Developer responds to City Council’s latest action on parking spaces in 200 block of Washington Street

I was sad to hear that the Council tabled the decision to restore some of the parking spaces in front of the Key Bank Building but I have faith that they will follow through with their promise to do so.

The four members that voted to compromise and restore the two handicap spots and find more spots understand that convenient short term parking is essential for downtown businesses to survive in this new retail market.

The City has worked for years to develop long term parking for the people who live and work Downtown. However over the last two decades convenient consumer parking has been eroded. The parking losses and traffic changes on Court Street and on Washington Street will cause some business great stress and hardship to their already fragile bottom line.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and the City Council will do the right thing.

If City Council truly wanted to make walking Downtown a pleasant experience they would (will) protect the reason people come Downtown, the local small businesses.

Thank you

Robert (Bobby) Ferris