Assemblywoman Addie Jenne statement

I wake up this morning clearly disappointed but also grateful that I have had the opportunity to represent the region my family has called home for the past seven generations in the New York State Assembly for the past decade.

The voters have spoken, and I respect their decision.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done for the district – creating a farm-to-school program that has benefitted our growers and producers as well as students that are now eating fresh, locally grown food products in their school cafeterias, the fight I have waged to make sure rural schools receive equitable state aid so our kids have the same opportunities as their peers in wealthier portions of our state and my success in bringing state funds back to the district to help move important community projects forward.

I’m most proud of the constituent service work my office – my dedicated staff – have done to help small businesses and constituents, many from outside our district’s boundaries, in times of crisis. That is really the most important role we play in public service.

I hope this campaign will be an anomaly and not the new norm. The North Country is better than this, and our future campaigns need to focus on the many issues challenging our region’s future, not on character assassination and a wanton disregard for the truth.