31 divorces filed in November

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in November 2019 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Robert L. Hales and Dallas P. Hales

  • Samantha M. Lawrence and Marice J. Lawrence

  • Jesse J. Fortes and Shawna A. Farmer

  • Thomas W. Cotter and Barbara M. Cotter

  • Terry A. Hess and Patricia A. Hess

  • Joseph Suarez and Jake Tate

  • John M. McCormick and Cheryl A. McCormick

  • Shawn C. Smiley and Chereen W. Smiley

  • Gerald W. Delosh Jr. and Tiffany Y. Lingenfelter Delosh

  • Frank L. Pettey and Deborah A. Pettey

  • Joseph B. Garrison and Kelly M. Fuller

  • Harley Theodore Jr. and Vanessa Registre

  • Matthew J. McCargar and Lindsey J. McCargar

  • Anthony I. DeJesus and Haley M. DeJesus

  • Matthew J. Johnson and Heather M. Johnson

  • Payut C. Hasadinratana and Lashonda S. Hasadinratana

  • Walter H. Rhodes and Anna M. Gault

  • Chasmin Hunter and Jamelia Hunter

  • Jonathon M. Coker and Rachel M. Coker

  • Gary A. Kallay and Pamela B. Kallay

  • Christopher Morgan and Jenna Morgan

  • Michael A. Engel and Kim E. Engel

  • Deborah S. Reed and Leeman P. Reed

  • Marcus A. Currence and Bryanaugh N. Currence

  • Ralph D. Deremer and Deborah J. Deremer

  • Steven F. Dorr and Nicole L. Dorr

  • Chris A. Carlisle and Nancy S. Carlisle

  • Kienen Loe and Maria Landin

  • Nikolas Vallejo and Emily Vallejo

  • Daniel Maitland and Cary Maitland

  • Angelo Acevedo and Chelsea Marcano


Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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