33 divorces filed in October

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in October 2018 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • David P. and  Tammy L. Antonucci

  • Earnest E. and Lisa Wash

  • Patrick J. and Jeri D. Lawrence

  • James and Michelle Whitley 

  • Donald E. and Gretchen W. Rowland

  • Todd J. and Samantha J. Ives

  • Ashraf Warda and Mohammed Al Alem Al Bustami Mais

  • James C. Williams Jr. and Mechia M. Williams

  • Ronnie and Jennifer A. LaBrie

  • Nicholas and Amarilis Lazar

  • Rey Leyvas Aguilar and Kiana C. Diaz Gutierrez

  • Austin and Shelby Anderson

  • Edward F. Perkins Jr. and Janice M. Freeman

  • Stephen J,. and Stacey L. Doroha

  • Jason A. and Sheena M. Harris

  • Christopher P. and Kathryn J. Gibson

  • John P. McIntyre Jr. and Jessica F. McIntyre

  • Darius J. and Moriah J. Reed

  • Bryan O. and Alicyn B. Buttry

  • Zachary and Lety Connell

  • Terrance and Michelle Bridges

  • John S. and Christine R. Orr

  • Daunte A. and Briana N. Albritton

  • Peter W. and Tracey P. Granger

  • Patrick and Kathie T. Connor

  • Xin Liu and Yuyu Duan

  • Bryon R. and Christina M. French

  • Christopher Brandow and Julia Cruz

  • Bryan T. and Steffany T. Delaney

  • Arykah R. and Angel B. Berrios

  • Jeremy J. and Sandra A. Cunningham

  • Scott P. and Jessica A. Collins

  • Neil and Christina Gscheidle


Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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