Oswego County: 50 positive cases

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego County Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang announced today, April 15, that three additional residents have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of positive cases to 50.

Thirty people have since recovered and are no longer in mandatory isolation.

Two residents have died from the virus.

COVID-19 has been identified in the cities of Fulton and Oswego and the towns of Boylston, Constantia, Granby, Hastings, Mexico, Minetto, New Haven, Orwell, Oswego, Palermo, Richland, Sandy Creek, Schroeppel, Scriba, Volney, West Monroe and Williamstown.

Those infected with COVID-19 have ranged in age from a young child to senior citizens to people in every decade of life in-between. The Oswego County Health Department is investigating all cases and where appropriate, other family members and contacts have also been placed in mandatory quarantine or mandatory isolation.

All known contacts of COVID-19 positive patients are being notified. In the event that a known case had public exposure when they were contagious, such as someone who worked in a restaurant, the county health department would alert citizens through the news media and social media.

Oswego County Legislature Chairman James Weatherup is urging residents to take every necessary precaution to avoid public places and groups of people as much as possible during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

He said, “This disease is everywhere. It doesn’t matter how many people in your community have tested positive or how many people in the next town over have tested positive. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you don’t social distance, it will spread.”

This report is current as of 3 p.m. April 15.

Please know that these numbers fluctuate frequently. People are monitored for a variety of reasons. Some have been tested and are home waiting for results, some may be returning travelers, and some are the result of community transmission. As the number of people getting tested increases, the number of people monitored will increase. Once negative tests come in (meaning a person is not infected) or a person has recovered, some may be released from monitoring. Recovered people are NOT deducted from the total number of positive cases.

– Total # of people tested or scheduled to be tested: 1,055
– Total # of positive cases: 50
– Total # of positive cases recovered: 30
– Total deaths: 2
– Total # of positive cases active: 18
– Total # of negative results: 945
– Total # pending results: 53
– Total # of people in precautionary quarantine: 79
– Total # of people in mandatory isolation/quarantine: 81
– Total # completed/released monitoring: 1,004

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, difficulty breathing and gastrointestinal illness. The county health department follows NYS Department of Health guidelines for who should be quarantined and tested for coronavirus.

“It is important to understand that COVID-19 is everywhere, not just in communities where tests have so far indicated,” said Huang. “It is no longer simply a travel-related issue, it is also being transmitted in the community. We expect the number of positive cases to continue to increase, based on the history of the disease in other nations and other states.

“That is why it is so important that we all follow the crucial measures I’ve outlined below. We need to diligently follow the guidance to keep social distancing by six feet and handwashing with soap and rubbing for 20 seconds. These steps will help to slow the spread of the virus in our community and limit your chance of exposure. If we hope to be successful in controlling the spread of this disease, we must all take every precaution to avoid public places and groups of people as much as possible.

Health care providers, first responders, and the county and state health departments are working closely together to mitigate the disease’s impact on the community.

Officials urge all residents across Oswego County to take personal responsibility and follow these guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
– Stay home as much as possible.
– Avoid non-essential gatherings of all types and sizes. (All non-essential gatherings of any size are banned.)
– Keep six feet from other people.
– Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating.
– Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and then throw the tissue in the trash.
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
– Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
– Stay home if you are sick.
– Call your healthcare provider from home if you are experiencing symptoms such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
– Do not go to an emergency department unless you are experiencing life-threatening conditions.
– Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Residents are asked to continue monitoring reliable sources of information. Go to
health.oswegocounty.com/covid-19 for the latest news releases, daily updates, and video presentations or visit oswegocounty.com or health.ny.gov or cdc.gov.
Oswego County presents videos highlighting various COVID-19 topics on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

They are scheduled to be posted by 4:30 p.m. on Oswego County’s COVID-19 YouTube playlist, Facebook and the county government website at oswegocounty.com.

Additional questions can be directed to the Oswego County Health Department COVID-19 hotline at 315-349- 3330, which is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, or to the NYS COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-364-3065, which is open 24/7. For more information about emotional supports, visit the Oswego County Department of Social Services Division of Mental Hygiene at www.oswegocounty.com/mentalhygiene.