Carthage/Wilna Fire District issues statement about barn fire in Croghan

June 10, 2023

The Carthage/Wilna Fire District would like to clarify any misconceptions surrounding the barn fire in the Town of Croghan early Friday morning June 9, 2023.

At 0542 the Natural Bridge Fire Department, along with the West Carthage Fire
Department who are automatic mutual aid with Natural Bridge Fire Department, were dispatched to 4902 Toth Road for a report of “a barn on fire next to the house, animals inside”. Natural Bridge arrived on scene roughly 28 minutes after being dispatched. It was a full 18 minutes after the initial dispatch of the incident that Carthage Fire Department’s assistance was requested. Natural Bridge Fire Chief, Jason O’Meara, assigned the Carthage Fire Department to a fill site on the Texas Road despite being only five minutes from the fire on the Toth Road. Carthage Fire Department was NOT requested by Natural Bridge Fire Chief Jason O’Meara to go to the scene of the fire initially or after they were notified that the structure was fully engulfed in fire. Without being requested by the Natural Bridge Fire Department, the Carthage Fire Department was unable to respond as the fire was in the coverage area of the Natural Bridge Fire Department.

We at the Carthage/Wilna Fire District take great pride in delivering emergency
service to our community and surrounding areas. Had we been dispatched to the scene, being only five minutes away, we would have been there to assist at “the scene” in a timely manner. Our career and volunteer firefighters are always prepared to serve and protect.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carthage/Wilna Fire District
Board of Fire Commissioners