May 2013

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Conboy, McKay,
Bachman & Kendall

407 Sherman St.
Watertown, N.Y. 13601
(315) 788-5100

Eric T. Swartz
200 Washington St.
Suite 301, Key Bank
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 836-1540

Doldo & Neddo, P.C.
230 Franklin St.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 782-5898

Evans Law Firm
531 Washington St.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 782-3600

Capone Law Firm
120 Washington St., 310
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 788-3030

Lionel Lee Hector
1 Public Square, Suite 27
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 779-0999

Robert V. Renzi
120 Washington Street
Suite 310, HSBC Bldg.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 782-3366

John W. Hallett
Paddock Arcade
Watertown, N.Y. 13601
(315) 779-2111

Dunckel & King LLP

Shady Avenue
Lowville, N.Y. 13367
(315) 376-6565

Mafrici Law Office

8355 Route 11
Cicero, N.Y. 13039
(315) 699-3095

Goettel, Poplaski
& Dunn, PLCC

120 Washington St., 320
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 777-4378

Michael R. Forcier

106 Washington St.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 836-8377

The Young Law Firm
7659 N. Main St.
Lowville, N.Y.  13367
(315) 376-7543

Steven J. Alteri
121 Sherman St.
Watertown, N.Y.  13601
(315) 782-1800

Patrick B. Sardino
250 S. Clinton St.
Syracuse, N.Y.  13601
(315) 474-2911

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  • Daniel F. and Kristina R. Ambia

  • Harold and Sheila Rogers

  • Timothy J. and Andrea N. Lotz

  • Derek L. and Kristine A. Tackitt

  • Dewavion M. and Lundiah A. Dunson

  • Devin Swain and Rosanna Ortiz

  • Mark E. and Janet L. Phillips

  • Arnaud T. and Jennifer D.J. Pooda

  • Alvin J. and Desiree H. Baker

  • Richard L. Nimmo and Addie E. Tourville

  • Thomas J. Moore III and Brandie L. Moore

  • Michael D. and Ashley E. Fernandez

  • Ricky R. and Shannon L. Means

  • Ricky A. and Trudy Gushlaw

  • Jeffery Clarke and Elizabeth More Clarke

  • Donald and Melinda Hill

  • Ian and Shalene Dillin

  • Ledyard A. Maynard Jr. and Kathleen M. Maynard

  • Ronald P. Gamble Jr. and Susan N. Gamble

  • Jason M. and Bobbie L. Williams

  • Christopher A. and Sumiko N. Palma

  • Allen J. and Mary E. Orr

  • Scott G. Chadwick and Rita Faye Chadwick

  • Derek A. and Christina M. Shoemaker

  • Scott R. and Lindsay A. Graveline

  • Andre V. and Shawna L. White

  • Eric D. and Paula C. Cadwell

  • Ronald E. Semelsberger Sr. and Katherine A. Semelsberger

  • Chad A. and Amanda K. Raso

  • Jason J. and Areum Libby

  • Garrett M. and Shannon V. Fridline

  • Alfred L. Henry Jr. and Anissa M. Henry

  • Michael J. and Kimberlee S. Hawthorne

  • Richard M. and Casandra L. Devine

  • Thomas W. Gagner III and Kristi K. Greisdorf

  • Scott Stevenson and Carrie Gladle

  • Erika L. John Grimes and Hunter F. Grimes IV

  • William H. Ellis III and Shawna M. Ellis

  • Noah S. and Meghan A. McClurg

  • John L. and Lisa Carbone

  • Roberto A. Morenoamaya and Orleniss E. Osorio

  • Bradley E. and Cathy J. Good

  • Sarah J. and Eddie T. Gist

  • Gordon G. and Chrishelle A. Therrien

  • Daryl M. and Kristina L. Pignone

  • Charles D. and Jill M. Bates

  • Adam M. Sidane and Lila Chili

  • Darryl R. and Melissa M. Sanford

  • Chad G. and Erin M. Denehy

  • David and Dawn M. Degrave

  • Trenton D. Greenrock and Michele L. Popowchak

  • James D. and Maureen Blakeney

  • Jerry W. and Linda M. Jones

  • Dwayne S. and and Desiree N. Murray

    Source: Jefferson County Clerk's Office

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