Fort Drum statement on three suspected suicide deaths

FORT DRUM, NY – In the last 72 hours, three 10th Mountain Division Soldiers have died in isolated and unconnected suspected self-harm incidents. Investigating agencies do not believe there is any danger to the public regarding these incidents.

In order to not preclude the findings of those investigations and to allow 24 hours from notification of next of kin, we are unable to provide more details at this time.

“CSM Terenas and I ask you all to keep the families of the Soldiers in your prayers during this difficult time and allow them the time to process their loss of a loved one,” said Maj. Gen, Milford H. Beagle, Jr., Commander, 10th Mountain Division (LI).  “In trying times like these, it is incumbent upon us all to reach out to your battle buddy. Make sure they are O.K. I have spoken with our command teams and they will gather everyone together on Monday. I have asked them to address the warning signs of those at risk, enhance understanding of the characteristics of suicidal ideation and to share coping mechanisms.

To the Soldiers of Fort Drum, the 10th Mountain Division and our entire Army I want you to know every life is worth living! Your life because you are a teammate, your life because you are Mountain Tough Soldier. If you have problems, challenges, or issues there is help available from this chain of command all the way down, to help you get the resources you need. Do not suffer in silence”