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Powerball $314M
MegaMillions $108M

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Brother of San Bernardino Terrorist, 2 Others Arrested

Facebook Is Spending
Millions to Keep Mark
Zuckerberg Alive

Raiders Owner Says He'll Spend $500 Million For Stadium in Las Vegas

Cal Ripken Divorcing
After 30 Years of Marriage

Obama Administration
Urges States to Curb Use
of Solitary Confinement

Feds Expand Medicaid Coverage to Most Released Inmates in Halfway Houses

Inside North Korea's
Secret Sex Parties

How Many Sunburns Does It Take to Get Skin Cancer?

Priceline CEO Ousted After At-Work Relationship

Boehner Calls Cruz a
'Miserable Son-of-a-Bitch'

Drudge, Koch, Soros, Bezos: These 4 Non-Politicians Will Decide Next President

Donald Trump's Cabinet?

Never Trump Groups
Go All In On Indiana

Recent Jumpers Force
Secret Service to Raise
White House Fence

  4 Univ. of Georgia
Students Killed in Crash

NFL Draft Updates

Curt Schilling: ESPN Has 'Some of the Biggest Racists in Sports Commenting'

Comcast Buys DreamWorks Animation For $3.8 Billion

Biden Makes Surprise
Visit to Iraq

UN: Aleppo, Syria in
'Catastrophic' State

These Are the Most
Dangerous States
For Drunken Driving

How Zuckerberg
Won the Internet

Creator of Iconic 'Mister Softee' Jingle Dies at 94

Lego Admits 'Mistake'

During WWII, European Refugees Fled to Syria. Here's What the Camps Were Like

  Emmy  Priyanka  Bieber  

North Korean Missile Crashes Soon After Launch

  Photo: Shocking Moment Bullies Attacked and Killed Girl in School Bathroom

Prince 'Was Diagnosed
With AIDS Six Months
Before He Died and
Refused Treatment'

Reports: Painkillers
Found in Prince's Home

Powerball Jackpot
Rises to $314 Million

Teen Killed Herself Over Bullying by Middle School Classmates, Parents Say

E-Cigs Should be Offered to Smokers, Doctors Say

Facebook Now Has
1.65 Billion Users

John Kasich's Brother
Shares Family Rift...

Is Europe Lurching
to the Far Right?

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  BBC Outside Source

  Hailey  Beyonce  Liz

  'RHONY' Recap   Stamos

  My Body Isn't Perfect

  World's Smallest
Underwear For Women

  Outrage Over Univ. of Washington's Cheerleader Poster Offering Tips

Manager: WWE Star
Chyna Died of an
Accidental Drug Overdose

Grownups Are 'Adopting' Life-Like Dolls And Taking Them Everywhere

Transgender Issues
Resonate Across U.S.

Police: Man Who Killed
Woman Lived With
Her Body For 2 Days

Another Jittery Week
in Silicon Valley

Piers Morgan: Trump Knows What Women Want, And It's Not Hillary

Bernie Sanders'
Campaign Is Laying Off
Hundreds of Workers

> Sanders Hints at Endgame 

Ted Cruz Names Fiorina
as His VP Running Mate

A Concussion Can
Lead to Sleep Problems
That Last For Years

SpaceX Says It's
Heading to Mars

Court Names
of Prince's Estate

Hastert Sentenced
to 15 Months in Prison

Hastert Accuser: 'I Could
No Longer Remain Silent'

Is a MINUTE of Exercise
All You Really Need?

The Best Way to
Whiten Your Teeth

The 10 Ways You're
Damaging Your Teeth

The Scientific Proof
You Are Washing
Your Hair Wrong

Women Who Think They've Got the Flu When Actually It's a Heart Attack

A Majority of Millennials
Now Reject Capitalism...

Trump Vows to Put
'America First' in
Foreign Policy Speech

Oklahoma Court:
Oral Sex Is Not Rape If Victim Is Unconsciousness From Drinking

iPhone 7 Might Finally
Steal One of Samsung's
Best Features

Army Picks First
Female Infantry Officer

JetBlue Pilot Busted
For Flying Drunk to JFK

Apple Employee Commits Suicide at Company's HQ

William and Kate to
Celebrate 5th Anniversary

  Elderly Couple & Son
Beaten Unconscious
by Thugs in Thailand

  Welcome to Your Cell

  Official Trailer: Snowden

  Lara Logan  Kylie  Kate

  Leo & Roxy  Katherine

  Ashley Graham  Irina

  Stranded Mom Sobs
as Cruise Ship Sails
Away With Her Kids

  Death at 102 MPH

McDonald's Rolling
Out New Chicken
Nugget Recipe

UCF Police: Our Response
to Campus Gun Scare
Was Not Perfect

Dating Site That Rejects
'Ugly' People Gets Hacked

Art Teacher Says 'Vagina,' Is Not Out of a Job

Indiana Now Make Or
Break For Trump Foes

  Cop Saves Suicidal
Man in Dramatic Video

Trump Calls Himself the 'Presumptive Nominee'
After 5-State GOP Sweep

> Trump: 'It's Over' 
> The Hill: Trump Sweeps Atlantic Primaries
> The Hill: Trump Inches Closer to Nomination 
> Kasich 'Moving Ahead' After Brutal Losses 
> Trump Declares Race Won, But It's Not 

Trump Attacks Clinton
as Victories Set Stage
For Brutal Election

Trump Passes Romney's Popular Vote Total, Likely
to Break GOP Record

  Melania Trump Turns 46

Facing Up to the Sad Reality of Trump & Clinton

Hillary Clinton Will Be the Democratic Nominee...

Sanders Wins Rhode
Island and Refuses to
Throw in the Towel

> Clinton's Big Night Ratchets Up Pressure...
> Nomination in Sight For Clinton 

Top Tips For Becoming
the Ultimate Lover

BBC Outside Source 4/27

Mother Driving Down
Milwaukee Highway
Shot Dead by 2-Year-Old
Son in Backseat

School District: Students
Must Use Bathroom
of Biological Gender

> 'I Want to be Able to Use the Male Bathroom

Did Twitter Read
Too Much into Mary Pat Christie's Face?

Severe Weather Strikes
Across the U.S.

Apple's iPhone Sales
Fall For First Time

Nurses Thrust into Guard Duty at Federal Prisons

Prince's Sister Says
He Died Without a Will

> Prince Reportedly Had Money Problems 

Six Legendary Stars
Who Dies Without Wills

  NHL Scores Rihan Izabel

  Heidi  Nicki  Kendall

  Karlie  Megan  Irina

The Shibue Is the Latest Underwear Designed
to Banish Panty Lines

Is Your Smoothie
Making You FAT?

Do Dairy Alternatives
Really Deliver?

Comcast in Talks to Buy DreamWorks Animation
For $3 Billion-Plus

Disney Reveals Next
Four Years of Its Highly Anticipated Movies

Spider Bites Man on Penis

Revenge Porn Victims
'As Young as 11'

Spanking Can Cause Lifelong Mental Deficiencies in Children, New Study Says

Most High School
Students Aren't College
Or Career Ready...

  Woman Walking Dog
While Driving in Calif.
Caught on Camera

  Dog Barely Escapes
After Leash Gets
Caught in Elevator Door

Trump Reaches 50%
Support Nationally
For the First Time

> Cruz's Nightmare Number in Rhode Island

Billy Bush Leaving 'Access Hollywood' For Regular Role on NBC's Today?

Strahan to Leave 'Live' in May - MONTHS Ahead of Schedule After Kelly Ripa Makes Return to Show
> NYDN: The Short Goodbye 
> NYP: Strahan Gives His 2 Week Notice 

Marla Maples Wants to
Make Amends With Ivana

Britney Spears' Drug
Use Got So Bad She
Slept in Parking Lot...

Johnny Manziel Indicted

'180 MPH LMAO'

Mail Carries Arrested
For Drunk Driving After
Crashing Postal Truck

Step Away From Your Dog!

It's Official!
Sex Does Make For
Happier Relationships

DNA Test Measures
Couple Compatibility

Cosmetic Surgery Trend For Teen Girls: Labia Surgery

Judge Sets May Court
Date For Bill Cosby

  We Won't Use Plastic
Surgery to Remove
Our Baby's Birthmark

3 Suspended After Fatal
Fight at High School

Thousands Boycotting Target Over Bathroom Policy

Big Ben to be Stopped
For 'Urgent' Repairs

How Healthy Is
YOUR Diet?

Redskins Ask Supreme
Court to Review
Trademark Case

Immunotherapy Tablets
For Dust Mite Allergy
Reduce Asthma Risk

The Real Reason
Millennials Are BROKE

The Conservative
Media's Obsession
With Hillary's Coughing

Bernie Sanders Is Right:
Poor People Don't Vote
And It's a Problem

Ted Cruz Looking at
Fiorina for Veep Pick

> Cruz-Kasich Pact Already Looks Shaky 

Manspreading at Work
Is Good For Your Health

Black Bear Chase in L.A.

Burglar Sues Homeowner
Who Shot Him

Teen Walks 111 Miles
With Brother on His Back

Citrus Bowl to be Renamed Camping World Stadium

Dog, Neighbors Help
Rescue Deputy, Family
From Burning Home

'Dentist of Horror'
Jailed For Eight Years

Two Men in Their
30s Shot Dead in Dublin

Hillsborough Jury:
Victims Unlawfully Killed

'Coat Hanger' Rebellion
Grips Poland

Six States With Most
Mental Illness

New TSA Record: 73 Guns
in Carry-Ons in 1 Week

8 Steps to Rebuild Your Financial Life After Divorce

Why You Need to
Check If Your Child
Has a Credit Report

The U.S. Needs More
Weapons That Can Be
Quickly & Easily Modified

Is Marco Rubio the Key to Donald Trump's Demise?

Megyn Kelly Lands Big Interview With Trump

Mitsubishi Admits Cheating Fuel Tests Since 1991

Harper Lee's Article
in FBI Magazine on
Infamous Killings Found

Ukraine Marks the 30th Anniversary of the
Chernobyl Disaster

  Video of Suicide Bomber Inside Paris Restaurant

Kid Rock's Assistant
Dies in ATV Accident
on Singer's Property

Many Grouchy,
Error-Prone Workers
Just Need More Sleep

Poll: Trump, Clinton
Face Divides in Their
Parties Even If They
Win Nominations

Trump Slams 'Disgusting' Kasich Eating Habits

Burger King Debuts New Circular Chicken Fries

Erin Andrews Settles
Peephole Lawsuit

Cleveland to Pay $6M
to Family of Tamir Rice

Deputies Arrest
"Pillowcase Burglars"
in 60 Home Burglaries

Gannett Offers $815M
For Tribune Publishing

Prince 'Worked 154 Hours Straight' Before Death

How to Ward Off Bed Bugs?

Best Way to Diet?
Be Greedy...

Obama to Send
250 Troops to Syria

Abortion in Europe: Northern Ireland Conviction Inflames Debate

Cryptic Instagram Post
Sparks Jay-Z Rumors

  The Prom Gunman

Ex-Classmate: Prom
Shooter Was Bullied
About His Hygiene

Was Female Firefighter Bullied to Death?

'Pre-Planned Execution'

De Blasio's Imminent
Demise Sparks Hunt
for a Challenger

Poll: Clinton, Trump
Poised For Big Wins in Pa.

Delegate Tracker

Koch: It's 'Possible'
Hillary Clinton Would
Make a Better President

Trump: No, I'm Not
'Toning It Down'

Warning: Supplements and Medication May Not Mix

15-Year-Old Boy
Bitten Twice by Shark

Can You Come Up With
$400 If Disaster Struck?

Dog Mauls 3-Day-Old Baby to Death After Child's Mother Startled the Pet
by Coughing in Bed

Facebook: A Plan to
Take Over the World

Not Everyone Happy About Change to $20 Bill

Girl, 11, Dies After
Choking on Marshmallow
at Birthday Party

Was Ohio Massacre of 8 Family Members Cause by Jealousy Over a $3,000 Demolition Derby Car?

Does April Kick Off a
So-Called 'Killing Season'?

High-Fat Diet May Keep You Drowsy During the Day

Final Piece of Diabetes Puzzle Solved

Wife of Tenn. High School Football Coach Busted For Sex With Underage Player

Republican Race Is a Real
Game of Thrones Plot



Merkel Visits Migrants
in Turkish Camp

Pope Hears Confessions
in St. Peter's Square

Thousands Mark the
400th Anniversary of 
Shakespeare's Death

Why We Read

Dr. Who: Pearl Mackie
Named as New Companion

  Parents of the Day

Goodwin: Mayor de Blasio Is Going Down!

Fiat Chrysler Orders Huge Recall Affecting 800,000
U.S. Cars, SUVs After
41 Reported Injuries

  Unique Glimpse Inside
William and Kate's Home

How Acne Causes
Mental Scars Too

Is the Gym Making
You Go BALD?

  The Big Picture

52 Places to Go in 2016

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Loudmouth Skip Bayless Leaving ESPN in August

Tom Brady's Four Game Suspension Upheld

St. Louis Blues End
Incredible Run by
Chicago Blackhawks

'Big O' Helps Lift WHS
Girls Lax to New Heights

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  2016 NFL Schedules

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  Kylie Megan Fox LeAnn

  Jagger Family Wedding

  Kourtney  Kim  Shay

  Jessica Alba  Irina  Gigi

  Lucy  Amy  Elisabetta  

The Nine Things You Will NEVER Change About Your Partner (No Matter How Much Nagging You Do)

Do You Have Trouble
Sleeping in a Hotel Bed?

Women Cope Better
With the Loss of a
Spouse Than Men

The REAL Reason
Men Grow Beards

Trick Yourself Slim

Diet For a YEAR to Keep
the Weight Off For Good

Summer Movie Preview

Season 4: House of Cards

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Partly cloudy, low around 34. Northeast wind around 7 mph.
Friday: Mostly sunny, high near 59.

Watertown Police Investigate Shooting on Winslow Street

Assistant St. Lawrence County
DA Can No Longer Practice Law

Judge Accuses Mary Rain
of Prosecutorial Abuse
With Big Trial Looming

Two Injured in Route 3 Crash

NYSP: Have You Seen Him?

Chilly, Wet Week Ahead,
But Are We Done With Frost?

Professor & the Puck: Crunching the Numbers for Better Hockey

Military Would See Pay Raise
Under Next Year's Budget

  3 People Receive Minor
Injuries in 2-Vehicle Crash on
N. Rutland Street in Watertown

  10th Mountain Div. Statue
Takes Shape in Thompson Park

23 Latest Births at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown
> Official:

What Happened Overnight?
Thur., April 28, Police Blotter

Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

NNY Community Foundation
Helps Maple Museum...

Spencer Parsons, 24
Adams Center

(4/28, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home, Belleville)

I-81 Crash Kills Man from Adams Center, Critically Injures Another

Update From Oswego
County Sheriff's Office...

Driver in fatal crash on Interstate 81 in the town of Parish has been charged with driving while intoxicated, deputies said. 

'Without Her, There Would
Be No Pearl Washington'

Jefferson County Sales Tax
Pays Off With More $$$

Potsdam Police Blotter 4/27

  High School Sports Schedules

  High School Boys Lax Scores

  High School Girls Lax Scores

  Baseball and Softball Scores

SUNY Canton Fraternity
Suspends Activities

  At Flower Memorial Library, a Microscope for Words

Upstate Medical to Tackle
Global Health Issues Facing
Kids, Pregnant Women

7 Latest Births at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville

Pfaff and Clark Stepping Down From JCC Board of Trustees

'I Love My Park Day' May 7

Fort Drum Legal Community
to Celebrate Law Day

Old Navy at Destiny USA
Reveals New Look

Woman Accused of Killing
Cat in Lewis County

Pair Accused of Stealing
Jewelry, Power Tools

$66K Worth of Counterfeit
Shirts Seized at Border

Watertown Prison Inmate
Arrested as Fugitive From VT

Prison Guard in Jail, Accused of Stealing $38,000 From State

Concert Ticket Brokers Pay $2.7M to NY to Settle Investigation

NY Lawmakers Consider
Tighter Regulation of Nurses

Jefferson County Demands State Help Pay For District Attorney Kristyna Mills' Pay Raise
> Mills' Salary Will Jump About $30,000 to $183,000

Z93: Why Are County Officials
Acting Surprised About
District Attorney's Pay Raise?

> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Sackets Harbor Item Up for Bid

Verizon Cutting Healthcare
Benefits for 36,000 Striking
Workers April 30

The Growing Pressure on High
School Athletes to Make an
EARLY Commitment to a College

The 1-2 Punch of Miles and
Girardi Have Combined for 66
Goals For WHS Girls Lacrosse

Sackets Harbor Community
Mourns Loss of Police Chief

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

  Truck Crashes into Building

Glenn Curry Show April 26
> Official: Community Broadcasters

Police: Man Traded Tattoo Work For Sex Acts With Girl, 16

Oswego Pawn Shop Bill
Drawing Criticism

New York May Expand
Online Voter Registration

  Video: Jefferson County
Legislature on YouTube

Wiley Principal Named
'Administrator of the Year'

NY Wants to Know: Have You
Been Texting and Driving?

DA Group: State Should
Launch 'Immediate' Probe into
Allegations Against Mary Rain

  Election Night 2013

Climax Update: No Takers Yet

Job Fair at Destiny USA

DEC Discusses Procedures
in Capturing Wild Animals

Has the Invasion of Round
Gobies Affected Upstate Fishing?

Ogdensburg Officials Ask for Help to Stop Playground Vandalism

  Old Gas Pump in Lewis County

  St. Lawrence Park

 35 Divorces Filed in April
(Sponsored by

 50 DBAs Filed in April
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

30 Property Transactions
in Watertown in April

Local Realtors: Lori Gervera | Scott Gerni | Sandra Macy

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Spencer Parsons, 24
Adams Center

(4/28, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home, Belleville)

Lisa L. Schwandner, 51

(4/27, Frederick Bros. Funeral Home, Theresa)

Linda L. Crout, 61

(4/27, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Mary L. Mack, 57

(4/27, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Linda M. Williams Charlton, 55

(4/27, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Richard G. "Butch" Coseo, 59
Sackets Harbor

(4/26, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Jacqueline M. Petrie, 68

(4/25, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Karl J. Malady Jr., 88

(4/25, Cummings Funeral Service, Watertown)

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Cazenovia 11, South Jeff 2

Garden City 11, Skaneateles 6
> Lancaster Girls Lacrosse Is Unstoppable Force 

  Watertown Girls Ranked #5
in State for Class B Lacrosse

> South Jefferson Girls Ranked #6 in State in Class C
> Official: Watertown High School Girls Lax
> Local Discussion: Comments 

Accepting New Patients
Dr. Schonfield | Dr. Panjali | Dr. Ybarra | Dr. Fondak 

  Cyclones Coach Tim Burr Discusses the Final Weeks of
the Frontier League Schedule

Jennifer McDonald Receives
SUNY Canton's Distinguished
Faculty Award

Who Wins, Loses in
State School Spending?

Charter Communications'
$55B Time Warner Cable OK'd,
With Data-Cap Condition

Discussion: Newspaper Won't
Publish My Letter to the Editor
About Their Food Critic...

1240-WATN, Glenn Curry Show, April 25

Stefanik Will NOT Attend
Republican National Convention

> Local Discussion: Comments

A Windfall For Chobani Employees
> NYP: Employee Stock Giveaway 

SU's Richardson Projected
as NBA First-Round Pick

Tubman Decision Is a Win For
Women and Upstate New York

Oneida County Legislators
Petition to Increase Their
Take of DMV Fees

Time Is Running Out to Register, Renew Motorcycles With DMV

NY Insurers Lift Restrictions
on Coverage of Costly
Hepatitis C Medication

NY Health Insurers Must Cover Maternal Depression Screenings

Excellus Has $2.36 Million
in Uncashed Checks;
Is One of Them Yours?

Heroin-Addicted Jail Inmates to Receive Vivitrol Treatments

Schneiderman: Online Voter
Registration Is Legal

Area Students Honored at
SUNY Oswego Convocation

  Arbor Day in Watertown

Traffic Alert: T.I. Bridge

Traffic Alert: Holcomb Street

  JCC's Donald R. Johnson
Receives Fort Drum's
Man of the Mountain Award

Some Legislators Hesitant to
Vote For State Investigation
of District Attorney Mary Rain

St. Lawrence Legislators Vote
"No Confidence" in Mary Rain

After 21 Years at Helm
of Adirondack Health,
Chandler Ralph Will Retire

Fort Drum, US Air Force
Team Up For Flight Exercise

Frankfort Mayor Accused of
Stealing Over 100 DOT Signs

DiNapoli: Better Monitoring of "Leandra's Law" Enforcement Needed Across the State

Black River Man Charged With
Drugs and Weapons Possession

SUNY Oswego Police: Teen Used Smartphone to Record Student Taking Shower in Dorm

Man Pleads in Border Case

Man Charged With Making Meth
in Watertown Plaza Parking Lot

  Old Photos: Heid's of Liverpool

  Aerial View of State Fair's
$50 Million Renovation

SU Basketball Poised For
Blockbuster Recruiting Weekend

Proposed Underwater Power
Line Could Connect Upstate
to NYC Via Erie Canal, Hudson

Z93: A Mobile Meth Lab in
the Parking Lot of Tops on
Washington Street? Seriously?

> Official: | Stephens Media Group

Gas Prices Inch Higher

CAPC Concerned About Proposed Funding Cuts in City Budget

  Aerial View of Stained
Glass Window at St. Patrick's
Church in Watertown

Service Times For SU Legend
Pearl Washington Announced

Opioid Replacement Drugs Out
of Reach For Many in Upstate NY

Ireland Flag Raised at
Watertown's City Hall

  New Aerial View of
T.I. Bridge and Boldt Castle

Police: Drunk Oswego County Motorcyclist Walks Home With
Head Injury After Crash

Firefighters Spend Weekend
Trying to Bring In New Recruits

DA William Fitzpatrick
Takes on Syracuse City Hall

More Than $3,000 Raised
to Buy Bulletproof Vests For
Jefferson County Police Dogs

Organization Building
New Home Fit For Veteran
Who Lost Legs in Afghanistan

  Busy Prom and Wedding
Season For A Touch of Grace

  DeKalb Junction

  Group Plants New Trees in
Watertown's Thompson Park

Child Abuse Expert Has
Seen the Worst of People,
But Her Optimism Endures

Cuomo Considers How to Help
State's Ailing Nuclear Plants

Growing Number of Overseas
Visitors to Thousand Islands

Has Jefferson County Jail's Overcrowding Problem Been Solved?
> Local Discussion: Comments 

Firefighters' Union: 'We're Not Asking For a Blank Check'
> Local Discussion: Comments 

Watertown Firefighters'
Contract Needs to Change,
Mayor Butler Says

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Pulaski Man Arrested for
Criminal Impersonation of
Family Member, Troopers Say

JCC Will Get More Aid
Per Student, McCoy Says,
But Says It Not All Good News

  Summer Concert Schedule

John Mellencamp to Play
Stanley Theater in Utica Oct. 12

EPA Considers Banning Sewage Dumping in St. Lawrence River

LeRay Residents Still Seek Answers About Town Barn Access Road

Canton Fraternity, Students
Suspended in Sex Assault Probe

Graham: Maybe Renovating the Arena Was the WRONG Decision

Health & Human Services Committee Agenda

Finance and Rules Agenda

New to NNY? Need a Dentist?

Rock Band Toto to Play
Chevy Court at State Fair

  County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney


DEC Announces Opening of
Spring Turkey Season May 1

  Bullhead Season in NNY

  JCC Summer Session

Safe Boating Classes May 7

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Girls Lacrosse   Home Team  
WHS 8 South Jeff 7
T.I. 5 General Brown 15
Carthage 19 IHC 8
CNS 5 West Genesee 9
OFA 5 Indian River 11

 25 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

(Sponsored by

Arena Renovation Takes Big
Bite Out of Watertown's Budget

City Manager Proposes
Cutting 3 Firefighter Positions

Proposed City Budget

JCC Higher Education Center

  "No Empty Chair" in 2016

May 27: Beatlemania Now

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Gouverneur Police Blotter

Thur., April 28, Police Blotter

Wed., April 27, Police Blotter

Tues., April 26, Police Blotter

Mon., April 25, Police Blotter

Sun., April 24, Police Blotter

Potsdam Police Blotter 4/27

Potsdam Police Blotter 4/26

Potsdam Police Blotter 4/25

Potsdam Police Blotter 4/24

Potsdam Police Blotter 4/23

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Black River Drive-In
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 29 - May 1
- Zootopia PG
- The Jungle Book PG

Spencer Parsons, 24, Adams Center

Lisa L. Schwandner, 51, Redwood

Linda L. Crout, 61, Turin

Mary L. Mack, 57, Watertown

Linda M. Williams Charlton, 55, Watertown

Richard "Butch" Coseo, 59, Sackets Harbor

Sister Anita Canale, formerly of Watertown

Jacqueline M. Petrie, 68, Watertown

Marilyn Higgins McQuillen, 86, formerly of Watertown

Gregory G. VanBrocklin, 65, Alexandria Bay

Karl J. Malady Jr., 88, Watertown

Mary A. Beck, 79, Boonville

Virginia I. Cobb, 79, Vine Grove, Ky

Tyler J. Shaylor, 22, formerly of Theresa

Jerrine M. Remus, 89, Watertown

James Shelmidine, 84, Lorraine

Betty M. Whiteman, 94, Adams

Robert C. Belcher, 65, formerly of Watertown

Elizabeth M. Balcom, 97, formerly of Redwood

Willow F. Beaney, 98, formerly of Watertown

Beverly L. Robbins, 82, Dexter

Blaine E. Thomas, 75, Harrisville

Ronald L. Farr, 75, Lyons Falls

Shirley G. Doney, 81, Clayton

Glenn E. Blair, 56, Carthage

Hampson D. Platt, 80, Gouverneur

James R. Miller, 90, Watertown

Johnny "Charlie" Einbeck, 59, formerly of Watertown

Robert C. Feneran, 72, Philadelphia

William J. Carman, 67, Antwerp

Charmaine L. Sacchetti, 91, Watertown

Stephen E. LaComb, 66, Sylvan Beach

Richard W. Shatraw, 95, Carthage


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