NYSP: No arrests during underage drinking initiative in St. Lawrence County

All businesses checked during an Underage Drinking Initiative in St. Lawrence County were in compliance for an initiative that took place on December 27, 2022.

Ten business in compliance were:

  • Parkway Express, Canton, NY

  • Ye Old Liquors, Canton, NY

  • Shoulette’s Redemption Depot, Canton, NY

  • Bessette’s Bottle Redemption, Canton, NY

  • Bottom of the Hill Liquor, Heuvelton, NY

  • Stewarts Shop, Heuvelton, NY

  • Gerry Liquor Store, Ogdensburg, NY

  • Nick’s Wine and Liquor, Ogdensburg, NY

  • Sunoco, Ogdensburg, NY

  • Parkway Express, Ogdensburg, NY

During the Underage Drinking Initiative, retail establishments are checked using a trooper in plain clothes and one or several underage operative(s) who cannot lie about their age or give a fake date of birth (if asked).  When asked for ID, they must show their real ID.  All New York State driver’s licenses are horizontal if the license holder is over the age of 21; if the license holder is under the age of 21, they are vertical.