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Frances J. Nichols, 91

The funeral  will be 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, at Reed & Benoit Funeral Home with Rev. Adele Spencer officiating. 

Burial will follow in Brookside Cemetery. 

Calling hours are 4 to 7 p.m. Friday, October 21, at the funeral home.

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10/17/2016:  Frances J. Nichols, 91, Watertown
10/16/2016:  Frederick B. Patterson, 49, Watertown
10/12/2016:  Kenneth V. Maitland, 78, Watertown
10/06/2016:  Howard Monica, 76, Clayton
10/04/2016:  William A. Horne, 94, Watertown
09/16/2016:  Mari Ellen Ryan, 60, Rodman
09/13/2016:  Edward J. Blake Jr., 57, Clayton
09/09/2016:  Roger A. Vallance, 50, Watertown
09/06/2016:  James H. Pickett III, 55, Watertown
09/04/2016:  Donald C. Clearo, 69, Watertown

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214 Sterling St., Watertown,  NY
320 John St., Clayton, NY
Contact: Walter Cummings
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Michael T. Webster, 29

Calling hours will be held 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, at Cummings Funeral Service, Inc., Watertown, with a service at the funeral home following the calling hours at 7 p.m. with Rev. Fred G. Garry, First Presbyterian Church, presiding

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10/18/2016:  Michael T. Webster, 29, Watertown
10/08/2016:  Joan A. McClusky, 81, Watertown
09/30/2016:  Pierre T. Marceau, 94, Watertown
09/19/2016:  Lois M. Galloway, 89, Watertown
09/15/2016:  Noel J. Coughlin Sr., 88, Watertown
09/12/2016:  Doris P. Herrick, 83, Watertown

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09/05/2016:  Margaret L. Thomas, 82, Clayton

D.L. Calarco
Funeral Home

135 Keyes Ave., Watertown, NY
Contact: Francee Calarco
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Thomas L. Matthews, 74

Arrangements are with D.L. Calarco Funeral Home, Inc.

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Recent obituaries:
10/18/2016:  Thomas L. Matthews, 74, Watertown
10/13/2016:  Dorothy S. Flansburg, 94, Watertown
10/07/2016:  Frances A. Bleidom, 69, Watertown
10/07/2016:  Jean A. Zaluski, 86, formerly of Edwards
09/15/2016:  Edith V. Sweet, 74, Watertown
09/01/2016:  Roger Fiaschetti, 86, Watertown
08/31/2016:  Sandra L. Hartz, 71, Watertown
08/24/2016:  Timothy R. O'Brien, 78, Watertown
08/13/2016:  Mary E. Depew, 87, Watertown

Cleveland Funeral
Home, Inc.

Contact: Lynn Cleveland
404 Sherman St., Watertown, NY
315-788-6180 | Map

188 W. Broadway St., Cape Vincent

315-654-2681 | Map

Becker-Cleveland Funeral Home
12007 NYS Route 12E, Chaumont, NY
315-649-2912 | Map

Joyce M. Walsh, 94
Sackets Harbor

All are welcome to a Celebration of Life which will be held in May/June of 2017 in Sackets Harbor.

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10/20/2016:  Joyce M. Walsh, 94, Sackets Harbor
10/06/2016:  Warren R. Bonney, 93, Watertown
10/06/2016:  William M. Sizoo, 94, Watertown
10/05/2016:  Connie C. Moen, 56, Watertown
10/03/2016:  Philip P. Griffith, 64, Carthage
09/08/2016:  Corine Wallace, 83, Watertown
09/08/2016:  Sharon Whitney, 60, Cape Vincent

Costello Funeral Service
113 Church Street, Alexandria Bay
Phone: 315-482-5840
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Elizabeth Warner, 92

Arrangements are with Costello Funeral Service, Alexandria Bay.

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Graveside services:

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10/07/2016:  Elizabeth Warner, 92, Redwood
10/03/2016:  Frank Valerio, 98, Hammond
09/25/2016:  Marguerite N. Ott, 89, Alexandria Bay
09/23/2016:  Betty J. Truesdell, 88, Alexandria Bay
09/19/2016:  Glenn D. Hudon, 80, Alexandria Bay
09/08/2016:  Betty V. Root, 92, Alexandria Bay
09/03/2016:  Jean S. Arquiett, 42, Alexandria Bay

Lundy Funeral Homes
Contact: Cullen Lundy

500 State St., Carthage, NY

Washington St., Copenhagen, NY

315-493-3710 |

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John A. Granger Sr., 76

There will be no calling hours. A private graveside service will be held in the North Watertown Cemetery.  

A celebration of life will be held 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, at the American Legion Post #61 Sterling Street in Watertown.

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Marjorie J. Ferguson, 89

A funeral service will be held privately by the family, with Rev. Jane Wagner officiating. Burial will be held in Union Free Cemetery, Naumburg.

rrangements are being handled by Lundy Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc., 500 State St., Carthage.

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David J. Sabo, 70
Natural Bridge

There will be no pubic calling hour. Burial will be held privately. 

Friends and family are invited to a memorial gathering 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at the Natural Bridge Fire Hall.

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Graveside Services:

Recent obituaries:
10/16/2016:  John A. Granger Sr., 76, Watertown
10/16/2016:  Marjorie J. Ferguson, 89, Carthage
10/10/2016:  Francis W. Sheehan, 86, Copenhagen
10/10/2016:  David J. Sabo, 70, Natural Bridge
10/08/2016:  Ronald C. Clemmons, 81, Carthage
10/02/2016:  Richard G. Robbins, 85, Watertown
09/25/2016:  Wayne P. Susice, 54, Carthage
09/23/2016:  Kevin L. Cook, 56, West Carthage
09/22/2016:  Joseph M. Babcock, 82, Dexter
09/21/2016:  John D. Spicer, 62, formerly of Natural Bridge
09/20/2016:  Margaret A. Burdick, 93, Carthage
09/20/2016:  Roger Shambo, 80, Copenhagen
09/20/2016:  Alfreda D. Morgan, 77, Natural Bridge
09/19/2016:  Gilbert H. Baker, 85, Natural Bridge
09/14/2016:  Cassondra L. James, 49, Champion


Frederick Bros.
Funeral Home, Inc.

38422 NYS Route 37, Theresa, NY
Phone: 315-628-4451
Fax: 315-628-5680

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Barbara M. Mosher, 91

A Mass of the Christian Burial will be 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Philadelphia, NY with Rev. Christopher Looby, officiating. Immediately following will be a reception at the Philadelphia Fire Hall, 1 Antwerp Street. Private burial will be in St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, Antwerp, NY.

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Graveside service:   

Recent obituaries:
10/17/2016:  Robert H. Reese, 80, LaFargeville
10/03/2016:  Charles M. Goodnough, 92, Theresa
10/02/2016:  Eleanor P. Henderson, 89, Philadelphia
10/01/2016:  Sara Anne Needham, 25, Theresa
10/01/2016:  Barbara M. Mosher, 91, Philadelphia
09/17/2016:  Robert H, Savage, 80, LaFargeville
09/14/2016:  Tammy M. Parker, 46, Theresa
09/14/2016:  Annie C. Miller, 74, Antwerp
09/10/2016:  Earl J. Shortt Jr., 77, Redwood
09/07/2016:  David A. Chapman, 65, Hammond
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Contact: Bruce M. Bezanilla
518 State St., Carthage, NY
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Susan Barr Abbass, 75

A mass of Christian Burial will be held 1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, at St. James Church in Carthage. Burial will follow in St. James Cemetery. 

Calling hours will be held 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19, and 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday at Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home in Carthage. 

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Graveside services: 

Recent obituaries:
10/17/2016:  Susan Barr Abbass, 75, Carthage
10/02/2016:  Beatrice M. Myers, 92, Carthage
09/28/2016:  Avis M. Cring, 90, Harrisville
09/19/2016:  David E. Warren, 63, West Carthage
09/18/2016:  Cindy A. Andrus, 54, Rutland
09/17/2016:  Margaret A. Lovejoy, 94, Deferiet

Funeral Home

237 William St., Dexter, NY
Contact: Richard Stevenson
315-639-6257 |

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Recent obituaries:
10/14/2016:  Bernard W. Burke, 101, Dexter
10/12/2016:  Arthur V. Hilts, 90, Chaumont
10/11/2016:  Susan I. Ward, 77, Lakeland, Fla.
10/04/2016:  Richard A. Brown Sr., 79, Watertown
09/21/2016:  Ned J. Klock Jr., 83, Three Mile Bay
09/21/2016:  Leona E. Eassa, 92, Watertown
09/10/2016:  Kenneth Hills, 92, Chaumont
09/10/2016:  Lyndon L. McConnell, 78, Dexter
09/07/2016:  Charles W. Palmatier, 52, Chaumont
09/05/2016:  Lois S. Weaver, 88, Chaumont
09/01/2016:  De-Wayne R. Benney, 86, Chaumont

7883 Rt. 289, Belleville, NY
315-846-5211 • 1-800-846-2215
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Barbara M. Twiford, 72

A private graveside service will be held at the convenience of the family. 

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Graveside Services:  

Recent obituaries:
10/20/2016:  Barbara M. Twiford, 72, Adams
10/07/2016:  Charles R. "Randy" Reed, 75, Adams Center
09/21/2016:  Doris I. Briggs, 84, formerly of Adams
09/07/2016:  Linda L. Remington, 68, Sandy Creek
09/03/2016:  Maryhelen Zehr, 91, Woodville

Hart & Bruce
Funeral Home

117 N. Massey St., Watertown, NY
Phone: 315-788-3351 | Map

Bruce Funeral Home
131 Maple St., Black River, NY
Phone: 315-773-5932 | Map

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Graveside services:

Recent obituaries:
10/17/2016:  John T. Raso, 59, Watertown
10/12/2016:  Toni C. Rowland, 61, Watertown
10/09/2016:  Sam J. Messina, 68, Watertown
10/09/2016:  Eleanor I. Miller, 83, Watertown
10/04/2016:  Janet R. Stewart, 74, Watertown
09/25/2016:  Samantha L. Turner, 22, Evans Mills
09/18/2016:  Mary E. Brinkley, 93, Black River
09/18/2016:  Anna G. Gill, 78, Watertown
09/16/2016:  Edward R. Holder, 84, Watertown
09/08/2016:  Peter E. Gilmartin, 74, Watertown
09/07/2016:  Marjorie S. Wendell, 96, Henderson

T.R. Jetty
Funeral Home

512 James St., Clayton, NY 13624
Contact: Terrill and Laurel Jetty
Phone: 315-686-2414 | Map
Fax: 315-686-1025  

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Graveside services:

Recent obituaries:
10/15/2016:  Jessie D. Elliott, 74, LaFargeville
10/11/2016:  Nancy Weller Thompson, 50, Watertown
10/04/2016:  Bette Lawler Corp, 77, LaFargeville
09/14/2016:  Lloyd J. Young, 73, Fishers Landing
09/06/2016:  Myrtle J. Meltzer, 91, West Palm Beach, Fla.


Funeral Home

7 N. Park St., Adams, NY 13605
Contact: David Kellogg
Phone: 315-232-4000 | Map
Fax: 315-232-4758 

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Graveside services:

Recent obituaries:
10/04/2016:  Ellen M. Fish, 89, Adams
10/01/2016:  James L. Lawrence Sr., 84, Sulphur Springs
09/25/2016:  Thelma R. Seaver, 73, Adams
09/15/2016:  Richard L. Groff, 90, Adams

Funeral Home

7676 State Street, Lowville
Contact: David Sundquist
(Formerly Virkler-Percoski Funeral Home)
Phone: 315-376-2665
Fax: 315-376-4332
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Margaret Buckingham, 75

There will be no calling hours. A funeral mass will be held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church at 1
:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, with Rev. Christopher Carrara officiating, with a reception held immediately afterward at the 1812 House for family and friends of family to gather.

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Elaine K. Widrick, 70

A celebration of Life Memorial Service will be 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at the Croghan Mennonite Church.

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Carrie M. Post, 23
Port Leyden

Funeral services will be Tuesday, October 25th at 10:30 a.m. at the Sundquist Funeral Home with Rev. Naomi Kelly officiating, burial will be in the Wildwood Cemetery, Lyons Falls.  Everyone is invited to the Lyons Falls Bible Fellowship Church for a luncheon, afterward.

Family and friends may call at the funeral home on Monday 24th from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Memorials may be made to Lewis County Humane Society and the Lyons Falls Fire Dept.

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Graveside services:

Recent obituaries:
10/21/2016:  Carrie M. Post, 23, Port Leyden
10/20/2016:  Elaine K. Widrick, 70, Croghan
10/20/2016:  Margaret M. Buckingham, 75, Lowville
10/13/2016:  Rosaelee H. Boissy, 83, Lowville
08/30/2016:  Eugene V. Marks, 87, formerly of Lowville
08/22/2016:  Gordon Gingerich, 94, Lowville
08/17/2016:  Raymond H. Kennison, 89, Lowville

Iseneker Funeral Home
5702 Waters Rd., Lowville, NY
Contact: Jennifer Iseneker
Phone: 315-376-8009  | 
Web Site:

Christina Schwartzentruber, 101

Friends may call at Iseneker Funeral Home, Inc. on Friday, October 21, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. A Memorial Service will be held at the Croghan Mennonite Church on Saturday, October 22 at 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Todd Waugh, pastor of the Pine Grove Mennonite Church and Rev. Nathan Zehr, retired pastor and nephew, officiating. A private burial in the church cemetery will be held at the convenience of the family.

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Graveside services: 

Recent obituaries:
Christina Schwartzentruber, 101, Martinsburg
Troy A. Chartrand, 41, Croghan
Joyce Mathys, 85, Lowville
Debbie Patchen Henry, 51, Port Leyden
Wilhelmina A. Plato, 83, Lowville
Valerie M. Kuntz, 52, Lowville
09/27/2016:  Amy Jo Ferrance, 48, Greig
Robin G. Davis, 56, Croghan

North Country
Cremation Service

12007 Route 12E, PO Box 294
Chaumont, NY  13622



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Graveside service:

Recent obituaries:
10/03/2016:  Terry A. Lawton, 70, Adams Center
08/08/2016:  Kenneth E. Sullivan, 81, Calcium

Funeral Home

143 Shuyler St., Boonville, NY

315-942-2233 | Fax 315-942-9030

Contact: Carl W. Trainor and
Tyler J. Terry


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Recent obituaries:
10/20/2016:  Helen I. Weiler, 90, West Leyden
10/17/2016:  Kenneth F. Lambert, 73, Forestport
10/06/2016:  John P. Bueno, 92, Port Leyden
10/03/2016:  Charles E. Beha, 93, West Leyden
09/30/2016:  Richard D. Fowler Sr., 66, Port Leyden
09/17/2016:  Margaret Buneo, 89, Boonville
09/13/2016:  Franklin J. MeKeel, 46, Forestport
09/10/2016:  Eveline P. McCluskey, 94, Barnveld
09/08/2016:  Patricia J. Wendt, 64, Constableville

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