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'Dad Is OK, Battered,
But OK,' Son Confirms

Harrison Ford Seriously
Injured After Crashing
Small Plane in Calif.

> Crashes on Golf Course After Takeoff 
> Crash Occurred in Santa Monica 

State Dept. Reviewing
Whether Clinton E-mail
Violated Security Rules

Einstein Was Right...

The Big Fresh Food Con

NYDN: Gun Nuts' New Low

Plane Skids Off Runway
at LaGuardia Report

> NYP: 'We Just Crash Landed' 
> Delta Flight Skidded Off Runway at 11:09 a.m. 

Court Declares Mistrial
in Jodi Arias Sentencing

Fatal School Bus Accident

Cardinal Egan Dies at 82
> Led 2.5M NYC Catholics for 9 Years 

Sledding Banned on
U.S. Capitol Grounds

'Fifty Shades' Passes $500M

Kurt Busch Will
Not Face Charges in
Domestic Abuse Case

Lower Gas Prices Fueling Saving, Paying Off Debt

Ringling Bros. Circus
Eliminating Elephant Acts

Store Apologizes for 'My
First Pole Dance' T-Shirt

Six-Packs of Beer to
Your Door in an Hour

Hundreds of Big Companies Urge Supreme Court
to Back Gay Marriage

Peyton Manning
Taking a $4M Pay Cut

Maddow Blasts O'Reilly

Some Car Dealers Taking Buyers
For A Ride With “Payment Packing”

Ben Carson Under Fire After Saying
'Absolutely' A Choice To Be Gay

Couple Under Fire For Letting
Children Walk Alone To Park
Say They'll Keep Fighting Back

Defense: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Followed
Brother’s Lead In Boston Marathon Bombing

Study Finds Father’s Genes
Are More Dominant

Man Receives Tax Refund Check
After Identity Thieves Filed His
Taxes, Forgot To Change Address

Students Catch Elementary School
Bus Driver Watching 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'
On Cell Phone While Driving!

Vegan Teacher Sues School After
Being Fired For Facebook Post

20 People May Have Been Exposed
After Family Adopts Rabid Kitten

Cops: Man Who Killed Dad, Two Sons
In Crash Was Drunk, Had 5 Prior DUIs

Area Thrown Into Panic When Man Exercises Right To Carry Weapon Near School

Man Arrested For Allegedly Posing As
Amazon Employee To Lure Woman Into Car

Firefighter Says Popular Antibiotic
Poisoned His Body, His Life

Man, 25, Arrested For Riding Dirt
Bike While Holding 13-Month-Old
Son Without Proper Helmet

"They're Going To Kill Me,” Man
Yelled Before Dying In Police Custody

Widow Finds WW II-Era Grenade
In Husband’s Storage

Lawmakers Looking For Way To
Make Private Divorce Possible

Man Dies, Grandson In Critical Condition
After ATV Breaks Through Ice

The Director of 'India's
Daughter' Flees India Out
of Fear She'll Be Arrested

Man Hanged Dog From Tree After Dog 'Made Mess in Trailer,' Deputies Say

Police: Mom Makes
8-Year-Old Son Jump
From Window at Gunpoint

Why Australia Is
Killing Koalas

Winter's Latest Salvo

10% of Flights Canceled

Ky. Governor Declares
State of Emergency

Boston on Brink of Setting All-Time Snowfall Record

Heavy Snow to Bury
Mid-Atlantic While
Ice Invades South

Should Texts, E-Mail,
Tweets and Facebook
Posts be the New
Fingerprints in Court?

How Young Is Too Young
For R-Rated Movies?

Teacher Accused of
Molesting Girl in Classroom

Woman Protests Uber's
$100 'Bodily Fluids' Fee

Remains of 2 Babies
Found Above Ceiling
at Funeral Home

Men Really Are
More Narcissistic

'Tough Guy' Cries
in Mugshot

 Kim's Blonde Ambition

 Why So Shy, Taylor?

Why Some Indians
Want to 'Ban BBC'

Wife of MSNBC's Chris Matthews Likely to Run
for Congress in Maryland

K-Cup Creator
Regrets Inventing
Coffee-Making System

Woman Wants
$100K, Public Apology
From Restaurant for
Valentine's Day Service

Man Accused of Buying
Auto Insurance From
Scene of Car Wreck

Get Paid $97K to Help Bus Drivers Find Bathrooms

Man, 101, Gets Paid
to Eat Breakfast

Romenesko AM Report

U.S. Ambassador to
South Korea Slashed by
Knife-Wielding Activist

> U.S. Ambassador in 'Good Spirits'  

Hillary Clinton Asks State Dept. to Release Her Emails

Passengers Use Emergency Slides After Landing in Denver

Florida Man Sentenced
to 2 Years for Feeding
His Baby Bleach

Man Drove Neighbor's
Dead Body to His Lawyer's Office in the Back of
a Pick-up After...

Unplanned Pregnancies
Cost Taxpayers
$21 Billion each Year

 Salma Hayek Bar Rafaeli

 Too Close For Comfort!

 Wish You Were Here?

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Best Photos of the Day

  The Daily Quiz

Smartphone Users Can
Now Skip the Long Lines
at Passport Control

ABC Family's 'The Fosters' Features Same-Sex Kiss Between 13-Year-Old Boys

Gillibrand: Chicken
Nuggets Shouldn't Pose
a Public Health Risk

Weiner Sext Gal Sydney Leathers Lands in New Political Scandal

Don't Call Me Bruce

by Migraines

Is Size Such a Big Deal?
> Women Don't Care? 

'American Idol' Recap

 Who Wore It Better?

Dog Found Shot, Tied to Railroad Tracks in Tampa

Family Sues McDonald's
After Man Dies of Heart
Attack Inside Restaurant

Man Burned by
Fajitas While Praying
Can't Sue Applebee's

Justice Dept. Clears Officer of Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson Shooting
> Darren Wilson Will Not Face Federal Charges 

Boston Marathon
Bombing Trial Begins

> Guide to the Tsarnaev Trial 

'My Bones Were Literally
Lying Next to Me'

'Soldier in Holy War'

'Housewife' Teresa Is
Making Enemies in Prison

Fetuses Found in Hospital Linens at Laundry Facility
> Coroner: No Crime in Demise of Fetuses 

Bobbi K Turns 22 Still
'Fighting,' Family Says

ISIS Thugs Throw
'Gay' Man Off Building

Bomb Plotter Convicted

Supreme Court's
Liberals Hammer
Obamacare Challengers

> NYT: Supreme Court Appears Sharply Split
The End of Obamacare?

$12 Minimum Wage?

A Chinese Mom Has
Everybody Talking
About Air Pollution

 Crash Victim Impaled
by Pole in Orlando

 Peyton Manning

Hillary Clinton Ran Own
Computer System For Her
Official Email Messages

> Using Private Email Thwarted Record Requests

Airlines Already Canceling Hundreds of Thursday Flights

Feds May Reopen Buddy
Holly Plane Crash Probe

U.S. Running Out
of Room to Store Oil;
Price Collapse Next?

Embarrassment for
Prince William at Elephant Sanctuary in China

'FREAK Attack’ May
Target Apple And
Android Browsers

Cops: Woman Throws Baby From
Car During Routine Traffic Stop

Cops: Boston Public Bus Driver Allegedly
Assaults Man Who Threw Snowball At Him

New Cancer Procedure Eliminates
Need For Repeated Radiation Treatments

New Apps Can Help You Look
For Jobs Under The Radar

Police: Machete-Wielding Man Held
Mom Hostage Over eBay Purchase

'My D*** Goes All The Way To
That Fence, I'm Gonna Show You What A
D*** Is': 6th Grader Records Teacher's
Profanity-Laced Lecture To Class

Authorities Say Teens Getting
Dangerous Hallucinogens In The Mail

Lawmakers Want Pills That Can’t Be
Crushed & Snorted, Melted & Injected

At Least 2 LAPD Officers Victims Of 'Doxxing'
In Wake Of Deadly Skid Row Shooting

U.S. Marshals: Man Killed In Skid Row Police
Shooting Had Warrant Out For Arrest

Pressure Cooker Found Near
Jewish School Causes Scare

Man Critical After Being Shot
In Face By 15-Year-Old Son

Bill Seeks To Protect Firefighters
From Chemicals Linked To Cancer

Man Critical After Being Shot
In Face By 15-Year-Old Son

Yankees Fire Staffer Who Posted Vulgar
Tweets About Curt Schilling's Daughter

Number of Speeding Tickets
Issued Increases By Thousands
Following Speed Limit Change

Ordinance Requires Homeowners To Clear
Snow Around Hydrants Or Face $400 Fine

N.J. Dad Builds Ice Luge In Backyard

Open Mic Catches Town Supervisor
Calling Residents At Meeting 'Wackos'

Ice Fisherman Get Surprise Catch

Pittsburghers: Boston’s Ban On
Parking Chairs Would Not Fly Here

Pharmacists Concerned Employer
Pressure Leads to Prescription Errors

Congressman Caught On Camera
Dozing Off During Homeland
Security Spending Discussion

Who Is Eric Hoteham? Clinton
Private Server Listed Under
Mysterious, Untraceable Name

Cal Ripken Jr. Warns Against
Risks of New ‘Pace of Play’ Rules

Neighbors Outraged Over ‘White
History Month’ Sign In Deli Window

Moms-To-Be Getting A Sneak Peek
At Their Child With Ultrasound Parties

Long Island Man Gets Repeated Red
Light Tickets For Car That’s Not His

PBA: New Stop-And-Frisk Guidelines Will
Confuse Officers, Make Jobs Harder

Police: Driver High On Drugs Crashes
Car Into Long Island Nail Salon

New Findings Show Adults Less
Likely To Get The Flu Than Kids

Study: Arctic Ice ‘Thinning Dramatically’

United Plane Blows Tires While
Picking Up Speed Before Takeoff

Sheriff's Deputy Shoots, Kills Man While Serving Warrant

De Blasio Announces Addition of Muslim Holidays to NYC Schools Calendar

Mother Guilty of Killing Daughter Amid Affair

World's Oldest Person Celebrates 117th Birthday

More Than 200 Skeletons Found Below Paris Store

Dangerous "IRS" Scam
Unfolding on Your Phone

FDA Warns Against
"Keepsake" Ultrasounds

Americans Aren't Saving Enough for Retirement, But One Change Could Help

There's a Simple Solution
to the Smithsonian's
Ban on Selfie Sticks

Are Companies With
Drug Tests Weeding
Out Great Candidates?

When Social-Media Companies Censor
Sex Education

U.S. Faces Shortage of
90,000 Doctors by 2025

U.S. Deaths Due to Heroin Overdose Shift to Young, White, Midwestern

Feds Fight 'Maternity
Tourism' With Raids on
Calif. 'Maternity Hotels'

Microsoft Co-Founder Finds Long-Lost Battleship

Federal Report
Finds Sweeping
Racial Discrimination
by Ferguson Police

  First Lady of Mexico

  Buffalo Rams SUV at Yellowstone National Park

Both Florida Panthers
Goalies Get Injured,
Chaos Ensues

LeSean McCoy Traded
to Buffalo Bills

> Surprise Blockbuster Trade

Pizza Hut, Visa and Accenture Want You to Buy and Pay for Pizza From Your Car

Read This and You'll Never Eat a Ready Meal Again

8 Simple Steps That Could Save You From the World's Most Deadly Disease

How Drinking ONE Glass of Wine Improves Your Looks

Why Your Flu Is
Probably Just a Cold

Freezing Winter Drives
New Yorkers into Therapy

More Drones Spotted
Flying Over Paris

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Restaurant Inspections:
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Cracker Barrel Country Store

Tight Squeeze on
Knickerbocker Drive

23-Year-Old Man Dies After
Snowmobile Crash in W. Turin

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around -14. Wind chill values as low as -20. Southwest wind 3 to 5 mph.
Friday: Scattered flurries between 10am and 11am. Mostly sunny, with a high near 18. Wind chill values as low as -20. Southwest wind 5 to 13 mph.
Montague Radar  N'east Radar
 JCC  1000 Islands   Public Sq.

WWNY: Man Who Caused
Fatal Crash Sentenced

NYSP: Two SLC Residents
Arrested for Selling Meth

Home Next to Honeyville Baptist Church Destroyed by Fire

State Police: Adams Woman
Stole $35K in Social Security
Funds From Her Mother

Winter's Crazy Extremes
Keeping People Home

Change Your Clocks,
Change Your Batteries

Boeheim: SU Has 'Nothing
to Play For But Pride'

Cuomo's Deal With Dunkirk
Power Plant Unlawfully Costs National Grid Ratpayers $20M
Per Year, Lawsuit Claims

Gouverneur Man Charged
with Burglary, Troopers Say

What Happened Overnight?
Thurs., March 5, Police Blotter

Live Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

State Police: Store Employee
Stole $71K Worth of Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets Over 2 Years

 Carrier Dome Filled with Dirt

Crusade to Save DIRT
Racing in Syracuse

Does Watertown Need
An Arena Czar?

Watertown Correctional Inmate Accused of Possessing Narcotic

Deputies: Man's BAC Was 0.31%

Stay Awake, Stay Alive

Seaway Opening Date

22 Latest Births at SMC
(Newzjunky, First Published, March 5)
Official: SamaritanHealth.com

Jeff Graham Show March 5

City Mayors Across the
State Join Gov. Cuomo's
'Enough Is Enough' Campaign

Watertown NOT on the list

Suspended Middle School
Teacher Indicted on Rape,
Sex Abuse Charges

School Cheerleader Coach
Accused of Rape

Brewery to Operate Tax-Free

Upstate N.Y. Radio Station
Plays Christmas Music All Year

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12 Things to Do This Weekend
> CNY RV and Camping Show
> Celtic Woman at OnCenter Crouse Hinds Theater 
> Tipp Hill Shamrock Run
> Monster Jam 2015 and More...

Watertown-Fort Drum
Area Records Loss in Jobs

Community Ready to
Rally to Defend Fort Drum

Deputies: Man Falsely Reported Robbery at Pamelia Store

Theresa Man Charged with
Driving Drunk in Watertown

WPD: Watertown Woman
Accused of Shoplifting

Rodman Landfill Expanding;
Public Comment Sought

 Mount DANC

Screech Owl Calls
Greenhouse Home

Insurance Agents Recommend 'Water Backup' to Fight Melt

Ruptured Water Line Causes Flooding on Watertown Streets

 Several Rescued from Elevator at State Office Building

"It's the Biggest Event of the
Year in Jefferson County"

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Lewis | St. Law | Alerts | Monuments | Flowers

Winnifred L. Hayes, 90

(3/5, Hart & Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

Howard F. McHale, 72

(3/5, Hart & Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

Dennis Richardson, 83
West Carthage
(3/5, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Adrian W. Varney, 74
(3/5, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

John R. Keenan, 95

(3/5, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

Gerald W. Scully, 81
Formerly of Clayton

(3/5, Cummings Funeral Service, Clayton)

Frances M. Murphy, 89

(3/5, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Dennis L. Graves, 53

, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

James A. Riley Sr., 77

, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Clista J. Mosher, 81
Anderson, S.C.

Mildred E. Weierman, 96
Lyons Falls
(3/4, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

Paul R. Storms, 59
(3/4, Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home, Carthage)

Patricia M. Cox, 78
Clayton and Cape Vincent

(3/4, T.R. Jetty Funeral Home, Clayton)

Monuments in Watertown?
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State: Firm That Wrongly
Denied Mental Health Claims
Slapped With $900,000 Penalty

  Carthage BOE Agenda 3/9

  Potsdam Police Blotter

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

Motorist Clocked at 97 MPH

Husband & Wife Plead Guilty
in Meth Lab Case

Father and Son Arrested
After Fight in Port Leyden

Watertown's Relay of Life
Teams Kick Off '15 Fundraising

Telemarketers Raised
Record Funds for Charities,
and Kept About 50 Percent

> Meet 5 Telemarketers That Pocketed $89 Million

 Carrier Dome Prepares
for Monster Trucks Event

SU Suspends Fraternity...
> Student May Lose 4 Fingers to Frostbite 

DIRT Week in Syracuse Uncertain

Oswego Speedway Ranked
Among Fans' Favorite Tracks

Boeheim Sees 'Tremendous
Changes' for SU in Off-Season

Economic Development Board?

Ritchie: 'Grown in New York'
Plan Will Strengthen Agriculture

Trump Calls AG Schneiderman
a 'Sleazebag' Amid Probe

Police: Dead Deer Left at
School With 'Alarming Note'

Construction Rolling on
Syracuse Inner Harbor Hotel

Here and Now in New York

County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney?

Doc Love's Tips for Dating...

Glenn Curry Show March 4

DWI Suspect Hits Trooper's Car

Notice the Problem Here?
> Local Discussion: Comments (297)
(106,976 people reached in less than 8 hours)

SUNY Campus Presidents Ask Legislature to Invest in SUNY
> SUNY Schools Request More Investment 

JCC's Center for Community
Studies Releases Annual
Lewis County Survey Results

Lewis County Survey
Reveals Some Surprises

Mayor Graham: School
Officials Looked at Me Like
I Was From Another Planet

Mayor suggests additional parking lot for teachers.

Many Ideas Discussed to Solve Knickerbocker Traffic Problems

Getman Named Clayton
Opera House Administrator

Chaumont Water Alert

 35 JCC Students Visit
State Assembly Chamber

Most Holy Rosary Will
Remember the Rev. Ted
Hesburgh, Parishioner Who
Remade Notre Dame University

Fort Drum's True Economic
Impact on Region Totals $1.8B

FDRLO Rallies Community for
Fort Drum Listening Session

Deputies: Ellisburg Man
Choked, Slapped Wife

Mannsville Water Alert
> A Drip Is Not Enough! 

Maple Weekend Bus Tour

JCC Open Houses Highlight Advanced Education Opportunities

Mahoney Sees New Heart
of New York State Fair

New Onondaga Lake
Amphitheater Would Replace
State Fairgrounds Grandstand

> New Ice Plex, Equestrian Arena, RV Park Proposed 

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WX: Watertown | Lowville | Pulaski | Canton | Fort Drum

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Without Solid Numbers,
Watertown Schools Plan
for Worst-Case Budget

Town of Watertown
Planning Board Agenda

Glenn Curry Show March 3

Village of Potsdam Votes
to Dissolve Village Court

I-81 Tunnel in Syracuse?

Macaluso on Arena Project:
'None of Use Want to See It Die'

Latest on the Arena Saga...
No Decision on $10M Arena Renovations

Cold Temperatures Affect
Maple Syrup Production

Crow Hazing in City Continues

Indian River Football Team
Honored at State Capitol

  Second Photo

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T.I. Bridge Traffic for February

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Lewis County Sheriff's Blotter:
Lowville Man Facing Charges After Domestic Incident
Lowville Man Facing Charges After Domestic Incident
Teen Charged With Trespassing at Lowville Academy
Lowville Teen Charged With Criminal Mischief
Lowville Teen Charged With Driving While Intoxicated

Watertown Police: Alleged Bank Robber Arrested at Motel in City

> Local Discussion: Comments (31)
> Newzjunky Archives: Michael L. Merrifield 
Arrest Made in Watertown Savings Bank Robbery

  SLC Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

Traffic Ticket King Offers
6 Tips to Avoid Tickets

State Police: 21-Year-Old
Gouverneur Man Choked Woman

Gouverneur Police Blotter

Thurs., March 5, Police Blotter

Wed., March 4, Police Blotter

Tues., March 3, Police Blotter

Monday, March 2, Police Blotter

Sunday, March 1, Police Blotter

Sat., Feb. 28, Police Blotter

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  Potsdam Police March 4

  Potsdam Police March 3

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• Frances M. Murphy, 89, Oriskany

• Howard F. McHale, 72, Adams

Winnifred L. Hayes, 90, Watertown

John R. Keenan, 95, Watertown

• Gerald W. Scully, 81, formerly of Clayton

Dennis L. Graves, 53, Rodman

• James A. Riley Sr., 77, Mannsville

• Clista J. Mosher, 81, Anderson, S.C.

• Mildred E. Weierman, 96, Lyons Falls

Dennis E. Richardson, 83, West Carthage

• Adrian W. Varney, 74, Carthage

Patricia M. Cox, 78, Cape Vincent, Clayton

June M. Cassoni, 81, Carthage

• Thomas V. Towles, 48, Watertown

• Paul R. Storms, 59, Carthage

Helen C. Eldrett, 75, Watertown

• James M. Houghmaster, 67, Watertown

• John W. Platt, 79, Watson

• Janet K. Taylor, 56, Watertown

• Dr. Glenn W. Schell, 95, Port Charlotte, Fla.

• Raymond L. Smith, 57, Orleans

• David H. Feistel, 58, Watertown

• Virginia M. Osborn, 68, Watertown

• Theodore J. Bielecki, 75, Lowville

• Dorothy M. Bloss, 89, Carthage

• William G. MacAdam, 93, Brownville

• Lonnie D. Weaver, 68, Watertown

• Lawrence F. Pfaff, 98, Lyons Falls

• Kimberly R. Dunham, 50, Watertown

• Allan R. Oatman, 83, Adams Center

Armand R. Hall, 79, Watertown

• Arthur L. Denesha, 95, Ogdensburg

Michael Ramus, 56, Watertown

Michael W. Higgins, 54, Watertown

Joyce A. Thomas, 63, Watertown

• Shirley T. Koster, 86, Glenfield

• Dennis D. Koster Jr., 85, Glenfield

Gregory P. Wiley, 32, Cape Vincent

• Ann Marie Eamer, 79, Englewood, Fla.

Rose M. Bailey, 66, Watertown

Charles Smithling Jr., 70, Martinsburg

• Richard H. Brough, 86, Watertown

• Patricia Fillingham, 79, Henderson Harbor

• Margaret Hassig, 85, Ogdensburg

• Leonard H. Sargent, 91, Ogdensburg

• Gladys S. Gedbaw, 91, Ogdensburg

Nancy J. Parker, 72, Watertown

Sally J. Whitney, 73, Philadelphia

• Patty Jo Andress, 38, Hounsfield

• Stacy H. Moran, 39, Port Leyden

• Arthur W. Krahn, 90, Watertown

M. Alice Keggins, 98, Watertown


• Attorneys
• Auto Dealers
• Auto Repair
• Banks
• Bookkeeping
• Bookstores
• Bowling
• Bridal
• Cell Phones
• Children
• Chiropractors
• Churches
• Cleaning
• Clothing
• Clubs & Pubs
• Computers
• Contractors
• Dance
• Dentists
• Dining

• Electrical
• Fire Depts.
• Fishing
• Fitness
• Florists
• Funerals
• Furniture
• Garden
• Gift Shops
• Golf
• Grocery
• Hair
• Hardware
• Heating
• Hospitals
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