31 divorces filed in September

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in September 2018 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Daniel J. and Rhonda K. Welsh

  • Donel R. and Stephanie M. Hagelin

  • Emanuel J. and Rori K. Bartholomew

  • Martin A. Clement Jr. and Julia R. Clement

  • Jason P. Lawton and Jennifer M. Lawton

  • Mihail B. and Franciska L. Galeriu

  • Joseph A. Druckamiller Llamas and Margaret N. Rasgado

  • Antonio Salas Jr. and Shannon E. Salas

  • Michael and Kensey Urias

  • Robin B. and Patricia D. Leftwich

  • Gabriel A. Rivera Olivo and Katia U. Cabrera Figueroa

  • Noel A. and Dwayne G. Stevens

  • John G. and Krista L. Matthews

  • Samuel Reeves ad Ashley Roenfeldt

  • Douglas L. Parsons Jr. and Taira L. Parsons

  • Joshua G. Taylor and Courtney P. Ellis

  • Donald and Sonmi Rutherford

  • Dorval A. and Jean M. Paul

  • Justin T. and Elizabeth M. Fillerbrown

  • Kelsey N. Browning and Nicole L. Pena

  • Jason B. and Tina L. Stevens

  • Richard M. Bice II and Chassie L. Henderson Bice

  • Alex O. Ortiz and Saony Lopez

  • Luis and Hope Altamirano

  • Benjamin I. and Kristina M. Koster

  • Robert T. and Amanda M. Brennan

  • Julian A. and Paula A. Garcia

  • Robert and Mary Harding

  • Daniel and Monica Pultz

  • Peter S. Towles Sr. and Bonnie G. Towles

  • Harry L. Brame III and Evelisha Martinez

Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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