Lowville Free Library presents Lewis County Scavenger Hunt & After Party

LOWVILLE, NY — Lowville Free Library will present the Lewis County Scavenger Hunt and After Party from 2-8pm on September 25, 2021, featuring cash prizes, local gift prizes, a costume contest, and refreshments.

“There is an incredibly fun amount of strategy involved,” Trustee Jamie Roberts said. “In the first moments, teams frantically look at the clues and decide how to attack.”

This favorite fundraiser brings together old and new teams, stoking the flames of friendly competition. Clues will ask participants to draw upon their Lewis County knowledge and learn more along the way.

20 of the Scavenger Hunt clues refer specifically to Lewis County legends, landmarks, and little known facts. “You can stay local for clues of lesser value, or travel farther for clues worth more points,” Roberts added.

The remaining 50 clues ask teams to gather “Found Items,” “Culture References,” and “Laugh Out Loud” poses and activities. “The clues are open to interpretation and creativity from each team,” Lowville Free Library Trustee Emily Burke said.

This year’s costume contest is themed, “Through the Decades.” Prizes will be given for best individual costume and best team costume.
Registration will take place at Maple Ridge from 2- 2:45pm, the Scavenger Hunt will span the county from 3-6pm, and the after-party will take place from 6-8pm at Maple Ridge. During the after party, points will be tallied and Lowville Free Library will award the winning teams with CASH prizes.

Participants can enter as 2-4 person teams, with an entry fee of $50 per team. Tickets are available online or at Lowville Free Library.

Any participant under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. Tickets are non-refundable. If you do not attend, it will be considered a donation. All participants must sign a waiver. A camera phone or digital camera will be required per team.

This will be the second time the library has held this event, and Lowville Library Director Meghan Harney says that it has staying power. “So many people have asked when it will be back.”

“When we brainstormed about a new fundraiser to add to our calendar, the idea of a scavenger hunt came up and we all immediately jumped on board. It’s something different that invites people of all different ages and skill levels.”

Lowville Free Library, chartered in 1906 and constructed in 1927, currently serves a population of 4,982 in rural north-central New York. The library also serves a considerable number of patrons from outlying areas as well as summer residents.

This fundraiser is especially important to Lowville Free Library since covid caused the cancellation of most 2020 fundraisers. At the same time, the library needs to replace its damaged boiler and air conditioning condenser. All fundraising, grants, and donations immensely help.

“It makes for a great day with friends,” Board of Trustees President Jesica Nichols said.