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State Dept. Releases
Nearly 300 Clinton Emails

Ireland Expected to
Legalize Gay Marriage

Rangers 5, Lightning 1

Cavaliers 94, Hawks 82

Senate Approves
'Fast Track' Trade Bill

Your Connected Home Will Be Cooler Than 'The Jetsons'

  NYT Front Page  NYDN

  Best Photos of the Day

  The Daily Quiz

Las Vegas Hit by 5.3
Magnitude Earthquake

'19 Kids and Counting'
Pulled From TLC After
Molestation Bombshell

'Our Thoughts and
Prayers Are With The
Family and Victims'

'You're F------': Robert
De Niro Gives Amazing
Speech to NYU Grads

UNC Receives Notice of Allegations from NCAA

Kobe Bryant Will Retire
After Next Season

Eiffel Tower Suffers Shutdown Over Pickpockets

14-Year-Old Gang Member Killed on Way to School

5 Things to Avoid Buying
on Memorial Day Weekend

'Tomorrowland' Feels Like Another Disney Staple...

Belichick Never Believed Brady's Deflategate Story,
Boston Reporter Says

Suspect Arrested in D.C. Quadruple Homicide
> Report: Found With a Large Amount of Cash 

ISIS Seizes Town
Near Ramadi

FBI Arrests Two Anaheim Men on Terror-Related Charges...

53 People in 9 States Sick After Eating Raw Tuna

11-Year-Old Graduates from College - With 3 Degrees

Michael Sam Signs With CFL

Why Sex Is Better at
a Hotel Than at Home

World's Oldest
Person to Turn 116

  Take a Look at Andrew McCutchen's Pay Stub

  Is This the World's
Hottest Dance Floor?

Northeast Braces for a Frosty Memorial Day Weekend

Now What for the Duggars?

Josh Duggar Apologizes
After Bombshell
Molestation Claims

> 'I Acted Inexcusably' 
> Duggar Quits Family Research Council  
> 'Drew the Family Closer to God' 
> Duggars Reeling from Sex-Abuse Scandal 

We're Drinking More
Than We Think

Are Women Too Busy
For Romance Really
Booking Male Escorts?

Smile... And You'll Look Up to FOUR YEARS Younger

Flavor Flav Arrested
in Las Vegas

Vendor Fired for Selling Tourists $30 Hot Dogs

Bachelorette Kaitlyn:
'I'm Not Ashamed,' For
Having Sex on the Show

Brewers' Smith Ejected
for Substance on Arm

Why Coca-Cola 600
Could Feel Longer
Than Its 600 Miles

Police Chiefs Group Offers Drone-Use Policy

Cars Hits House After
Dragging Police Officer

6 Baltimore Police
Officers Indicted in
Freddie Gray's Death

Aaron Hernandez
Sports New 'Bloods'
Jail Gang Tattoo

61-Year-Old Man Stabbed
30 Times at Bus Stop...

Man Shot, Killed by Police
in Hackensack, N.J.

New Details Update
Timeline of Deadly
Waco Biker Brawl

Federal Court: Notre Dame Can't Cut Off Birth Control For Its Students

Boy Scout President
Robert Gates Calls
for End to Organization's
Ban on Gay Adults

ATF Releases Photos of
Suspects of Staring Fires During Baltimore Riots

Report: Apple Working
on 12-Inch iPad

Vet Says ATM Ate His Money, Bank Refuses Refund

Confederate Flag Burning Ceremonies to be Held on Memorial Day

  Jeb Bush Massages Woman on Campaign Trail

  Republican 2016
Hopefuls Make Pitch

  Navy Unveils Video
of Manmade Islands
in South China Sea

NYT Publishes First Batch
of Hillary Clinton Emails

Emails: FDA Warned Years
Ago About Superbugs
in Medical Scopes

How Republicans Hope
to Turn ISIS into a
Problem for Democrats

Want to Beat the Traffic?
Leave Yesterday

be Damaging Your Health

Another Body Thwarts Mom's Burial in Family's Plot

  Jim Carrey and Gal Pal

  Green With Envy

  Here Come the Girls!

  J-Woww Hits Back
at Body Shamers

  Jennifer Love Hewitt

Obama Defends the
Iran Nuclear Deal

Special Ops Are Using
Rapid DNA Readers

Woman Says Wi-Fi
Is Making Her Ill

Lumber Liquidators CEO
Resigns 'Unexpectedly'

CVS Buys Pharmacy
Services Firm for $12.7B

Target's Next Designer
Collaboration Is With...

Does Your State's Driving Test Include Parallel Parking?

El Salvador, Divided
By Its First Saint

Poop Raining From Sky
Ruins Girl's Sweet 16

'Father' Granted License
to Marry Adopted 'Son'

110-Year-Old Nebraska
Man's Tip for Longevity:
One Can of Beer a Day

7 Nurses Indicted in
Broken Finger Gone Wrong

  SUV Crashes into Crib -
and Sleeping Baby Is Fine

ISIS Controls 50% of Syria After Seizing Palmyra
> The Slaughter of Palmyra's Citizens Begins 

CNN: China Warns U.S.
Surveillance Plane

The Perfect Tan From Just 3 Minutes in the Shower?

No Sex Please,
I'm Over 40: New Research Claims Women's Libido Fizzles Out at 41

  I'm a Rainbow Kid

DEA Agents Illegally Ran Strip Club: Prosecutors

Lightning 6, Rangers 5
> Lundqvist Needs to Wake Up From Nightmare...
> Game of Groans 

Cavaliers 97, Hawks 89

  KFC's Tray Typer
Keyboard Is Finger
Lickin' Good

Delta Infuriates Travelers
by Withholding Data From Booking Sites...

Murder Suspect's DNA
Found on Domino's Pizza?

How Trendy Sunglasses
Can Leave You Blind

  Curse of the Joker Smile

  Nothing to Declare
Except My Nudity

Why You Should Always
Wash New Clothes

The Anxious Generation

  Ghastly Memories... But the Warmest of Irish Welcomes
> Charles Make Vigil Where Mountbatten Was Killed

  Udder Lunacy

  Anger Management

A Murky Future for Unions

300 Days in an Iran Prison

After 10.5 Hours, Rand Paul Ends His NSA 'Filibuster'

Omaha Cop Due to Go on Maternity Leave Gunned Down by Wanted Felon, Police Say

SoCal Oil Spill Now
Covers 9 Miles

Was Vlad's Girl Pregnant?

Ex-Catholic Teacher
Admits Sex With Student

  Teen Shows Signs
of MRSA After Wearing Football Helmet at School

VA Wants Your Help Building Better Prosthetics

What Dog Owners Need to Know About Canine Flu

Grounded Gyropilot
Won't End Protests

Obama Admin: NSA Spying Will Begin Shutting Down This Week

Obama: The U.S. Stands Ready to Help Tunisia Realize Its Democratic Promise

Twin Peaks Restaurant Waitresses Speak Out

Easy Riders Cut
Down at Waco

SeaWorld Announces
Change in Ticket Prices

Parents Aghast at Website Sharing Nude Photos of Teens Without Permission

The Signs That Say He Is Really Interested in You

Six Big U.S., U.K. Banks
Hit With $5.6B Fine For Currency Manipulation

Secret Rooms, Bleachers:
Top Furniture Trends in
San Fran Tech Offices

Howard Stern Talks
to Pitbull About Cuba

Teen Bitten by Shark

How Taking Photos
of Old Faithful Could
Land You in Jail

  Robin and April

  New Freddie Gray Video

Piers Morgan Urges
Obama to Stop ISIS

Pataki: Send U.S.
Troops to Fight ISIS

DoD Workers Want More of Everything in Fight Against ISIS, Except Ground Troops

  7-Year-Old Boy Eaten
Alive by Crocodile

  Amazing Views from New Observation Deck at One World Trade Center

We Are All Pooping Wrong

  Grandmother of the Day

  'We Have a Baby
in the Car! Stop!'

  Driven to His Death

  J-Lo: I Look Better Now!

  Size 22 Supermodel

  Mom Outraged by
Princess Party Costumes

White House Hit With
Racist Slur 'N---- House'
on Google Maps

Skipping Meals Makes
You GAIN Weight

Spy Agency Releases
Documents Found on
'Bin Laden's Bookshelf'

Here's How Crazy It Is When Hillary Clinton Avoids the Media for a Month

Judge Involved in
Courtroom Scuffle
Likely to be Suspended

How to Have a
Sunburn-Free Summer

Police Officer Runs Over
Man Sleeping in Road

U.S. Has 300 Outlaw
Biker Gangs

9 Dead Bikers ID'd

Police: Teen Tries
to Steal News Van,
With Reporter Inside

After Kids Succeed,
Teacher Eats Worms

How Music Helps Hospital Patients Breathe Again

NFL's New PAT Rules
A Welcome Change

Concerns Mount That
Artificial Turf Soccer
Fields May Pose Danger

Study: Secondhand
Pot Smoke Can Make
People Fail Drug Test

Romenesko AM Report

Study Shows Nearly 4 In 10 Drivers
Using Social Media While Behind Wheel

Mother Carries Disabled Son To Safety
After Home Catches Fire During Riots

Md. CEO And Wife Murdered In
D.C. Mansion Stabbed, Son Burned

IRS Agent Broadcasts Woman’s
Tax Issues, Info On Howard Stern

Teen Dies After One Hit Of
Designer Drug NBOMe

'Bike Week' To Continue Despite
Threats Following Waco Gang Brawl

Chicago Police Trying To Build Trust
With Community Amid Rising Tension

Twister Tears Apart Condo
Building, Damages 18 Units

Who Fired Deadly Shots In Biker
Gang Brawl, Police Or Bikers?

Large, Bearded Man Dressed As
Woman Robs Walgreens At Gunpoint

Critics of Offshore Drilling Express Concern
Amid Oil Spill Off Santa Barbara Coast

Miami Airport Travelers Can Pay To
Shorten Lines With Fingerprint & Iris Scans

Charges: Men Accused Of Using Federal
Student Loan Money To Join ISIS

De Blasio: 'I Think This Country Is Truly
In Danger' Due To Income Inequality

Video Shows NYC Starbucks
Barista Screaming At Customer
Over Straw; 'Get Out! You're
Not Going To Be Served Here!'

NYPD Unveils New High-Tech
Crime Stoppers Van

Father Charged After Autopsy
Finds Alcohol In Baby’s Body

Girl, 14, Builds Lavish Treehouse,
Township Ordering Her To Take
It Down After Neighbor Complaint

Pirates Player Hits Boat With Long
Home Run That Leaves Stadium,
Boat Owner Wants Ball Back

Some Younger Women Being Blindsided
By Silent Killer – Heart Disease

Woman's Dogs Seized After Online
Ads Describe Them As Part-Wolf

Man Who Shot Gun To Scare Off
Mountain Lion May Face Charges

Suspect In Wrong-Way Chase On
Highway Calls 911 — To Complain
About Officers Chasing Him;
'Stop Chasing Me! I'm Going To Crash!'

Naked Woman Runs Into
Traffic After Bay Bridge Crash

Why Do So Many Tech Billionaires Crave Isolation?

  Dying Without Dignity

  Mother of the Day

  $50 Glow-in-the-Dark
Toilet Seat

Josh Duggar 'Was Subject of Molestation Claims in 2005 and Was Turned in by His Father Jim Bob'

Clooney Reveals Amal
Hesitated at His Proposal

Rumer Wins 'DWTS'

  Julianne Hough

  Kendall Jenner

Bill Murray Appears to be Drunken Mess After 'Late Night With Dave Letterman' Final Appearance
> Letterman Is Leaving a Lasting Legacy  
> Producer: No Leno on 'Late Show' Finale 
> NYT: Letterman Counts Down to His Exit 

BASE Jumper Lights Chute on Fire, Plunges 500 Feet to Death in Idaho Stunt Gone Wrong

Happy Rockefeller
Dies at 88

How Elizabeth Warren
Is Becoming a Huge
Headache for Obama

Why We May Never Have
a Millennial President

The Republican Field
Is a Clown Car

Beau Biden, Vice President's Son, Hospitalized

North Korea: We Can Miniaturize Nukes

Timeberwolves Win Draft Lottery, Lakers Move to #2

Blackhawks Win Wild
Game 2 in Triple OT to
Even Series With Ducks

New Bachelorette Is...

Ireland May Become
First Nation to Approve
Same-Sex Marriage

U.S. Helicopter Shot
at by Anti-ISIS Forces; Commander Blames Iran

Texas Hunter Shoots
Rhino Amid Criticism

103 Credit Card Skimmers Found at Fla. Gas Pumps

Charles to Visit Scene
of Great Uncle's Murder

> Charles to Visit Scene of IRA Attack  

Study: 1 in 5 College
Women Raped, Assaulted

Playing Video Games
'Could Lead to Dementia'

With Twitter Deal, Google Searches Show Tweets

  First Lady Pumps Iron

  Melissa  Emily  

  Church Dedicates 'Jesus the Homeless' Statue in Downtown Orlando

Source: Aaron Hernandez Involved in Prison Fight

Blasting Off Today:
A Satellite That
Sells on Sunbeams

Astronauts Could
Soon be Blasting Space
Junk With Lasers

Kraft: Patriots Won't Appeal Deflategate Punishment

Biker Gang Crashed Meeting

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Waco, Texas Chaos
Moves to Courtroom

 Photo of Shootout

Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco Permanently Closed After Sunday Bloodbath

'Let the Violence Stop'

Behind Waco Bloodbath:
A Piece of Cloth

Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee
Now in Recovery

Los Angeles Raises
Minimum Wage to $15

Google Call Girl Pleads
Guilty to Exec's Death

Girl Describes Terror During Aurora Theater Shooting

'Mad Men' Sets Finale
Ratings Record

Teaching 'Stranger Danger': Helpful or Harmful?

The White House
Takes on Rural Poverty

Columbia University
Student Takes Her
Rape-Protest Mattress
to Commencement

Rory Admits He'll Never Be Able to Do What Tiger Did

KFC Bringing Back Colonel Sanders For New Ad Campaign

1 Person Dead, 2 Officers Injured Following Shooting in Arlington, Va.

Bulletin Warned
of Potential 'War'
Between Biker Gangs

> A Fight for Texas Turf?  
> Bikers Put Out 'Green Light' Against Officers 

America's Biggest Ranch
For Sale: $713 Million

Middle School Teacher
Fired For Allegedly Allowing Students To Have
Sex In Classroom Closet

Some End-of-Course Exams in Florida Nullified

Sham Cancer Charities
Raised Millions, Spent It
on Snack Cakes, Dating
Websites and Vacations

The Little-Known Database Than Can Sink Your Mortgage

U.S. and Cuba Close to
Reopening Embassies

Some People Do More
Than Text While Driving

Fla. College Sued Over
Forced Vaginal Exams

Best U.S. Cities for Jobs

The USA's Fittest City Is...

7 Embarrassing Symptoms
You Should NEVER Ignore

Report: Ponytails
May Lead To Baldness

Implantable Bionic Lens
Could Give You Lasting, Perfect Eyesight

Employee Tracking
Apps Raise Worker
Privacy Questions

Want a Man to Listen?
Talk to Him at 8:15 PM

Living and Working
in Paradise: the Rise
of the 'Digital Nomad'

Preschoolers Need
More Active Play for
Long-Term Health

Live-Stream Your Life
> Official: Meerkat 

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U.S. Open Warnings

Pierce County Adopts
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U.S. Open at Chambers Bay

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  Alexis Bellino

Jennifer Garner Talks
About How Having
Children Changed Her
Marriage to Ben Affleck

 Matthew Lewis

 Liam Hemsworth

  Ailing Yolanda Foster

Tired, Depressed and
NOT Interested in Sex?

David Letterman Signs
Off After 33 Years With
Touching Tribute...

> David Letterman's Final Top 10 List  
> Letterman Says 'Good Night' to the 'Late Show' 
> Last Show Left Us Laughing, But Sadder... 
> Letterman Finale Recap 
> Retired Letterman Hits the Streets 
> 'Thank You For Being My Family'  
> Conan: 'Turn to Dave'

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WWNY: District Attorney
Mary Rain Accused of Having
Affair With Assistant While
Seeking Pay Hike

High School Sports Scores

DEC Changes Stance:
We Do 'Not Ticket Anglers
For Taking Photos of Fish'

Criticism Grows Over Ending
Hospital's PTSD Program

Memorial Day Salute: Look Up
63,000 NY Veterans Killed in
WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam

Massena Woman Sentenced
for Tax Refund Scam

DA: Former Nurse
Photographed Private Parts
of Unconscious Patients

City Council Expected to
Approve Budget Tuesday

Now Hiring: U.S. Border Patrol

Officials Cast Larger Net
for Robert Bartlett Jury

State Police in Massena Investigating an Assault
by a Prowler

Have You Scheduled Your Pool Opening Yet?

Jefferson County Planning
Board Agenda May 26

18 Latest Births at
Samaritan Medical Center

Official: SamartianHealth.com 

Soldier Upset Army Pulls PTSD Program From River Hospital

High School Sports Scores

9 Brains, Possibly From Dogs,
Discovered in Gouverneur

> Local Discussion: Comments 

What Happened Overnight?
Fri., May 22, Police Blotter

Live Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
Need a Lawyer? NNYLawyers.c

Memorial Day Weekend
Stop DWI Crackdown Begins

Troopers Investigate Online Threat Against Potsdam Schools

County Court Calendar
Need an Attorney

 59 Divorces Filed in May
(Sponsored by NNYLawyers.com)

29 DBAs Filed in May
(Sponsored by Small Business Development Center)

Oswego Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

DEC Proposes Hunting
Rule Changes to Lower
Excessive Deer Numbers

Cuomo Sleeping at Hospital
While Sandra Lee Recovers

Army Pulls PTSD Program
from River Hospital

> Local Discussion: Comments (20)

Army Sec. John McHugh:
Federal Budget, More Than ISIS, Biggest Concern

> Local Discussion: Comments 

McHugh: Decision on Army Cuts Coming in Early Summer
> Local Discussion: Comments 

Canton Gets Economic Boost
Thanks to NCAA Championships

Glenn Curry Show May 21

Legislature, With Adoption by Senate, Is Now in Paperless Mode

DPAO Summer Concert:
Imagination Movers July 18

> Local Discussion: Comments 

Watertown Bucks to Open
Season Sunday at Duffy Dome

New Details of Attica Brutality

Lower Tax Increases Contributed to Higher Passage Rate for School Budgets

Police: Washington, D.C. Quadruple Homicide
Suspect Lived in Oswego

SUNY Potsdam Recognizes
North Country Residents
at Commencement

Dan + Shay to Perform Aug. 29
at State Fair's Chevy Court

SU's Non-Conference Schedule

Ritchie Brings Together
Amish, Local Leaders
and Law Enforcement to
Improve Highway Safety

6-Month Jail Term for Former
Town Clerk Who Stole $117K

Gaggle of New Tenants
Coming Soon to Destiny USA

Cuomo: Highway Construction Suspended Over Holiday Weekend

Thurs., May 21, Police Blotter
Live Scanners: Jefferson | Lewis | St. Lawrence
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Black River Man Cited with Speeding, Unlicensed Operation

Reminder: Click It Or Ticket

Jeff Graham Show May 21

Stefanik to Play in Congressional Women's Softball Game

Cuomo Welcomes Visitors
to State Park Campgrounds

Drought Overtakes 1/3 of NY

Syracuse Clarifies that
No. 44 Will Only Be Worn
in a 'Special Circumstance'

Week 4 at Black River Drive-In:
Furious Seven and Insurgent

Homes for Sale   Apartments!

Radio: Border Z93 | WRVO | WATN | K-Rock | WLLG

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Josephine "Jo" Skorupa, 90
Port Leyden
(5/22, Trainor Funeral Home, Boonville)

Daniel J. Taylor, 68
Greensboro, N.C.

Orville C. Miller

Adelaide Ramsdell, 88
(5/21, Carpenter-Stoodley Funeral Home)

Nelson E. LaBarge Sr., 80
(5/20, Reed & Benoit Funeral Home, Watertown)

Betty E. Vary, 88
(5/20, Iseneker Funeral Home, Lowville)

SSG Bryce E. Leek, 35
(5/20, Hart and Bruce Funeral Home, Watertown)

Matthew J. Dumas, 17

Barbara Jean DiLandro, 77
Front Royal, Va.

Beverly R. Potter, 76
Watertown  *Obituary not provided

Craig M. "Marty" O'Dett, 63
West Carthage
(5/19, Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home, Carthage)

Frederick J. Kingsley, 79
(5/19, D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Watertown)

Denise L. Streeter, 60
Kearney, Nebraska
(5/19, Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage)

Marianne R. Martin, 71
Greenwood, Ind.

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  3-Year-Old Reminds Us of the Meaning of Memorial Day

  Patriotism in Carthage

Carthage High School Class
of 2015 Leaders Announced

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 Memorial Day Parade List

 Father's Day Gift?
Egan Murders Docudrama DVD

Police: Former Hotel Manager
Stole $110,000

Pitbull Shot During
Execution of Search Warrant

Advice to Bicyclists: Wear
a Helmet So Rides Doesn't
End in Emergency Room

SU Criticized for Restoring '44'

Efforts to Salvage Watertown
Bucks Season Under Way

Watertown Bucks GM:
'We're Picking Up the Pieces'

Air National Guard Will Exercise Today Over Lewis County

Water Low, But Experts Say
Not to Worry

Advocates Walk to Break
Mental Health Stigma

23 Latest Property Sales
in Watertown in May

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  Potsdam Police Blotter

  SLC Sheriff's Dept. Blotter

  WRVO: Maple Hall of Fame

  6 Ducklings Rescued

  Cottage For Sale

Glenn Curry Show May 20

  May 30: Clayton Opera House

  Scuba Diving Classes

  Jobs: Sales Professionals

Emails, FOILs on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Agenda

State Rejects All Applications
For New Charter Schools

Army Secretary John McHugh
to Visit Syracuse University

Stefanik: No August Recess Unless House Budget Work Is Done

Assembly Approves
Teacher Evaluation Delay

Senate Approves Ritchie Bill to
Open Underused State Prisons
to Ease Local Jail Crowding

CNY Assemblyman to Head
NY Welfare Agency

Amish Boy's Death Was
Not First Tragedy for Family

Champion Fire Dept.
Sues Town Over Contract

DMV Is Selling Your
Personal Information

> Erie County Clerk Calls For Stop 

The Opt-Out Movement for Standardized Tests in NY Has
Swelled in the Last 2 Years

  Clayton Citizen of the Year

How Far Would Cuomo's Private School Tuition Tax Break Go in Onondaga County?

Syracuse Doctor
Says He Never Slapped
Anesthetized Patients' Butts

Doctor Accused of Slapping
Patient Fined $10,000,
Ordered to Get Therapy

Part 3: Who Gets the Internet?

Taylor Gait Conquers 3 Torn
ACLs in Return to Syracuse
Women's Lacrosse

Mayor Graham Discusses
Council's Decision AGAINST
Funding His Health Insurance

> Z93: Mayor's Health Insurance 'Whacked' 

What Happens to Concerts That Were Scheduled at Toby Keith's?

Norwood Mayor Dies at 78

DPAO Summer Concert:
Dwight Yokam June 26 at JCC

9-Year-Old Boy Dies on Amish Farm in the Town of Orleans
Official: State Police Statement 

State Backs Wider Offering
of Heroin Antidote

Wage Board to Begin Consideration of Fast Food Wage Hike

High School Sports Scores

Report: Rural Bridges in
NY Among Worst in U.S.

Chobani Denies Report Founder Will Step Down as CEO

Police Seize 809 Pills,
$170K in Cash; SUNY
Oswego Student Charged

CNY's Sawyer Frederick's
Wins 'The Voice'

Ritchie to Host SLC Job Fair

Police Officer Apologizes for
Wearing Chris Kyle 'Violence
Does Solve Problems' Hat

Legislature Bright Spot

Schools Agenda Unfinished

Tax Cap Has Saved $7.6 Billion, Supporters Say

Lawmaker Thinks Dogs at
Cafes Will Eat Everyone's Food

Halting Veteran Suicides
Requires Culture Change

Mayor on State Law to Destroy Swan Eggs: 'We're Going to Let Nature Take Its Course'

White House Threatens to
Veto Fort Drum's $30 Million 'Missile to Nowhere'

SU's Kailah Kempney Named
Second-Team All-American

SU Bringing Back No. 44

State Record Fish Caught
> 24-inch White Sucker 

Massena to Tesla CEO
Elon Musk: Build Here!

Can a Mental Health Nonprofit Located in a Residential Neighborhood? Ogdensburg
City Council to Decide

Fatal Farm Accident...

Upstate NY Doctor Shortage
Has Hospital ERs Turning
Away Patients, Report Says

Judge Rules Murder Charges
Will Stand Against Hillary

Part 2: Who Gets the Internet?

  Gas Station Soul

State Turns Over Foxwood
Mausoleum Ownership to
Town of Oswegatchie

Sandra Lee Undergoes Double Mastectomy at NYC Hospital
> Statement from Gov. Cuomo  

$247,630 Winning Lottery
Ticket Sold in Canton

Ritchie Announces Bipartisan
Bill Aimed at Stopping
Parental Kidnapping

Board of Regents Rips
New Teacher Evaluations

Jeff Graham Show May 19

No Place Like Home:
Sale of Historic Baum House
Pits 1 'Wizard of Oz' Group
Against Another

NY Safe Act Changes Unlikely, Despite Renewed Effort in Senate

Montague Radar  N'east Radar
 JCC  1000 Islands   Public Sq

Fracking Decision Will Be
Hard to Replicate or Overturn

Powdered Caffeine Cause for Concern Among Poison Experts

Safe Boating Class May 30

Destiny USA Is Moving
Dirt Again... Here's Why

Cuomo Announces New Actions to Streamline Farming Regulations

N.Y. State Bans Fowl
Competitions at State Fair
and All County Fairs to
Safeguard Against Avian Flu

> It Will Not be the Same 

DEC Advises Anglers to be Aware of Spawning Lake Sturgeon

DEC Announces Proposals to Amend Hunting and Trapping Regulations for Wild Turkey, Deer

Substitute Teacher Indicted in Sex Abuse Case Involving 4 Kids

New Program Provides
Rides to Work

Watertown's Factory Street
Project Gets Green Light

Traffic Alert: Mill Street

Class Reunion Season...

Former Gouverneur Woman
Gives $150,000 to Community

Massena Woman, 48, Rescued
From Coney Mountain

Play Ball? Bucks Home
Opener May Be in Jeopardy

Why Is Thompson Park
Off-Limits After 9PM???

2,878 listens 

WWNY: Who Gets the Internet?

In Downtown Syracuse,
a Mysterious Name Revealed
Above a Door

9 Samaritan Nurses Receive
Recognition Awards

St. Joseph's Hospital
Loses Another $9 Million

Aiming For More Students to
Earn Their Degrees - On Time

Aerial View: Heart Island

JCC Holds 51st Commencement
> WWNY: Hundreds Graduate From JCC 

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  Ritchie Honors 16 Veterans

NNY Ducks Unlimited Banquet


JCC Breaks Ground For
New Learning Center

Diocese Announces Numerous Priests Will Change Churches

Former New York Insane
Asylum Overrun With Tourists

Ritchie Bill to Add Help Farmers Add Walnut, Birch Syrups to Breakfast Tables OK'd by Senate

Bookkeeper Gets 1 Year
Probation for Stealing $45,000

Final 15 Days in Albany

Ritchie Seeks Tougher Abuse Law in Wake of Amish Abductions

Josh Turner Coming to
Boonville Fair Aug. 1

Department of Health
Levies Fines for Violations

(Newzjunky, May 17)

Tax Cap Could Become
Permanent in New York State

Dicker: State Comptroller May Run Against Cuomo for Governor

Father-Son Artists Display
Works at Arts on the Square

CNY Team Records World War II Stories for Library of Congress

697,000 Views So Far

Binge Drinking: Look Up,
Compare Rates For Every County

Traffic Alert: Route 26 Paving

Record 10,000 Tires Collected

Dairy Farmers Scrambling to
Find Somewhere to Sell Milk

DEC: Campfires, Recreational
Fires and Outdoor Cooking
Fires Will Be Allowed...

Watertown High School Class
of 2015 Leaders Announced

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#1 in the North Country
369,481 Facebook Users Reached in the Last 7 Days

Cottages For Rent   Airbnb

  4Rent: Large Office Suite

New to NNY? Need a Dentist?

New DEC Rule: Taking Photos
of Fish Caught Out of Season
Could Get You Fined

How Seven SLC Residents
Stopped Rabies Outbreak
in the Amish Community

17 Latest Births at
Samaritan Medical Center

Official: SamartianHealth.com 

Watertown Music Teacher
Ticia Marra Nominated for
Tony Awards Honor

Black River ALR Post 673
Planning 112-Mile Ride
Throughout Jefferson County

33 People Pay Fines
for DEC Violations

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  City of Watertown
Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Regents Review 2.0 Preps NY
Students for Regents Exams

 Upstate NY Concert List

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Lewis County Sheriff's Blotter:
> Man Held on $20,000 Bail After Traffic Stop in Lowville

Lewis County Man Facing
Charges Over Meth Lab

Man Leads Police on High-Speed Chase From Hounsfield,
Through City of Watertown,
Ends Near Village of Black River

Source: Jefferson County Scanner

Antwerp Man Crashes Pickup
Truck into Creek, Deputies Say

> More Images from Scene 

Lewis County District Attorney Leanne Moser Seeking 3rd Term

Search Database For Crime
Numbers For All Police Agencies
in NYS from 1990-2013

Jefferson County Sheriff's
Office Promotes Safe Prom
and Graduation Season

Wed., May 20, Police Blotter

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Sun., May 17, Police Blotter

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  Potsdam Police May 19

  Potsdam Police May 18

  Potsdam Police May 17

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Black River Drive-In
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 22 - 25
- Furious Seven PG-13
- Insurgent  PG-13

Josephine "Jo" Skorupa, 90, Port Leyden

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