25 divorces filed in October

WATERTOWN, NY — Judgments of divorce/annulment filed in October 2019 at the Jefferson County clerk’s office:

  • Andy M. Vargas and Jonnika T.J. Vargas

  • Daphne Hubbard and Allison C. Hubbard

  • Michael A. Larrabee and Jennifer B. Larrabee

  • Daniel Atkinson and Tiara Burnett

  • Westley O. Cooper and Jessica M. Cooper

  • Justin M. Zaremba and Jessica L. Zaremba

  • Scott W. Phillips Jr. and Carolyn E. Phillips

  • Valencia H. Chavez and Leslie Lea Ann Chavez

  • Robert A. Veith and Angelique H. Cornell

  • Michael D. Aubin and Jacqueline K. Aubin

  • Frank J. Laverghetta and Tasha J. Laverghetta

  • Brent M. Dye and Elia F. Dye

  • Raymond E. McKown and Magaly P. Alan

  • Ronald J. O’Hara and Penny L. O’Hara 

  • Scott Introvigne and Kylee S. Introvigne

  • Carols Reyes Garcia and Leyka E. Rivera Carrasco

  • Andrea Cannizzaro and Kara Lynn Cannizzaro

  • Zachary Ingraham and Michelle Ingraham

  • Nicholas Lucero and Chelsea Lucero

  • Michael J. Ball and Janet M. Tuohy

  • Gregory L. Browning and Stefanie Browning

  • Zachary R. Zimmerman and Johnna Brooks Zimmerman

  • John Chase and Melody Chase

  • Brandon A. Hanson and Ruby A. Hanson

  • Mark Roberts and Lisa Roberts





Source: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

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