December 5, 2012

  A list of the
DBAs (Doing Business Under an Assumed Name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County clerk's office in November 2012:

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Mix Fit
129 Mill St., Watertown
Type of business: fitness trainer
Filed Nov. 30 by: Alexander L. Mix, 1 Public Square, Apt. 35, Watertown

4 Star Vehicle Storage
13641 North St., Adams Center
Type of business: vehicle storage
Filed Nov. 30 by: Dennis E. Crowley, 10 S. Park, Adams

Lake Ontario Gift Shop
12279 Route 12E, Chaumont
Type of business: craft shop
Filed Nov. 30 by: Amanda J. Miller, 27202 Independence Point Rd., Chaumont 

J C's Motorcycle Emporium
24371 Route 12, Watertown
Type of business: consignment shop
Filed Nov. 29 by: Julie A. Carlson, 7303 Charnick Dr., Adams

Catz Paw Florals and Stuff
13851 House Rd., Clayton
Type of business: flower arrangements
Filed Nov. 29 by: Diane M. Jordan, 13851 House Rd., Clayton

Snack Shack Family Fun Center
20768 Route 12F, Watertown
Type of business: family fun center
Filed Nov. 29 by: Floyd W. Roberts III, of 22040 Lane Road, Watertown

Visions of Beauty
27782 Route 342, Black River
Type of business: n/a
Filed Nov. 28 by: Malikas Nobles and Kavon M. Mason, 341 Waltham St., Watertown

Maile's Song
26261 Golden Dr., Evans Mills
Type of business: photography
Filed Nov. 28 by: Cynthia A.B. Hollows, 26261 Golden Dr., Evans Mills

Merri C Apartment Rentals
1129 Boyd St., Watertown
Type of business: apartment locator
Filed Nov. 28 by: Merri M. Comenole, 1129 Boyd St., Watertown

Matthew D. Smith Authorized Snap On Franchise
12830 Sand Rd., Adams
Type of business: franchise
Filed Nov. 27 by: Matthew D. Smith, 12830 Sand Rd., Adams

River Hockey Enterprises
18451 Black Creek Rd., LaFargeville
Type of business: sports marketing
Filed Nov. 26 by: Victor F. Natali IV, 18451 Black Creek Rd., LaFargeville

Passerino Painting & Contracting
239 Ten Eyck St., Watertown
Type of business: construction and contracting
Filed Nov. 21 by: Jon M. Passerino, 239 Ten Eyck St., Watertown

823 Rutland Place, Watertown
Type of business: enzyme treatment
Filed Nov. 21 by: Ernest C. Tyler, 823 Rutland Place, Watertown

RavenRiot Designs
16480 Churchill Rd., Copenhagen
Type of business: web and print design
Filed Nov. 21 by: Dalton K. Sutton, 16480 Churchill Rd., Copenhagen

Rabs Fabs
3250 Fixon Rd., Lorraine
Type of business: collision repair
Filed Nov. 21 by: Andrew A. Rabetoy, 3250 Dixon Rd., Lorraine

K Hee's Barbershop
32729 Route 3, Great Bend
Type of business: barbershop
Filed Nov. 19 by: Suk Hui Yadlosky, 114 N. Pearl Ave., Watertown

Hearts of Fire Wood Creations
1033 State St., Watertown
Type of business: craft (wood burning)
Filed Nov. 19 by: Joanne M. Hughes, 1033 State St., Watertown

Robbins Family Associates
14471 County Route 145, town of Hounsfield, Sackets Harbor
Type of business: contracting
Filed Nov. 19 by: Ronald C. Robbins, Nancy M. Robbins, and Brian C. Robbins

Amazing Science Parties
30228 Ashland Rd., Chaumont
Type of business: education/entertainment
Filed Nov. 16 by: John S. Tocornal, 30228 Ashland Rd., Chaumont

R.C. Rentals
166 W. Remington St., Black River
Type of business: rental properties
Filed Nov. 16 by: Erik Carreira, 166 W. Remington St., Black River 

Christina Vernon Photography
99037-B Mountainview Dr., Fort Drum
Type of business: photography services
Filed Nov. 16 by: Christina Vernon, 99037-B Mountain View Dr., Fort Drum

S and L Contracting
780 W. Main St., Watertown
Type of business: contracting
Filed Nov. 14 by: Lorrie A. McFarland, 23319 Road 1008, Dexter

Aviation Solutions
22626 Airport Dr., Dexter
Type of business: airplane charter and management
Filed Nov. 14 by: Patrick T. Owen, 706 Greenview Dr., Watertown

1000 Islands Fun Rentals
65 Walton St., Alexandria Bay
Type of business: rental - bicycle
Filed Nov. 13 by: Kurt A. Freitag, 65 Walton St., Alexandria Bay

Cedar's Redemption Center
7 Wardwell St., Adams
Type of business: cans and bottles exchange
Filed Nov. 9 by: George Cedar Jr., Lorraine

Monkey Around Ceramic
7 Wardwell St., Adams
Type of business: ceramic
Filed Nov. 9 by: George Cedar, Lorraine

OMG! Face and Body Art
216 Arlington St., Watertown
Type of business: face painting, body painting, entertainment
Filed Nov. 8 by: Eldon R. Kilpatrick, 216 Arlington St., Watertown 

Compassionate Dental Services 13619A
111 S. Mechanic St., Carthage
Type of business: n/a
Filed Nov. 8 by: Robert LaClair, 300 W. Grove St., Dexter

Cooper Property Services
19361 Patrick Rd., Adams
Type of business: property preservation services
Filed Nov. 8 by: Gary J. Cooper, 19361 Patrick Rd., Adams

Hollywood Housekeeping
110 Church St., Theresa
Type of business: home improvement
Filed Nov. 7 by: Tiffany Ducat, Hillary Weber, Kimberly Mauro and Katherine Kiger

Marine Electronics and Installations of NNY
145 N. Orchard St., Watertown
Type of business: electronics installation and service
Filed Nov. 7 by: Mark A. Houghtaling, 145 N. Orchard St., Watertown

Warrior Taekwondo and Hapkido Academy
210 Court St., Watertown
Type of business: marital arts school
Filed Nov. 7 by: David J. Ortiz, 9715D King Loop, Fort Drum

Jan Jent Services
55 High St., Alexandria Bay
Type of business: cleaning, residential, commercial, and retail sales
Filed Nov. 7 by: Jayne and James Phaby, 55 High St., Alexandria Bay

Inside & Out Home Inspections
33764 Whittaker Rd., Carthage
Type of business: home inspection
Filed Nov. 6 by: Craig A. Waite, 33764 Whittaker Rd., Carthage

Third Eye Theater
150 Ward St., Watertown
Type of business: interpreting for the stage
Filed Nov. 6 by: Michelle Maphey, 150 Ward St., Watertown

Wescott VAR and Snack Bar
12561 Ridge Rd., Suite 1B, Sackets Harbor
Type of business: liquor store
Filed Nov. 6 by: Lorraine Scheer, 573 LaGorce Dr., Venice, Fla.

Outback Supply
16640 County Route 155, Watertown
Type of business: sporting goods
Filed Nov. 6 by: John J. Poggi III, 16640 County Route 155, Watertown

Just Threads
22440 Swan Rd., Watertown
Type of business: n/a
Filed Nov. 5 by: Laura L. Little, 22440 Swan Rd., Watertown

The Doggie Bag
26417 Golden Dr., Evans Mills
Type of business: specialty pet treats
Filed Nov. 5 by: Kristin C. Codey, 26417 Golden Dr., Evans Mills

Children of the World Day Care
627 Starbuck Ave., Watertown
Type of business: child care
Filed Nov. 2 by: Ligia C. and Joseph B. Hendrie, 627 Starbuck Ave., Watertown

Before and After Marine Detailing Services
40950 County Route 3, LaFargeville
Type of business: detailing, cleaning, shrink wrapping of boats
Filed Nov. 1 by: Devin T. Hurteau, 40950 County Route 3, LaFargeville

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