Fort Drum conducts Apache Gunnery Range Wednesday, Oct. 5 and Mountain Peak exercise

FORT DRUM, NY  — On Wednesday, Oct. 5, the 10th Mountain Division (LI) will execute an Apache helicopter gunnery range.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, the 10th Mountain Division (LI) will execute Mountain Peak, one of the largest military training exercises on Fort Drum.

Due to the large number of soldiers, vehicles, air frames, and support required to execute this world-class training, increased activity and noise levels within the area and North Country are expected.

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 11, heavy military traffic, including Soldiers in vehicles and on foot, is possible between U.S. Route 11, State Route 26, and County Route 30, with the highest activity expected from Tuesday, Oct. 11, through Saturday, Oct. 22. The local community also should expect an increase of helicopter traffic in the skies.

This training will focus on collective warfighting skills, including convoy movements, setting up field sites, soldiering tasks, command and control, and air-assault operations.

Units within 2nd Brigade Combat Team will participate in the training while members of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, and 10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade will all provide support during the exercise. Mountain Peak is designed to evaluate subordinate units and prepare them for real-world combat missions. The intensive training will give Soldiers the skills needed for future deployments while educating them on how to operate in a deployed environment.

The Mountain Peak exercise is scheduled to conclude on Saturday, Oct. 22.