Former state Senator Wright endorses Gray for Assembly

Message from former state Senator James W. Wright:

“I am pleased to give my endorsement to Scott Gray to be our next Assemblyman in the 116th River District.

As a Senator for New York State I have had the honor of representing this region for 15 years. During that time, I worked with numerous local officials and few have left the impression that Scott Gray has. Scott Gray is a consummate professional and tireless worker, Scott Gray has shown his commitment to the residents of our region time and time again. Scott Gray has shown the unique ability to not only understand the issues, but has shown that he has the capability to work cooperatively to solve those issues. With the makeup of the Legislature in Albany, the ability to build consensus is key to success in Albany. Scott’s ability to work with anyone to solve issues can only benefit our region.

His efforts during the recent high water events along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is one example of his drive to help our communities. As a member of the REDI commission he has played a valuable role in bringing much needed assistance to the waterfront communities in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties.

Most recently, Scott provided reassuring leadership during the pandemic. His efforts and his ability to work with numerous agencies and organizations is how Jefferson Community College was established as a mass vaccination site. I am sure we all know someone who took advantage of these valuable clinics.

Having now left public service and enjoying retirement I take great comfort in knowing that an individual such as Scott Gray is willing to take on the challenges of being our Assemblyman.”