Scott Gray officially announces bid for 116th Assembly District

News release

Scott Gray announces for the New York State Assembly, 116th District, the Neighborhood in the North Country.

Experienced Businessman and Legislator asks for the North Country Vote

February 22, 2022

Friends, Neighbors & Residents of the North Country:

I’m announcing my candidacy for Member of the New York State Assembly in the 116th district. I was born and raised in Northern New York and operate a 4th generation family business so I know the struggles of trying to earn a living in New York. Our business has seen too many customers move away, it is time to get people to stay, play and earn a living.

For 40 years I have worked as a small business owner and I have stepped up to serve in our community for 20 years as a member of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators and this uniquely qualifies me to understand and serve the residents of Northern New York in Albany.

As a small business owner I know the struggles of doing business in New York and
keeping the doors open. I have invested in the community, created jobs, made over
2000 weekly payrolls while owning a business and worked hard to pay the bills. I know the difficulties of keeping the doors open and staffing a business because people are leaving the North Country.

We endure the ups and downs trying to make a living and just like you I know the
challenges we all face. Business has given me a sense of the everyday struggles and taught me the values of strong customer service, because in business you either excel or simply you do not survive.

It has been a privilege and honor to serve on the Jefferson County Board of
Legislators for 20 years including 6 years as Finance chair and the last 6 years as
Chairman of the Board which has brought financial stability, investment in local
communities and responses to emergencies. I have worked tirelessly to meet the
challenges and lead the responses brought on by several crises during my time in
office including high water in 2017 and 2019 and then most recently COVID. Together we made it through because we are the North Country.

Serving as a Legislator has given me the perspective of government operations and finances. It has provided the experience to understand fiscal responsibility and how this all impacts your lives. It has taught me to keep government, like business, lean.

Every step of the way I have learned to work with local, state and federal partners to bring an investment to the North Country. I know how to work in a bipartisan manner to achieve results for the North Country and I have demonstrated that ability to forge working relationships whether serving on the Regional Economic Development Council or Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative.

I will be committed to our agriculture and tourism industry. I have demonstrated
leadership through the REDI commission that invested throughout Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties to make our tourism economy more resilient.

Fort Drum is vital to our north country. Maintaining the relationship and strength of
Fort Drum is extremely important. I was recently awarded the Public Service
Commendation Medal by The Secretary of the Army. I will fight to ensure Fort Drum is here to stay and always relevant.

We are the neighborhood in the north and on top of the Empire State for a reason
because we are strong, hearty and proud. The North Country needs a voice in Albany who is just as strong, hearty and proud;

● someone who understands what is important to Jefferson and St Lawrence
● someone who knows how budgets impact your daily lives and how they affect
where people choose to live,
● someone who will defend upstate values such as public safety against New
York City interests like bail reform,
● someone who can build relationships to deliver results and make sure the
residents of the 116th Assembly district get their fair share.

Working relationships matter in order to get something done. I know how to build
working relationships and have demonstrated that experience in both business and government to deliver results. Know that I will fight for the results that our
neighborhood in the North Country deserve and you will always have a voice at the

Residents have witnessed my dedication, commitment and work ethic to ensure that the neighborhood in the north country is a proud place to work, live and raise a family.

I humbly ask for your vote and support throughout this campaign so I can vigorously and tirelessly represent you in Albany.

Experienced, Proven Results for Our Neighborhood in the North Country