DEC: Big buck case in Clayton solved

CLAYTON, NY — On May 13, Environmental Conversation Officer Pete Jackson solved a hunting case that he had worked on for more than five months. In December 2017, he received a call from the owner of a storage unit facility in the town of Clayton. The caller had found the carcass of a large, 10-point buck on the edge of the property. With a possession tag still attached to its ear, the animal had been gutted and hidden behind some plywood. With the assistance of ECO Rob Johnson, the officers confirmed the deer had been shot with a muzzleloader. Using information from the tag, the officers identified a suspect living in a court-mandated rehabilitation facility outside the county. ECO Jackson interviewed the woman whose name was on the possession tag and she verified that the suspect had taken the deer. Since he did not have a hunting license, she said he had asked to use her tag. In early May 2018, ECO Jackson confirmed that the suspect was back living in Clayton. He located the suspect on May 13, and issued him tickets for hunting without a license, possessing hunting tags of another, and unlawfully taking big game. The case will be heard in the Town of Clayton Court.