Blankenbush rips farm bill

ALBANY, NY — “New York City Democrats delivered a gift to the politically-connected labor unions that fund their campaigns. New Yorkers will pay dearly for it. The farm labor bill will pile hundreds of millions of dollars in new costs on family farms that are already struggling to stay solvent. New York state has lost thousands of farms in recent years, including a 20 percent reduction in dairy farms since 2012. The fact that Democrats refused to pass legislation to help our farmers get back on their feet is alarming. The fact that Democrats passed legislation that kicks them while they’re down is disgusting.

“I’m urging the governor to veto this bill. Agriculture is a proud New York tradition. It is the cornerstone of my community, and it’s a tremendous economic driver for the state. This reckless legislation challenges all of that,” said Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River).