Gray calls out dysfunction in budget process

News release

ALBANY, NY — Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) is calling out the extreme left members of the New York state Legislature for stonewalling the governor, the entire Legislature and more importantly, the residents of New York as they continue to create chaos in the budget process. The governor said yesterday that the budget would not be completed by tonight’s midnight deadline.

“After being in county government for 21 years, it is pretty astonishing to see this state budget process play out,” said Gray. “It is fundamental to our core duties as representatives to  recognize that vast differences exist in our great state and to reach a compromise and deliver an on-time budget. Infighting in the Majority Conferences by far-left members has brought the process to a standstill. We started the session in the first week of January and the reality that a budget deal could not be negotiated by April 1 speaks to the dysfunction, irresponsibility and lack of leadership that New Yorkers are so fed up with.

“I applaud the  governor for prioritizing public safety and remaining committed to revisions on bail reform and encourage her to reach a compromise on housing that maintains local control. While we should be negotiating important public safety policy outside of the budgetary process, I urge the governor to hold firm on her proposed changes to bail reform. Without safe streets and communities, we have nothing. The voters of New York sent a clear message last November and continued sentiment shows public safety remains a top concern for residents across the state.

“The Democrat Party state chair has even called out these members as unrelenting in their quest to seize power and the governor said their views clouded the values of the party. We are a diverse state, and it is important that as legislators we represent our districts, yet understand the complexity of the entire state and be willing to compromise to get a budget done and on time,” concluded Gray.