31 divorces filed in July

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in July 2020 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Colin Nutley and Justin P. Wisniewski

  • Jason M. Woodworth and Crystal Woodworth

  • Larry F. Babcock and Marion R. Babcock

  • John T. McCafferty and Chelsea L. McCafferty

  • John W. McCormack Jr. and Claudia H. McCormack

  • Judhayda Mervilus and Jeanne Mervilus

  • Jose Fung and Jennifer Fung

  • Marc S. Fields and Kayla Althea Amanda Greaves

  • Blazie Frederick and Jasmyn Anchondo

  • Kelly Giglia and Jessica Giglia

  • Timothy A. Kelley and Alyssa N. Kelley

  • Gage Ybarra and Anna Ybarra

  • Riley D. Mefford and Kyosha I. Randall Meffod

  • Teresa Leha and Gun Arda Batumoglu

  • Philip J. Deluke Jr. and Leanne Deluke

  • Jason T. Rarick and Heather A. Rarick

  • Dustin K. Burdick and Kelly C. Burdick

  • Darin M. Halko and Jennifer A. Halko

  • Tyler B. Robert and Leeann Marie Roberts

  • Brandon Ryant and Tyasia Young-Ryant

  • Michael C. Rogers and Maigan A. LeGault

  • Jason R. Stowell and Danielle R. Stowell

  • Derek Jones and Kathleen M. Greene

  • David A. Barosky and Camille D. Barosky

  • Jonathan P.R. O’Dell and Renee L. O’Dell

  • Brad P. Richard and Sarina J. Richard

  • Paul L. Sadler and Sarah D. Willingham

  • Ricky C. Farmer and Trinity M. Lalone

  • Jeremiah Rollins and Kristin M. Rollins

  • Jeffrey K. Sammons and Gerri A. Sammons

  • Steve R. Banks and Shaveen S. Murray Banks






Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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