Lewis County establishes guidelines for downstate visitors

LOWVILLE, NY —  Lewis County is a premier location for outdoor recreation and tourism in Upstate New York.

Outdoor enthusiasts from across the state, region, and nation visit our community throughout the year to enjoy the natural beauty and small-town charm of Lewis County. Many have even invested in the community through the purchase of hunting camps and other seasonal homes.

These visitors are an important part of our local economy, and they are always welcomed in Lewis County.

However, with the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout New York State, additional precautions are necessary to protect our shared community, and to ensure our limited healthcare resources are not overrun by a wave of medical necessity.

Therefore, at the recommendation of the Lewis County Public Health Director, the following procedure shall be observed by all visitors, and seasonal homeowners:

1. Anyone planning an extended stay of one or more nights in Lewis County, who has been in the greater New York Metropolitan Area (see map) at any time after March 1, 2020 for a period of more than 24 consecutive hours, must call the Lewis County Public Health Department (315-376-5453) upon arrival in Lewis County.

2. These individuals are required to self-quarantine on premises for fourteen days upon arrival in Lewis County.

3. This guidance excepts individuals from the quarantine requirement (but not the reporting requirement) who were in the greater New York Metropolitan Area on official state or federal business, or as medical professionals responding to the ongoing health crisis.

As taxpayers, Lewis County’s second homeowners are surely entitled to the same services as fulltime residents, and we are grateful for their investment. This guidance is about ensuring the safety of the entire community, and protecting our healthcare infrastructure during this pandemic.

Lawrence Dolhof, Chairman of the Lewis County Board of Legislators said, “Whether you’re a fulltime resident or a seasonal visitor, as members of the Lewis County community, it is in all our interests that the County is healthy and safe during this pandemic. Your respect and cooperation are greatly appreciated.”

Kristen Aucter, Executive Director of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce said, “For the safety of our community members, we ask that seasonal residents and visitors follow the recommendations from Public Health regarding isolation. When this pandemic passes, the Adirondack Tug Hill Region will be ready to welcome everyone back with open arms.”

In Lewis County, Our Backyard is Your Adventure. Help us protect our backyard, so we can all get back to our adventures as soon as possible.

The greater New York Metropolitan Area is defined below: