken in town of Diana by Brenton Lawlee Sept. 13, 2014.
With help from Bernie Lawlee and Harry Mosley on retrieval.  Thanks guys!!! Could not have done it with out you !

Chris Jones of Evans Mills, N.Y. 18pt kings fallow buck shot on Sat., Oct. 11, in West Edmeston, NY with T/C impact .50 cal muzzleloader.

Kurt Neibacher, Carthage, had a successful hunt in Newfoundland with an 11-point bull on Sept. 23.

"My seventh guided public land bull elk in Colorado."  -- Alfred Raso

David Becker, Lowville, with first bow-kill bear in Martinsburg. 

Daisy Overton,
Adams, shot this 130-pound spike horn on Nov. 24 in the town of Lorraine. It's her first deer.  

Tammy Rozanski,
Lowville, shot her first deer on Nov. 26 with a rifle, an 8-point with her husband at her side. The deer was shot on her cousin's land. Thank you to him for letting me hunt on his land.

Alex Fuller,
Gouverneur, with his first buck, 8 points 140 lbs.

Aaron Naklick shot this 9-point just outside of Smithville. Aaron was hunting with his cousin Brady McDermott who helped him drag it out over a half mile.

Arletha Moore, Pitcairn, 8 point, shot November 23.

A pair of does shot by Matt Lennox and Earle Widrick November 24th on property owned by Earle's uncle, Neal Tyrrell, in Adams. In Matt's first season of hunting this is his first deer, and Earle's second of the season. As the guys put it:  "Brothers shooting sisters"!

Shane Baxter, 8-pt shot Nov. 21 in the town of Alexandria while hunting with my cousin Don.

Bobby T. Joe Hoover took this old monster just to show his brother Billy up.

19-inch, 8-point taken Nov. 23 at a secret spot on the Tug Hill. Bims and Heather. 




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