NYSP: Watertown contractor arrested on 21-count indictment warrant

NYSP news release

ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY — On Nov. 7, 2022, State Police in Alexandria Bay arrested Cameron P. Hasner, age 34, from Watertown, NY, for the following charges:

Grand Larceny 3rd degree – property value exceeds $3000 (4 counts)

— Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 3rd degree – property value greater than $3000 (2 counts)

— Criminal Possession Stolen Property 4th degree – property value greater than $1000 (2 counts)

— Grand Larceny 4th degree – value property greater than $1000 (2 counts)

— Scheme to Defraud 1st degree – (1 count)

— Scheme to Defraud 2nd degree – (1 count)

— Petit Larceny – (3 counts)

— Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5th degree – (1 count)

— Issuing a Bad Check – (5 counts)

Hasner, owner of Bedrock Property Management, was arrested on a 21-count indictment warrant for defrauding a number of individuals by issuing a number of bad checks for goods and/or services throughout Jefferson County and other counties in NY State. He also failed to begin and/or complete the work that he was hired to complete.

He was transported to the Jefferson County Public Safety Building and remanded to the custody of the Jefferson County Sheriff pending his arraignment in Jefferson County Court.