Barclay statement on Democrats’ proposed gun legislation

PULASKI, NY —  “This isn’t an appropriate response that will result in any meaningful change. New York Democrats lost any credibility on issues of public safety a long time ago. They don’t know what works. They prioritize the concerns of career criminals over crime victims. And they have undermined law-enforcement professionals at every possible opportunity.

Threatening to shoot up a school is a no-bail crime, thanks to criminal justice ‘reforms.’ Democrats created a mass shooting task force that hasn’t even held a meeting in the two years since it was formed. Four years ago, Assembly Republicans urged state officials to create the “Temporary Commission on School Safety and Security” – Democrats completely rejected the idea for reasons unknown.

We need to take steps to prevent horrific tragedies like the ones we’ve seen in Brooklyn, Buffalo and Uvalde from ever happening again. Literally, every legislator in Albany wants to meet that goal. But the steps need to be effective and they need to involve more voices than those who have failed so frequently and so miserably at protecting New Yorkers. The SAFE Act made headlines, but made no one safer. And the same will apply to what Democrats offered today.”