Barclay shoots down bill that would ban hunting contests in the state

ALBANY, NY — “In yet one more example of Albany attempting to dictate its social norms on the rural areas of the state, legislation was recently introduced that would ban hunting tournaments. In the legislative memo, the sponsor characterizes hunting contests as ‘slaughters, massacres where participants are glorified for taking the most animals.’

“First of all, I’d be curious to learn what gladiator-like hunting event that fits this vivid description.  It is certainly nothing that I am aware of,” said Barclay.   “Many sportsmen groups and outdoor organizations hold hunting contests such as big buck contests and other youth hunts to encourage interest in hunting – where awards are often based on weight or other measurements such as antler points.  Also, contrary to what the sponsor claims, the DEC sets limitations on takings so you cannot hold an unlimited competition.  This bill would be far reaching and would likely ban dog trials.  Many sportsmen and local officials have questioned whether this bill will also ban fishing tournaments and derbies.”

“Once again, here is another anti-gun, anti-hunting bill coming out of the democrat controlled Assembly. In our district, we value our Second Amendment rights and outdoor sports, yet many legislators are fixed on limiting them or taking them away completely.”