LeRay initiates planning process

EVANS MILLS, NY (news release) —  In the spring of 2021, the Town of LeRay initiated a planning process to update the 2008 Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is a broad statement about the community, looking 5 to 10 years ahead and includes community land use priorities and considerations. The
Town formed a Committee which now meets once per month. This summer, the Committee will send out a community survey by mail in conjunction with an online survey option, to start the public input process. A public meeting during the fall will be hosted.

Public meetings (at multiple locations in the Town) will include a review of recent trends, as well as brainstorm sessions regarding land use planning issues and current community needs.

The Committee anticipates drafting inventory chapters and planning considerations as the process gains momentum. The community survey, brainstorm sessions, and updated Town inventory will be used to draft the Town’s vision statement and goals. Therefore, this initial input step is vital to complete the planning process.

Jefferson County Planning Department staff are providing technical assistance during the process. For specific questions, please contact Jessica Jenack, Town of LeRay Community Development Coordinator, at planning@townofleray.org.