Doheny Supports 'True Balanced Budget Amendment'

by Timothy W. Scee II

Special to N
Published November 18,

WATERTOWN, N.Y.  —  Watertown Republican Matthew A. Doheny, who in September announced plans to again contest Rep. William L. Owens, D-Plattsburgh, by whom he was defeated in 2010, said he supports the proposed balanced-budget amendment expected to be voted on later this week by the House of Representatives. 

Rep. Robert Goodlatte, R- Va., proposed the amendment that would require a three-fifths approval in both the Senate and House for Congress to spend in excess of the nation’s revenue. 

Other versions of a balanced-budget amendment call for a spending cap of 18 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and a two-thirds majority vote in Congress to raise taxes. 

“I’m in favor of what I call a true balanced budget amendment where you have a super majority to, not only spend more or to raise the debt limit, but also to raise taxes,” Doheny said Tuesday. “Without having both previsions will inevitably lead congress to raise taxes, which would have an unfortunately a real negative effect, not only on how we tax people on the economic activity generated, but will just continue to lead to greater taxes with no ending in sight.

The candidate, who spoke in support of using a combination of all three requirements, said he is not surprised by open disfavor shown by the White House over the proposed amendment. 

“This is a White House who continued in their bank book to spend a trillion dollars more each year than we take in,” Doheny said. “(President Obama) is a big government liberal and Obama and our current congressman want to continue to spend, spend, spend without any end in sight and want to raise taxes to do it.”

Doheny added certain situations should also be taken into account as part of a balanced-budget amendment. 

“You always need to have some sort of emergency prevision if we’re in a time of war or some sort of imminent conflict where war hasn’t been declared immediately or technically,” Doheny said. “There has to be some carveout for a major war or conflict.” 

Should the amendment be voted down, Doheny said similar legislation that aims at reducing national debt must continue to be passed to avoid higher amounts of federal spending.

“We’re going to cross over to $15 trillion of the national debt soon,” Doheny said. “Soon thereafter our debt will equal 100 percent of our Gross Domestic Product and these are scary numbers.”

He added, “We have to live within our means and we have to make decisions to get there and Congress needs to see that’s what they were sent there for.”

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