Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library reopens previously closes areas

WATERTOWN, NY —  Flower Library is excited to announce the reopening of the upper level and the children’s playrooms on Friday, June 11th! Reopened areas within the upper level of the library include the Teen Space, the upper mezzanine, and Reference and Genealogy Departments. Appointments are no longer required but still encouraged for genealogy inquiries. Children and families will also be welcomed back into both the playroom within the Children’s Room and the Family Computer Room.

These spaces are available in addition to the previously opened portions of the basement and the main floor. Table space within the library is also available on a first come, first serve basis. The South Reading Room is available for use but the library is currently not taking official meeting room reservations at this time.

If you would like the option of removing your mask while inside the library, please provide library staff with your vaccination card and picture ID. Otherwise facemasks must remain on at all times. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Have questions? Please contact the library Director, Yvonne Reff, at 315-785-7701 or stop by the library today.