February 20, 2017

  A list of the
DBAs (Doing Business Under an Assumed Name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County clerk's office in February 2017:

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Fit4Mom of Watertown
11552 Northern Blvd., Fort Drum
Type of business: fitness
Filed Feb. 17 by: Trisha Leigh-Anne Black, 11552 Northern Blvd., Fort Drum

Shoen Electrical
263 Flower Ave. W., Watertown
Type of business: electrical
Filed Feb. 16 by: Vaughn R. Shoen, 263 Flower Ave. W., Watertown

The Escape Works
142 Arcade St., Watertown
Type of business: escape room
Filed Feb. 15 by: David E. Maxon, 17394 County Route 62, Adams Center

Rafferty's Photography
10849B Utah St., Fort Drum
Type of business: photography
Filed Feb. 15 by: Shawn M. Rafferty, 10849B Utah St., Fort Drum 

The Lavender Lady
463 Paddock St., Watertown
Type of business: craft
Filed Feb. 14 by: Lori B. Gaines, 463 Paddock St., Watertown 

Frontier Wood Products
535 Theresa St., Clayton
Type of business: wholesale and retail lumber
Filed Feb. 13 by: Matthew P. Gondek, 535 Theresa St., Clayton 

Cru and Company
9429D Dickinson Loop, Fort Drum
Type of business: online apparel and accessories retail
Filed Feb. 10 by: Christopher J. Ruiz, 9429D Dickinson Loop, Fort Drum 

Youngs Investigations and Protection
18270 S. Shore Rd., Dexter
Type of business: security, armed security
Filed Feb. 10 by: Jody A. Youngs, 18270 S. Shore Rd., Dexter

The Eagle Shoppe
527 Riverside Dr., Clayton 
Type of business: retail sales
Filed Feb. 8 by: Eagle River, LLC, 240 Bartlett Point Rd., Clayton 

Shelby's Cleaning Services
16567 County Route 59, Dexter
Type of business: cleaning service
Filed Feb. 6 by: Shelby A. Powless, 16567 County Route 59, Dexter

Mr. John Taxi
178 Haney St., Watertown
Type of business: taxi
Filed Feb. 6 by: John L. Morris Sr., 178 Haney St., Watertown 

WCP Consultants
21 Franklin St., West Carthage
Type of business: business development, grant writing/administration
Filed Feb. 6 by: Scott M. Burto, 21 Franklin St., West Carthage 

Spokes Craft Beer and Tapas
81 Public Square, Watertown
Type of business: restaurant / bar
Filed Feb. 6 by: Beth Bodah, Eva Pierce and Libby Wheeler

Body Slender Laser Center
1116 Arsenal St., Watertown
Type of business: weight loss center
Filed Feb. 3 by: Rebecca Keshmiri, 16228 Deer Run Rd., Watertown

Impov Clothing
208 Pike St., Brownville
Type of business: clothing
Filed Feb. 3 by: Kyle D. Currier, 208 Pike St., Brownville 

Hope Floats Natural Soaps
20309 County Route 63, Watertown
Type of business: homemade soaps and lotions
Filed Feb. 3 by: Darlene A. Harrington, 20309 County Route 63, Watertown

Burrville Power Equipment
25371 Route 12 South, Watertown
Type of business: outdoor power equipment
Filed Feb. 2 by: Scott Simmons, 10200 Route 12, Copenhagen 

Greasie Hoods Commercial Kitchens
428 Dimmick St., Watertown
Type of business: greasie hoods
Filed Feb. 1 by: Dakota LaVere, 428 Dimmick St., Watertown

North Country Property Maintenance
31182 Pinewood Dr., Black River
Type of business: property maintenance, landscaping
Filed Feb. 1 by: Travis L. Hodkinson, 31182 Pinewood Dr., Black River 

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