25 divorces filed in June

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in June 2019 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Sean J. Robishaw and Kristen A. Robishaw

  • Cole M. Graeber and Amanda L. Graeber

  • James Martz and Alexandra Novack

  • Kenneth F. Mallette Jr. and Brandi Mallette

  • Alexander E. Danielson and Samantha C. Danielson

  • Lorimar Maldonado and Erika Estrada

  • Jonathan A. Bort and Brittany L. Bort

  • Daniel J. Lee and Danielle E. Lee

  • Brian S. McCraney and Amber N. McCraney

  • Robert Miner and Ginger Miner

  • Jarrett Nuffer and Alexandra Nuffer

  • Hamlet Dubois and Tyna Dubois

  • Jonathan E. Salyer and Christina A. Salyer

  • Forrest K. Lambert and Jessica K. Barr

  • Dezmon Robinson and Marissa Rivera

  • Carlos Ortiz Jr. and Jasmin Ortiz

  • Ryan R. Reynolds and Samantha L. Reynolds

  • Bert E. Forney and Rachael A. Forney

  • Henry Tyson and Kelly Tyson

  • Andrew Adams and Tissy Adams

  • Myles T. Pelton and Emily M. Burns

  • Christopher M. Wilson and Amanda L .Wilson

  • Wyatt T. Harrison and Janna M. Harrison

  • Quentin Atchley and Emily Atchley

  • Cesar Avila and Caridad L. Avila


Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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