February 2017

Ask for Divorce Page

Eric T. Swartz
200 Washington St.
Suite 301, Key Bank
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 836-1540

Doldo & Neddo, P.C.
230 Franklin St.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 782-5898

Conboy, McKay,
Bachman & Kendall

407 Sherman St.
Watertown, N.Y. 13601
(315) 788-5100

Capone Law Firm
120 Washington St., 310
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 788-3030

Mafrici Law Office

8355 Route 11
Cicero, N.Y. 13039
(315) 699-3095

Goettel, Poplaski
& Dunn, PLCC

120 Washington St., 320
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 777-4378

The Young Law Firm
7659 N. Main St.
Lowville, N.Y.  13367
(315) 376-7543

John W. Hallett
Attorney at Law

200 Washington St., #305
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 779-2111

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  • Michael J. and Kimberly O. Contino

  • Carl and Marlene D. Devito

  • Jerry S. and Rebecca J. Ingro Nohle

  • Richard W. Hardy Jr. and Jennifer A. Hardy

  • Cesar Ortiz and Jeanneth Lopez

  • Jason L. and Morgan R. Simpkins 

  • Devaughnte L. Deloach and Soparnny C. Serrata

  • Christian and Samantha Check

  • James D. and Brittany S. Simpson

  • Tyler J. and Brittney R. Wudstrack

  • Carson D. Cutler and Stephanie M. Gomera

  • Simone and Mariah Bledsoe

  • Kyle and Maggie Rollins

  • Michael J. and Shelly A. McLean

  • Charlon F. and Karen S. Berry

  • Damon O. and Holly D. Pinks

  • Thai Nguyen Hoang and Chantalle Tran Hoang

  • Nicholas and Stephanie Sherwood

  • Kelsie R. Weynand and Moriah H. Vermette

  • Jason A. and Amanda J. Pisarski

  • Thomas J. and Rebecca S. Flanagan

  • Bret A. and Francesca M. Kuehnle

  • Robert R. and Vanessa A. McNeil

  • Daniel R. Enghusen and Manuela C. Mittermeier

  • Eric and Cassandra Rogers

  • Zachary and Lindsay Knowlton

  • Jason D. Barajas and Le Chong

  • Richard C. Bush and Melissa A. Kingston

  • Dave and Kerrie Ann Johnson

  • LeRoy Orso Jr. and Niki Orso

  • Jeffery M. and Carla A. Malmgren

  • Albert M. Franklin Jr. and Conye M. Linen

  • Jennifer MacLean and Janet M. Keen

  • Michael E. Herrick and Theresa M. Enos

  • Michael L. and Marjorie A. Chandler

  • Sean and Reanna Kuhns

  • David L. and Katie L. Clough

  • Scott D. and Lori A. Bean

  • William E. Jones Jr. and Tina M. Jones

  • Paul and Julie Flaherty

  • Michael and Anya McCarthy

Source: Jefferson County Clerk's Office

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