DEC announces closure at Black Pond Wildlife Management Area effective immediately

ELLISBURG, NY — Effective immediately, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is closing the trail to the shoreline at Black Pond Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

Earlier this month the gate was closed to limit motorized access to the trailhead. This most recent closure includes access from the trailhead to the boardwalk and shoreline.

Located along the eastern edge of Lake Ontario, the WMA shoreline is currently
inundated up to the dunes, causing significant erosion.  Entry onto the dunes is
prohibited. The boardwalk is also inundated in certain sections by as much as a foot of water and is not safe for use at this time.

This closure will limit safety concerns and reduce impact to the WMA. The Black
Pond WMA is a natural wetland complex consisting of dune, open water, emergent
marsh, and wooded/shrub swamp. The area is a significant coastal fish and wildlife