Assemblyman Walczyk backs Lisa Ruggiero for City Council

WATERTOWN, NY —  State Assemblyman Mark Walczyk announced Saturday that he has endorsed Lisa Ruggiero for Watertown City Council.  Ruggiero, who is seeking her second term on the City Council, was first elected in 2017.  Since that time, she has established herself as an independent thinker, who isn’t afraid to ask questions and does her homework on issues that directly impact Watertown residents.

Councilwoman Ruggiero has a proven record defending City taxpayers.  Ruggiero has voted for City budgets that don’t exceed the tax cap and voted against hiking taxes.  In addition, Councilwoman Ruggiero has supported countless projects that strengthened City infrastructure, such as rebuilding sidewalks, improving public transit, expanded public trails, among many others.

“When I first met Lisa, I could tell right away that she has her finger on the pulse of Watertown, she understands the issues, talks to the people she represents and takes the time to do her homework,” said Assemblyman Mark Walczyk.  “I’m so incredibly proud to endorse Lisa Ruggiero for City Council.  But, I’m even more proud to call her a friend.  Watertown has a brighter tomorrow because of the steadfast work Lisa has done thus far in her role and the City will have an even brighter future because of the work she’ll do moving forward.”

“I had the pleasure of serving with Assemblyman Mark Walczyk during my first year on City Council. He was not afraid to speak up and ask questions and he showed the importance of how Council Members work for the City residents. I’ve stepped up for the residents of Watertown by asking questions and listening to what residents have to say so I owe a lot of gratitude to the Assemblyman for being an excellent example to learn from. I’m so honored and humbled to have his support,” said City Councilwoman Lisa Ruggiero.