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 Noon 10/1: SU vs. Notre Dame (-13)

 1PM 10/2: Bills vs. Patriots (-4)

Debate Commission
Says There Were 'Issues'
With Trump's Audio

Trump Sex-Tape
Comments Frustrate
GOP Supporters

Trump Is Caught
in Clinton's Trap...

Trump Defends
His 3AM Tweetstorm

New Polls See Clinton
Surging in Key States

Inside Aleppo

Jolie Gets Temporary
Full Custody...

Bill Clinton Kept an
Impatient Obama Waiting

Wonder Woman Is Bisexual, Says DC Comics Writer

Ryder Cup 2016 Updates

Dow Closes Up 164

Self-Driving Cars Let
Loose in California

Las Vegas Faces Scourge
of Squatters as Thousands
of Homes Sit Abandoned

  J-Law  Upton  Salma

Ohio Loses Its
Presidential Spotlight

Matthew Is Now a
Major Hurricane

I Think I Dated His Brother

Black Box Recorder Recovered From Wreckage

World Leaders Gather in Israel For Peres Funeral

Trump Twitter Rant Talks of Miss Universe 'Sex Tape'
> Trump Shames Ex-Beauty Pageant Winner 

'Check Out the Sex Tape!'

Hillary: Trump Is 'Unhinged'

5 Things Trump Can
Do to Regain Momentum

Carnegie Deli Will
Close at End of 2016

  So Long Rosetta

NYC's Homeless Population Is About to Hit 60,000

Victim of Train
Crash Identified...

'She Was Gone': Engineer Details Hoboken Train Crash

  Commuter Chaos

  More Details About 14-Year-Old School Shooter

  Glass Bathrooms
With a View in China

  Ryder Cup WAGs

USA Today's Editorial
Board: Trump 'Is Unfit
for the Presidency'

Pence: Donald Trump
Is Ready to Lead

Why Is Bill Clinton
Being Used Sparingly
on Campaign Trail?

  Obama Attempts SPLIT

  Kate  Gigi  Khloe  Emily  

Visitors Must Sign Confidentiality Agreements to See 'Supersick' Hugh Hefner
> Fears For 90-Year-Old Hugh 

American Airlines Flight Attendants Report Rashes From New Uniforms

Lady Gaga Officially Confirms She Will Perform at Super Bowl Halftime

Stolen Van Gogh Paintings Found 14 Years Later

CDC Urges Americans
to Get a Flu Shot as
Soon as Possible

Band Sues So It Can Trademark 'Offensive' Name

Bengals 22, Dolphins 7

NFL Games  Odds

Cardinals-Reds Game Ends in Controversial Walk-Off After Umps Leave Field

If US Loses What Happens to Mickelson-Pushed
Task Force?

What Is Tiger Woods Even
Doing at the Ryder Cup?

NYT Front Page  NYDN

  'Sweet Caroline' at
Yankee Stadium?

  David Ortiz Finale
at Yankee Stadium

  'Screw the Scales!'

  Royal Babies & Bubbles

  Pregnant Janet Jackson

  Kourtney  Courteney

  Will 'Saturday Night
Live' Take Down Trump?

Jim Carrey's Alleged
Tasteless Texts to
His Ex Are Revealed

Chelsea Clinton Takes Private Jet DESPITE...

FDA Approves the First Automated Insulin System for Type 1 Diabetes

Transportation Study
Shows Future Could Bring Shift Away From Cars

Snowden Disclosures
Helped Reverse Expansion
of Patriot Act Provision

Report: iMessage Contact Logs Tracked by Apple, Can Be Shared With Police

Russia Vows to Continue Bombing Aleppo

Why Is Chicago a
Murder Capital? Clues
From a Bloody Month

Our Robot Overlords Are Now Delivering Pizza, And Cooking It on the Go

Damon and Affleck Argue Over Who Is Better Friends With Tom Brady

Parents Spend More
Time With Their Kids
Than 50 Years Ago

Most People Will
Make It to Age 80

People Struggle to Lose Weight Because of This Common Habit...

Ex-Gawker Editor Still Has Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

Megyn Kelly Gets into
Heated Exchange With
Trump Campaign Manager

CNN Asks: Why Is Gary Johnson Still in the Race?

Chelsea Clinton Has
Words For Donald Trump

Hillary Is Now Beating
Trump in 5 Must-Win
Battleground States

7 NYC City Council
Members Refuse to Stand
For Pledge of Allegiance

10 Best TV Shows Ever

10 Worst Airports For Thanksgiving Travel

Chin Up: This Is the
Lightest You'll Weight
This Entire Year

Daily Mail Owner Cuts More 400+ Jobs As It Battles 'Challenging Market'

Quadriplegic Gets First Driverless License

Exercise Is Good
For Your Brain, Just
Don't Skip Workouts

Painting Last Seen in
1913 Found on 'Roadshow'

Canada's Population Tops
36 Million as Immigrants Refugees Swell Numbers

How Carli Lloyd Became a Soccer Star 'When Nobody Was Watching'

Knott's Berry Farm Closes Halloween Attraction After Complaints...

2 Chinese Tourists Mugged at San Fran Landark

WCBS: 6-Year-Old Harlem Boy Beaten to Death
With Broom Stick...

> Abused For Months  

The Adults Who
Failed Little Zymere

Winter Warning: It's
Going to be a Snowy One

Supreme Court to Consider Disparaging Trademarks

Woman on Manhattan Subway Slashes Man, 75,
With Her Stiletto Show

  Kim's Catsuit Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

  Girl Pulled From Aleppo Rubble in 4-Hour Rescue

  Hero Volunteer
Firefighter Tackled
S.C. School Shooter

Police: Unarmed
Black Man Pointed a Vape
Before Fatal Shooting

Obama: Why I Won't
Say 'Islamic Terrorism'

Obama: We're 'Safer Today' Than We Were on 9/11

Congress Approves Deal
to Avert Shutdown

$1.1B to Combat Zika

Enabler or Family
Defender? How Hillary
Clinton Responded to
Husband's Accusers

Doctor Accused of Making Children's Vaccines From
Cat Saliva and Vodka

Aleppo Begs For Help as Assad Forces Hit Hospitals

  Apocalypse Aleppo

  Jose Fernandez
Memorial Service

  William and Kate Edge
Along Railway Tracks

  Jerk of the Day  Gigi

  Demi Rose  Rita Ora

Child Care Now Costs
More Than In-State
College Tuition in Florida

Sausages Containing Natural Viagra Go on Sale to Help Fight Male Depression

President Obama Says
He Respects Kaepernick's
Rights in Anthem Protest

National Coffee Day

Already? 1 Million
Have Holiday Shopping
All Wrapped Up

'SNL' Has a New Donald
Trump: Alec Baldwin

Bowel Cancer 'Red Flag'
Symptoms Missed

Gray Divorce: Why Your Grandparents Are Finally Calling It Quits

'Internal Clock' Causes
Some People to Age
Faster and Die Younger - Regardless of Lifestyle

NBC Abruptly Cancels Brangelina Breakup Special

2 Nuns Fall in Love, Leave Church, Get Hitched

Poll: After Debate, Women Think Less of Trump and Better of Clinton

New Debate Strategy
For Donald Trump:
Practice, Practice, Practice

Rieder: The Welcome
Explosion of Fact-Checking

The FBI's Hillary Email
Probe Is Looking Even
More Like a Coverup

Trump Tries to Show Up Support in Wisconsin

Trump: I Saved Alicia Machado From Being Fired

U.S. Presidential
Candidate Gary Johnson
Fails to Name a Foreign Leader He Admires

Police: Driver Clocked
at 146 MPH on I-95

  Sofia  Hailey  Michelle

  Kate W.  Nicole  Casey

  Aniston  Gwyneth  Ben

  Kate H.  Ashley  Taylor

  Kate's First Concert

  Sting on Fallon  Lydia

'Good Girls Love a
Bad Boy With a Beard'?

Selena Gomez Has 100 Million Instagram Followers

Why You Should Only
Shave Your Legs at Night

Thought Menopause
Destroys Your Libido?

Middle-Aged Women Enjoy Sex More as They Get
Older, Study Claims

Former Teacher Admits
to Sending Sex Video
to Student

Has Big Brother Taken
Over YOUR Printer?

Amazon Tops $400
Billion in Market Value

Coming Soon to a Cubicle Near You: Facebook at Work

The Making of a
'She Devil'

Tropical Storm Matthew Expected to Become
a Hurricane

> Projected Path Toward Florida 

Common Painkillers
Linked to Increased Risk
of Heat Failure: Study

1 in 10 Children Has
'AIDS Defense'

Court Overturns N.H. Ban on Selfies (and Snapchat) in Voting Booths

First-Time DUI Offenders in Calif. to Get Ignition Locks Or 1 Year of Restrictions

Bill Cosby Allegations Inspire Law Change on
Some Sex Offenses

Why Do We Lock Up Survivors of Sex Trafficking?

Fla. Trooper Groped,
Kissed Woman During
Traffic Stop, Deputies Say

7-Year-Old Accidentally
Runs Over Young Sister

Judge Orders Strip Club to Pay $8 Million to Family of Victim in Wrong-Way Crash

Magic Kingdom Halloween Party More Unique Than Other Disney Special Events

Ryan Lochte Returns
Home, Gets in Pool For
First Time Since Rio

Sudan Accused
of Using Chemical
Weapons in Danfur

DEA Moves to Ban Kratom, Frustrating Both Scientists and Users

S.C. Shooter Allegedly
Kills Dad Before Rampage

  The Victims

2 Students, Teacher
Injured in Shooting at
Elementary School
in South Carolina

> Suspect in Custody  

FBI: Men Who Took Bag, Left Pressure Cooker Bomb Likely Airline Employees

Senate Overrides
Obama 9/11 Veto in
Overwhelming Vote

Poll Finds 7% of Voters
Have Ended Friendships
Over the Election

Sanders Joins Clinton on Campaign Trail in NH

  Kate's Color Clash
With a Mountie

  Deer Attacks Driver
After Being Struck by Car

  Rex Ryan Poses as Reporter, Asks Julian Edelman If He's Playing QB

  Did Hillary Wear an
Earpiece During Debate?

> Mysterious Box With Wires 

Pentagon Sending 600
More U.S. Troops to Iraq

Almost 100 Children Killed in Aleppo Since Friday...
> U.S. Warns Russia Over Aleppo Bombing
> Obama, Clintons, Cuomo to Attend 

Addicted Parents
Get Their Fix, Even
With Children Watching

U.S. Schools Turn to Yoga, Meditation Instead of Detention, Suspension

Crohn's Disease May be
Caused by a Slimy Layer

  Cop in Pa. Loses
Two Jobs for Snapchat
Pic With Racial Slur

What Do YOU Know
About Your Health?

Big Crowds Greet
William and Kate

Pope Francis: Those
Bombing Aleppo
'Must Answer to God'

Andrea Tantaros' Former Therapist Backs Up
Ex-Fox News Host's
Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Claims...

NFL Ratings Drop

Paul Ryan For President?

  Honoring a Fallen Hero

  House4Sale: $18.9M

Reporter Who Quit
on Air to Fight For Pot
Legalization Could Face
Decades in Prison

Renovation Boom
Underway as Empty
Nesters Need More
Space For Adult Chicks

Woman Burned as a Witch

Ga. Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Two of Her Students

Shimon Peres, Israel's Defense and Peace Leader, Dies at 93 After Stroke
> World Leaders to Attend Peres Funeral 

  All Eyes on Kate,
So Slender in Scarlet

  Apple's New London HQ

Teen Tries to Impress Girl, Falls 23 Stories...

Video Shows Pulse
Gunman at Mosque
Days Before Massacre

FBI Director Comey on
Clinton Email Probe:
'Don't Call Us Weasels'

How Young Republicans Grapple With the Election

'Hit Clinton Harder'

Poll: Voters Question
Hillary Clinton's Health
Despite Reports

Forbes: Trump's Fortune
Down $800 Million

Trump Has Turned
Over Tax Returns - For
Lawsuits and Loans

Arizona Newspaper
Endorses Dem For
President For First Time

Pete Rose Pleads With Baseball Hall of Fame...

Blackberry to Stop
Making Smartphones

  World's Grumpiest Dog?

  This U.S. Veteran Is
Taking His Terminally-Ill
Dog on One Last Road Trip

The Very Simple Hack That Will make Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs Even Easier

Digital Censorship...

Have YOU Had Sex
With Your Ex?

Don't Tumble Dry Your
Bras, Always Hang Them
Up and Never Wash Them
After Just One Wear

The Clever Trick to Picking the Right Hair Color

Adele's Comeback Album
25 Hits Diamond Status

Playboy to Feature Muslim Woman Wearing Hijab for the First Time in History

Teacher on the Prowl
For Hot Moms Did
Nothing Wrong: Court

New Fillings Will
Revolutionize Dentistry

What to Buy (And Skip)
in October...

  Cedar Rapids' Flood

9 States to Vote Soon
on Expanding Legal
Access to Marijuana

Bodies of Unclaimed
Veterans Languish at
Chicago-Area VA Hospital

Is It Really Possible
to Contour Your Nails?

What Would You Pay
For an Empty Room?

Two of TV's Funniest Shows Are All About Death

YouTube Go Is a New App
For Offline Viewing...

Online Trackers Follow
Our Digital Shadow
by 'Fingerprinting'
Browsers, Devices

Grocery Prices Plunging

Could Cancer Pill be
the Cure For Baldness?

Can Deodorants

New Trial Over Talc,
Cancer Link

How Having a Miserable
Husband (Or Wife) Is
Bad For Your Health

It's Time to Kill
the 9-to-5 Workday

Why Having a 'Spare Tire'
Is Dangerous...

Is Your Child's Violent
Behavior Normal?

  Jackson Hole Cam

New Hair Loss Treatment Inspired By Sports Injury Remedies

  The Big Picture

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Las Vegas Pool Parties...

How a Monthly Date Night Could Save Your Marriage

How to Menopause
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How to Cut YOUR Chances
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What YOU Need to Know
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  BBC Outside Source

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Jennings Makes Revisions to His Rental Inspections Law; Only Landlords Outside of Jefferson County Will Get Inspected
> Local Discussion: Comments 

City Council Contact Info

WPD Update: Man Who Fled
Traffic Stop Arrested Friday

Parents Pull Children Out of Watertown Schools After 'Hoax'

  DEC: Angler Ties Record
With 8lb 4oz Smallmouth Bass
Caught in St. Lawrence River

Advocates Fear Fewer Kids
Will Get Flu Vaccine Because
Shots Now Only Option

NY Times Interviews Hillary

'A Mix of Relief and Resignation' Seems to Have Pervaded Potsdam Following the Acquittal

Former Syracuse University
Dean Charged in Prostitution
Sting Pleads Not Guilty

Murder Near LeMoyne College

Principal Sues School District
for Gender Discrimination
Over DWI Firing

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Brother Pierre T. Marceau, 94

(9/30, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

Richard D. Fowler Sr., 66
Port Leyden

(9/30, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Avis M. Cring, 90
Formerly of Harrisville

(9/28, Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home, Carthage)

Wilhelmina A. Plato, 83
Formerly of Lowville

(9/28, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

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Woman Admits to Killing Baby in Store, Leaving Body in Dumpster

Doctors Seeing More Cases
of 'Super Bugs'

What Happened Overnight?
Friday, Sept. 30, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Watertown Woman Facing
Charges After Domestic Incident

WHS Student Charged With
Assault After Fight at School

Report: Clown Knocking
on Windows at Huntington
Heights Around Midnight

3 Pranksters Responsible
for Creepy Clown Sighting

Lewis County Man Stopped for Speeding Charged With DWI

  City Council Agenda 10.3

Cuomo Vetoes 10 Bills

Hall of Famer Johnny Bench
Speaks With Johnny Keegan

Student Speaks Out
Over Lunches at RFA

Jefferson, Lewis Counties
Declared Natural Disaster Areas

High School Sports Scores

Boys Soccer: WHS 2, IHC 0

  Border WRVO | WATN | Z93 | WLLG | WBLH

Obits | Events | Celebrations | Community Connections

Latest Births in NNY: Watertown | Carthage | Lowville

WX: Watertown | Lowville | Pulaski | Canton | Fort Drum

Z93: Watertown Arena CURSED
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

NYT: Race, Jilted Love and
Acquittal in Boy's Killing

"A mystery tinged with race"

Hillary Cleared But Days in
the Courtroom Far From Over

  House of the Week: 'The DWI Guy' Tom Anelli's Dream Home

  Fright Nights at the Fair

  Future Physicians Tour
North Country Hospitals

SU Still Has No Timetable for
Carrier Dome Renovations

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/29

Oswego County Sheriff's Office
to Auction Off Surplus Property

Fire Department, City
Draft Response Plan

'Creepy Clown' Threats
Investigated by St. Lawrence
County Sheriff's Deputies

Clowns Scare Boy Walking to School in Syracuse, Police Say

'Creepy Clown' Epidemic

CNY Heroin Epidemic

Sandy Cook, "Voice of Massena," Dies at 61

Local Golf Cart Business
Could Be VICTIM in $1M
Embezzlement Scheme

Cuomo Cries When...

Funiciello's Surprising Views
on the Congressional Race

'Dateline,' '20/20' to Both Cover North Country Murder Acquittal

City of Watertown Planning
Board Agenda October 2016

Thurs., Sept. 29, Police Blotter
Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Figure Skating OPEN HOUSE

Johnny Spezzano Launches 'Thoughtful Thursday' Movement

108 Photos: WHS Senior Night

  Buffalo Bills' Famous Fans

  It's Pumpkin Time!

  Jefferson County Board of Legislators October Agenda

Record Crowd Attends Ritchie's SLC Senior Health Fair

Dexter Man Accused of
Shoplifting at Target

Graham: Mayor Butler Should be Paid At Least $65,000/Year And Hagemann Should Have to be Elected as County Administrator
> 1240-WATN, 9/29/16

Graham: SLC District Attorney
Mary Rain Should Be Happy...
She Made $3,500 This Week

> 1240-WATN, 9/29/16

Graham: Matt Funiciello Is the
'Smartest Guy' in NNY Politics

> 1240-WATN, 9/29/16

School Installs Camera in
Suspended Teacher's Classroom

SUNY Canton Announces
Newest Faculty Hires

NYSP: Woman Stole Over
$82,000 From Her Employer

Couple Settles Suit vs. Chili's
Over Waiter Who Spit in Soda;
Case Solved by DNA

Strike Two: Judge Again
Blocks NY Effort to Rein
in Energy Marketers

Warm, Dry September Extends 'Extreme Drought' in Upstate NY

22 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

Docs Say Syracuse Getting
Bum Rap Over Lead Poisoning

NY Won't Rule Out Shutting
Down Projects Linked to
COR Corruption Case...

Would You CANCEL Your
Newspaper Subscription
Over a Political Endorsement?

Z93: Hillary Verdict Aftermath;
Mary Rain vs. the 'Biased' Media
> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Albany Lawmakers Hopes
for a PAY RAISE Dim

Deputies Trained as EMTs

Upstate NY Man Given Donald
Trump's Phone Number in
Listing Mix-up by Verizon

Stefanik Introduces Canadian Snowbird Visa Act

High School Sports Scores

Girls Soccer Scores  Boys Soccer 

Girls Soccer: WHS 1, IHC 0

Section III Morning Recap

High School Sports Schedules

Red & Black vs. Revolution

Rochester Boys Soccer Team
Stages National Anthem Protest

WWNY: Burch Out as Lewis
County General Hospital CEO

Accepting New Patients
Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali | Dr. Sweet | Dr. Dines 

Rex Ryan Is Not Pleased With
New England Patriots Reporters

Outlaw 200 at Fulton Speedway Takes Center Stage

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/28

WRVO: Jefferson County Farmers Want More Drought Assistance

Google Express Now Available
in the North Country

> It's a Lot Like Amazon Prime   Official: Google Express

Fall Colors in Upstate NY

  JFK in Syracuse in 1960

  Toilet Garden in Potsdam

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

 27 Divorces Filed in Sept.
(Sponsored by

 26 DBAs Filed in September
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

30 Property Transactions
in Watertown in September

Local Realtor: Lori Gervera

Glenn Curry Show Sept. 28
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Oswego Sheriff's Blotter

  Romantic Things to Do
This Fall in Upstate New York

State Regulations Stress Banks' Duties For 'Zombie' Homes

Cuomo Says His '17 Agenda Will Include Anti-Corruption Reforms

Governor Cuomo, It's Time
to Return to Dunkirk...

Corruption in His Office?
Cuomo Says No, Blame the
SUNY Procurement System

Mahoney Has No Plan to Return COR Donations at This Time

How Did a Skull End Up in
a Grocery Store Dumpster?

Scrolling Message Alert?

Schumer Calls on NCAA to Move Men's Basketball Tournament
From North Carolina to Albany

Will Brian Kelly Get Fired If
Syracuse Beats Notre Dame?

SU Orange MADNESS Oct. 21

Ontario Introduces Fines,
License Suspensions For
Drug-Impaired Driving

16 People Charged in
Lewis County Drug Raid

> Local Discussion: Comments

Upstate Winter Forecast: 'Early Start to Lake-Effect Season'
> Local Discussion: Comments

Before Players on Other Team Took a Knee For National Anthem, This High School Player Grabbed an American Player
> Local Discussion: Comments 
> Lonsberry: Take the Anthem Out of Sports 

Your Coming Electric-Bill Hit,
Thanks to Gov. Cuomo

Water Emergency Prompts Cancellation of 72-Year-Old
Tradition in Copenhagen

> Local Discussion: Comments

Deputies Charge 2 With DWI

  JCC Board of Trustees Agenda:
New President Search

  LaFargeville Central Audit

  Adirondack Central Audit

Funiciello: Stefanik Is
Disingenuous About Her
Claims of Getting VA Benefits
For Her Military Constituents

> 1240-WATN, Community Broadcasters 

"Mike is somebody we don't know"
Funiciello: Mike Derrick Is a
Child of Privilege Who Left the
North Country For 35 Years

> 1240-WATN, Community Broadcasters 

Pilot Program Aims to Improve Transition For Fort Drum Soldiers

Oral "Nick" Hillary

  Photos: Verdict Reactions

Daily Mail Coverage:
Hysteria in the Courtroom

> Local Discussion: Comments

Spectrum: Was Race the
Reason Hillary Was Suspected?

Hillary Tells ABC News: 'I
Continue to Pray for the Family'

NYT: No DNA, No Fingerprints,
No Hair or Fiber Samples

DA Fitzpatrick: Hard to See
a Killer Walk Out of Court

Mary Rain Bans SOME Media
From Her News Conference

> Rain Says Much of Media Has Been Biased Against Her 

Ex-Clarkson Soccer Coach Found Not Guilty of 12-Year-Old Boy's Murder Nearly Five Years Ago

Senator Ritchie Secures $36,000 for School Music & Arts Programs

  'One of the Worst Cases'
of Animal Cruelty

COR Executives, If Convicted,
Likely to Get No More Than
3 Years in Prison

Rental Permit Fees in Oswego Raised From $30 to $150

Why Vote? Funiciello Says
Stefanik Will Win on Nov. 8

Batavia Man Admits to Throwing Cat in Hot Oven, Killing It

Wine Lounge Proposed
for Downtown Watertown

New Polypharmacy Service to be Offered at Carthage Area Hospital

Office of Mental Health
Announces Grand Opening
of Crisis-Respite House for
North Country Children

  Photos: Respite House

7 Things You Might Not
Know About Colleen Deacon

National Grid Truck Crashes
in Upstate NY River;
Body Pulled From Water

Cuomo to 'Set Aside'
Donations From COR in
Case Feds Seize Them

COR's Money Flowed to Cuomo's Campaign Fund

Are Cuomo's Steps to Address Alleged Bid-Rigging Enough?

YMCA of Watertown Announces Denise K. Young as New CEO
> Young Leaving Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Org.

State Errs in Sending Lower Property Tax Credit Checks

Ritchie: Fix the Mistake

Adirondack Ranger Rescues

DeFrancisco: New Laws
Are Not the Answer to
Ending Albany Corruption

Oct. 14 Is the Last Day
to Register to Vote...

Live in Boonville? Lowville?
Gouverneur? Ogdensburg?

Looking to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle?

15 Great Upstate NY Towns With Populations Less Than 1,000

Better Late Than Never:
Coast Guard Veteran Honored

SAT Scores Down in NY State
For Fourth Year in a Row

New York Is the 7th
Best State For Teachers

Two Animals Test Positive For Rabies in Jefferson County

  Ritchie Cuts Ribbon on New Playground at Belleville-Henderson

Some State Legislators,
But Not Many, Make the
Case for a Pay Raise

Heastie: Pay Raise Should
be Considered On Its Own

New State Law Prohibits
Telecom, Utility Providers
from Charging the Dead

Report: NY Energy Plan
to Raise Utility Bills

Ogdensburg, Champion
Added to List of Fiscally
Stressed Municipalities

Graham: City Manager
Can Do Whatever She Wants
> Official: 1240-WATN | Community Broadcasters

Francis: Council NOT Doing a
Good Job Supervising Addison
> Official: 1240-WATN | Community Broadcasters Remains
Tops in Market Share

Oswego County Subway Franchisee Arrested For Tax Fraud

How Many Planes Have
Crashed in NY State With
Deadly Consequences?

What Is Killing Us? Top Causes of Death (Check Your County)

  4Sale: 5 Bedrooms,
3 Bathrooms on 7-Acre Lot

Black Moon 2016

Should New York's Move
Over Law Be Changed?

Syracuse Hospital Has Lowest
Death Rate in New York
For Heart Valve Operations

When Will Upstate Get Uber?

Ichiban Restaurant Opens in
New Spot on Arsenal Street

Community Sessions for
Six Town Community Fund
to be Held Next Week

Christmas Creeping into Stores

Parents Sue School District After
12-Year-Old Daughter's Suicide

NY Hunting Seasons For
Turkeys, Pheasants Open Oct. 1

COR Criminal Charges Raise
Concern Over Project's Future

Binghamton Hockey Team
Moving to Belleville, Ontario

> Senators Deal Chipped in Stone

Pre-Owned Vehicles? Check Out the New Listings

Why NY's Roads Ranked 45th in Nation, Despite Big Spending

Red Cross Announces 2016
Real Heroes Award Recipients

Don't Count on a
Winter Like Last Year's

In New York, Everyone
Needs a Lobbyist

New Opioid Treatment
Clinic Opens in Watertown

Winter 2016-17 Concerts

When Do Clocks Fall Back?

Passport Day October 15

Is It Too Early For a Flu Shot?

Chasing the Dragon: Heroin
Addiction in the North Country

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12 Latest Births at
Lewis County General Hospital

> Official:

Discovering Watertown
Premiere Party Nov. 3

  Live: Syracuse University

WHS  General Brown 

Indian River   IHC  Carthage

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" was the most common single source of shopping information, but word of mouth was also widely used."
(Source: page 13 of
Fort Drum market study)

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 56 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

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New York State Parks Seeks
Police Officer Candidates

27-Year-Old Man Dies in
ATV Accident in Lewis County

Police Officer Exam Nov. 19

Thurs., Sept. 29, Police Blotter

Wed., Sept. 28, Police Blotter

Tues., Sept. 27, Police Blotter

Mon., Sept. 26, Police Blotter

Sun., Sept. 25, Police Blotter

Sat., Sept. 24, Police Blotter

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/27

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/26

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/25

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/24

Potsdam Police Blotter 9/23

STOP DWI New York App

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#1 Television 43.1%
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#4 Newspaper 7.6%
#5 Word of Mouth  6.0%

Department of Health
Levies Fines For Violations

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Black River Drive-In
Friday - Sunday  Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
- Storks PG

Brother Pierre T. Marceau, 94, Watertown

Richard D. Fowler Sr., 66, Port Leyden

Avis M. Cring, 90, West Carthage

Wilhelmina A. Plato, 83, formerly of Lowville

Valerie M. Kuntz, 52, Lowville

Amy Jo Ferrance, 48, Greig

Marguerite N. Ott, 89, Alexandria Bay

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