Saint Lawrence Spirits in Clayton named New York State Distillery of the Year

CLAYTON, NY — Saint Lawrence Spirits captured many awards at the Great American International Spirits Competition this month, earning them the title of “Distillery of the Year” with the New York State Distiller’s Guild.

Spirit entries from around the world competed in this years premiere competition held May 4 and 5 in Rochester, New York. A panel of experts including Master Distillers, Certified Spirit Educators, Brand Ambassadors, retailers,
importers and spirit industry writers and consultants evaluated more than 300 entries.

In total, Saint Lawrence Spirits was awarded 17 medals.

Gold – Rye Knot Moonshine

Silver – Vodka, Wheelhouse Whiskey, Empire Cream, New York Dry Gin, Anchored American Gin, Admirals Albatross Moonshine

Bronze – Verte Absinthe, La Fee Rouge Absinthe, Captain’s Flask Bourbon, Kentucky Son Straight Bourbon, Ice Breaker Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Penet Square Terrior Gin, Downbound Barrel Aged Gin, Ryes in Shine Moonshine, Even Keel Moonshine

Saint Lawrence Spirits Head Distiller, Bill Garrett, commented, “This is a tremendous accomplishment for us and shows our dedication to creating the highest quality craft spirits. We are honored to be apart of the growing craft distillery movement in New York.”

The distillery is fortunate to have access to incredible resources in the Northern New York Region, such as the Saint Lawrence River. They are the first distillery
to use Saint Lawrence River water to proof down all of their spirits, providing “The Spirit Of The River In Every Bottle®”. “Our distillers are passionate about providing quality small batch craft spirits with local roots, starting at Lucky Star Ranch, where we harvest native botanicals & raw materials from our family farm. Local farmers assist with our corn harvest and provide additional grains and raw ingredients,” said Jody Garrett, Owner of Saint Lawrence Spirits.

On July 31st, Saint Lawrence Spirits will be holding a celebration of their accomplishment as part of the NYS Distiller’s Guild “NY Distilled Spirits Month”. The event is free to the public and will feature free tastings, appetizers from the Saint Lawrence Spirits Château Restaurant, and live music by Travis Rocco, a North Country favorite.

Saint Lawrence Spirits is family owned and operated. We take pride in our award winning spirits and diverse product line including Vodka, Gin, Absinthe, Moonshine, Whiskey and Bourbon.

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