Big Apple Plaza near Fort Drum sold

EVANS MILLS, NY — Three years ago, the Big Apple Plaza on Route 11, opened with Big Apple Music opening their second location – “Extreme Rides by Big Apple Music”.

The new Big Apple location occupied 3500 sq. ft. of the new 10,500 sq. ft. retail plaza, owned by Robert “Bobby” Ferris. At that time, they were the only business in the new Plaza, and the hope was to get other tenants into the new plaza and have a successful retail location.

The plans have worked out better than Mr. Ferris had hoped, not only at the Big Apple Plaza, but at the immediate adjoining properties. The adjacent properties have seen an Auto Zone and Aldi’s built, along with the continuing success of Freedom Plaza. In the Big Apple Plaza, tenants now include At&T, Yellow Dog
Wine and Liquor, Los Come Padres restaurant, and Extreme Rides.

Mr. Ferris stated, “The Plaza has developed into a very busy location and as a result has received interest from commercial developers. I have decided to take advantage of this interest and have sold the Big Apple Plaza to I-Site Development. They have plans for the Plaza and the space occupied by Extreme Rides. As a result, we will be closing our Extreme Rides store and consolidating everything back to our Big Apple location on Arsenal Street. The last day for our Extreme Rides location is today – Christmas Eve.”

Mr. Ferris added that it was a very good opportunity to sell the entire plaza, and although Extreme Rides will be closing it will be business as usual. “I want to thank all of the customers who shopped at our Extreme Rides location the last few years, and we look forward to serving everyone in one centralized location and continuing to offer our products and services that we have offered for over 35 years at Big Apple Music! Anyone who purchased a car starter at Extreme Rides and needs it installed, or needs a Christmas exchange etc. from Christmas shopping, all they have to do is come down to the Big Apple store on Arsenal Street and we will take good care of you, including honoring any warranty work. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to serving all of our Big Apple customers (and former Extreme Ride customers) at our Arsenal Street location.”