Queen of Hearts in Lowville expected to reach $20,000

LOWVILLE, NY — Just in time for the New Year, this open to the public drawing, has now reached $17,510 and is anticipated to hit $20,000!  The drawing is this Sunday at 5PM.  Only $1.00 and you are in. You do not have to be present to win.

A spaghetti and meatball dinner, prepared by our AMVETS, will be served from 1-5 for only $7 including dessert.

The queen of hearts is hiding somewhere on a board behind the only 12 cards remaining, your goal is to guess which card it is.  You win 60% and 40% goes into our military museum honoring our local veterans (please see 5 minute museum video at www.americanlegionfamily.org ).

Anyone can stop at the post to enter your chance to win!  The American Legion is located at 5383 Dayan Street, Lowville.  Further information can be obtained by calling 376-3712.

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