National Fire Prevention Month

ADAMS, NY –  October is National Fire Prevention Month and the South Jefferson FFA Chapter has teamed up with the Adams Fire Department to spread the word about fire prevention.

The South Jefferson FFA president Kanoelani Paredes (sparky the dog) and Vice President Madeline Stowell as well as members from the Adams Fire Department visited story hour which is held for preschool age children and younger, to promote fire safety.

Wearing the Sparky the dog costume purchased with funds received from the FFA Living to Serve grant, the FFA members danced to the “stop drop and roll” song, handed out 1st aid kits, coloring pages and demonstrated what a smoke alarm sounds like and what to do if it goes off.

Members of the Adams Fire Department, Anthony Cronk, Brian Berkey and Bob Simpson, explained the parts of firefighter turnout gear as it was donned  in front of the preschoolers so that in event of an emergency the children will not be afraid of a firefighter wearing full turnout gear.

The preschool students had the opportunity to take pictures with Sparky the dog and venture inside the fire engine.