Department of Health Levies Fines for Violations
Published April 25,

WATERTOWN, N.Y.    The state Department of Health listed the following food service violations and fines in documents first obtained by

Aubrey's Inn, 126 S. James St., Cape Vincent, paid a total of $250 in fines.
Respondent: Joseph Chavoustie, MIMAKAR, Inc., Cape Vincent

$50 - There was a large stock pot with approximately 3 gallons of cheddar broccoli soup on the stove with no heat at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The soup was being cooled and was covered with plastic wrap.

$100 - There was a one-quart container of beef gravy and a one-quarter container of turkey gravy inside of a hotel pan in the steam table at a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The gravy had been in the steam table for approximately one and a half hours.

$50 - The inside of the Victory reach-in cooler was dirty with food spills and rusted shelves.

$50 - The lid and seals of a chest freezer in the back storage area were in poor repair. The freezer top and seals were falling off and duct tape was being used to hold the seal and lids on.

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant,  300 Arsenal St., Watertown paid a total of $500 in fines.
Respondent: Rui Ming Ni, 300 Arsenal St., Watertown

$200 - There was a large grey bus pan of fried chicken wings cooling at ambient temperature on a roll rack in the kitchen. The temperature of the chicken was between 135 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the location of the chicken in the pan. One medium size grey plastic bus pan with breaded chicken pieces was on a shelf next to the flyer: the temperature of the chicken pieces was between 50 and 60 degree Fahrenheit. One small stainless steel bowl of cooked chicken pieces was on top of the steam table at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. One stainless steel bowl of 20 to 25 wontons on top of a soup pot in the steam table was at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These items were being held for service.

$50 - The wine rack shelves in the walk-in cooler were dirty with food spills and dried on particles. The two-door reach-in cooler in the kitchen had dirty seals and there were food spills inside of the unit. The chest freezer in the kitchen was dirty with food spills and particles. The outside of several large Rubbermaid totes (being used of kitchen storage) were dirty with stains and discoloration.

$50 - The floor under the cook line was dirty with food spills and particles present.

$50 - The hood and filters over the cook line were dirty with a large amount of grease build-up.

$50 - The bathroom in the facility was lacking paper towels for proper hand sanitation.

$50 - There was a fly strip of dead flies hanging from the ceiling in the dry storage area of the kitchen.

$50 - There were several 5-gallon pails of sauce left on the floor near the two-door cooler and the three-bay sink. The pails were without tops, therefore the sauce was exposed to contamination.

Auntie Anne's, 1300 Arsenal St., Watertown, paid a $100 fine.
Respondent: Dondi Craft, CBA Foods, Inc., 810 Maple Ridge Rd., Brasher Falls

$100 - There was no soap at the handwashing sink located adjacent to the employee restroom and the sink was not accessible for use in that there was a ladder in front of the sink. The violation was repeated on previous inspections.

The Central, 6032 Main St., Glenfield, paid a $100 in fine.
Respondent: Joyce Hoch, J.H. Central, LLC, 6707 Chases Lake Road, Glenfield

$100 - The operator was slicing a tomato to be used on a sandwich without the use of gloves or other suitable utensil to eliminate bare hand contact.

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