Fort Drum upgrades security system at entrance gates

FORT DRUM, NY — Effective Oct. 2, the security system at all Fort Drum access control points, or gate entrances, will be upgraded to the Army’s Automated Installation Entry (AIE) system.

The AIE system increases security on post by electronically verifying the identity of individuals against local, state and federal criminal and terrorist databases.

IDs will be scanned as usual with a handheld card reader, and it initially takes less than 15 seconds to register the card. Depending on the volume of traffic, this may cause short delays at the gates during the first few days of using the new system.

Fort Drum Directorate of Emergency Services officials said that service members, DoD civilians, DoD contractors, family members and retirees who have valid common access cards (CACs) or Teslin cards should notice no difference when entering post.

One exception is retirees with older-issued ID cards that have Social Security number on the front will have to register their cards at the Visitor Control Center (VCC) before entering post. These cards are not recognized by the AIE system, so retirees are advised to register the card or arrange to have it replaced.

“For motorists and passengers coming onto Fort Drum with valid Department of Defense or military identification cards, this will be a seamless transition that requires no further action from them at the gate,” said Maj. Chris Philpot, Fort Drum Directorate of Emergency Services operations officer.

Individuals with valid local access badges (LABs) who are registered in the current physical control system can still access post. However, they will need to produce their badge and a scannable state-issued driver’s license to do so. Current LAB cardholders can choose to upgrade to a new AIE badge by visiting the VCC prior to the expiration of their badge.

The new AIE badge offers the advantage of only having to produce this one form of ID at the gate.

For non-DoD cardholders, registration in the AIE system can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes at the VCC. The process for receiving a new AIE badge or LAB renewal includes a background check, registering in the AIE system and sponsorship.

AIE registration at the VCC also will be required for the following installation visitors:

*Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) holders. Authorized caregiver and spouse also will need to register.

*Foreign Nationals. Sponsorship by an authorized DoD cardholder is required. Individual must possess a valid passport, military orders or other travel information as needed.

*All non-DoD personnel 18 or older.

Visitors requesting access to Fort Drum must voluntarily submit to a background check and obtain an AIE visitor’s pass at the VCC. The driver and passengers 18 or older must present a valid state-issued driver’s license to security personnel.

The Visitor Control Center, located near the Lt. Gen. Paul Cerjan access control point, is the only facility to register in the AIE system.

Visitor and Gate information is available at the Fort Drum website at, or call the VCC at (315) 772-8585 for assistance.