Fort Drum Medical Command announces changes to specialty care referrals 

FORT DRUM, NY – Due to changes directed by the Fort Drum Medical Command’s contracted health insurance provider Humana Military, as of January 1, 2019, Fort Drum MEDDAC beneficiaries will no longer be referred to specialists with the Physicians and Allied Health Professionals of the Samaritan Medical Practice, P.C.

This will impact new or changed referrals only. Patients with ongoing referrals within the Samaritan network will still see their current specialist until their approved course of care is completed unless a new referral or a change in referral is required. New referrals will still be processed, but with other in-network providers as needed.

Humana Military is currently working to develop contractual relationships with additional local and regional area providers to ensure continuity of care.

“The Defense Health Agency contracts with Humana Military, and the insurance provider tells us who is in their network of care. We understand the frustration this change creates for the specialty care providers, and the Soldiers, Families and Retirees they’ve served well.

Samaritan Medical Center remains a strong partner to Fort Drum and will continue delivering care in areas unaffected by this change including emergency, urgent, in-patient behavior health and OB/GYN care,” said Colonel Brandon Bowline, Fort Drum MEDDAC Commander.

Specialty services impacted at this time are ENT, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, pulmonary, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, radiation oncology, general surgery and A Woman’s Perspective OB/GYN.

This will not affect patients being seen by Fort Drum MEDDAC OB/GYN located at Samaritan.  Beneficiaries can continue to visit the Samaritan emergency room and urgent care facilities as they are not affected by this change.

Fort Drum MEDDAC will continue to publish any additional changes to the Humana Military network of care as needed.

Fort Drum news release Jan. 2, 2019