April 2017

Ask for Divorce Page

Eric T. Swartz
200 Washington St.
Suite 301, Key Bank
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 836-1540

Doldo & Neddo, P.C.
230 Franklin St.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 782-5898

Conboy, McKay,
Bachman & Kendall

407 Sherman St.
Watertown, N.Y. 13601
(315) 788-5100

Capone Law Firm
120 Washington St., 310
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 788-3030

Mafrici Law Office

8355 Route 11
Cicero, N.Y. 13039
(315) 699-3095

Goettel, Poplaski
& Dunn, PLCC

120 Washington St., 320
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 777-4378

The Young Law Firm
7659 N. Main St.
Lowville, N.Y.  13367
(315) 376-7543

John W. Hallett
Attorney at Law

200 Washington St., #305
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 779-2111

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  • Dustin M. and Mary F. Marley

  • Michael J. and Malisse S. Paul

  • Kollissom and Chukita Guigma

  • Dominic A. and Heather M. Archuleta

  • Billy J. Beach Sr. and Candy L. Beach

  • Sebastian M. and Sarah R. Savage

  • Christian J. and Heather D. Barben

  • Stacey A. and Lisa A. Ford

  • William M. James II and Kristina M. James

  • Dyshond O. Murphy and Aiysha Lanier Murphy

  • Donnie and Paige Harper

  • Robert D. and Melisa Rae Schonfield

  • Brian S. and Jessica L. Light

  • Eric J. Lavere Sr. and Laurie A. Lavere

  • Tyler D. and Dayna A. Filson

  • Walter F. and and Amanda S. Johnson

  • Jose J. and Cindy L. Santiago

  • Brock and Julie L. Collins

  • Jason L. and Hollie J. Lynch

  • Travis and Roxanne Jordal

  • Robert G. and Tracy J. McKain

  • Daniel P. Barbour and Sarah J. White

  • Richard E. and Dorothy J. Gonzalez

  • Melvin R. and Kristy M. Perez

  • Lyle and Cassie Camidge

  • Alfred A. and Kristen R. Petrillo

  • Jason J. and Melissa M. Gosier

  • Richard L. and Carol A. Williams

  • Mark A. and Courtney M. Pomerville

  • Kloie Alexander and Chareema Harrison

  • Neil and Lucia O'Dell

  • Paul S. Soluri Sr. and Ruth A. Soluri

  • Andrew J. and Abigail K. Roshia

  • Treeshawn M. Harris and Loudie Desvallons

  • Matthew R. Hattan and Angela A. Anglada

  • Hakeem and Annedrea Dotson

  • Timothy J. and Megan M. Barbrow

  • Tamren J. and Shelby R. Bunker

  • Carmen Jeanette Marin Ayala and Miguel F. Lopez

  • Ashley S.W. and Ryan D. McDonald

Source: Jefferson County Clerk's Office

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