32 divorces filed in March


WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in March 2020 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:


  • Robert N. Snyder and Taylor A. Snyder
  • Julian Miller and Alicia Miller

  • Bryan S. Roux and Lisa M. Greene Roux

  • Andrew Converse and Megan Converse
  • Derek S. Rivera and Tamara S. Rivera

  • Raymond S. Avery and Deanna S. Avery
  • Michael D. Beiswenger and Susan Beiswenger
  • Anthony J. Cancellieri and Brendan C. Bombardier

  • Benjimen S. Keigley and Aubree E. Keigley
  • Jeremiah L. Farman and Mikayla M. Farman

  • Ronald S. Ward and Heide C. Ward

  • Bailey Aguirre and Bethany Castro
  • Jordan Hughes and Christian Hughes

  • Michael D. Bidwell and Jennifer M. Bidwell
  • Yvette A. Ostrom and Cheyanne M. Ostrom
  • Trone Hunter and Bobbi Jo Hunter

  • Adam M. Beattie and Megan E. Beattie

  • Wade A. Davis and Julie M. Davis
  • Wayne D. Sidmore and Rebecca S. Sidmore

  • James J. Cobb abd Sarah I. Cobb
  • Douglas E. Patterson and Randolyn D. Patterson

  • Timothy J. Gluck and Amanda L. Crocker
  • Mason X. De La Garza and Kristen E. De La Garza

  • Eleizer Itara Sr. and Lourdes S. Itara

  • Andrew T. Beckstead and Jamie L. Beckstead
  • Allan M. Sipos Jr. and Kristy Jo Sipos

  • Allan M. O’Brien and Johvani E. Bantiles
  • Christopher A. Eastman and Brandi L. Eastman

  • Robert K. Crump and Ashley M. Crump

  • Comlan Remi Sedjro and Susana Marie Sedjro
  • Jonathan Lennon and Rachel Lennon

  • Gary C. Ward and Bridge A. Ward





Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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