Simao urges county leaders to not close temporary homeless shelter

Good morning Bob, please see the below email that I sent last Thursday to Scott Gray, you and others and as of today I haven’t received any insurance coverage from the County which is very disappointing. As a result of that I have asked my insurance agent John Doldo to facilitate the increase of my insurance coverage if it’s even possible since the current use as a Shelter was an exception and an accommodation to me by the insurance company because of the situation.

I did speak to Bill Johnson about the insurance issue and he did correctly state that we didn’t talk about the insurance the day of the snowstorm. I and others weren’t thinking about insurance as the Shelter was opened within hours during an emergency and crisis. I’ve had many organizations throughout the years use my properties free of charge but not a one of them has refused to provide coverage in fact I’m very surprised that the County Attorney isn’t requesting an agreement between my company and the County.

I would  like to point out a few things pertaining to the Shelter. Scott did an exemplary job in taking initial control of the situation and he is missed from what I hear.  Bill Johnson has been great to work  with and very responsive to my calls as I’ve had many people reaching out to me with questions and suggestions. The Shelter is an  opportunity to have a facility in the County and figure out where the permanent solution needs to be located and how it needs to be operated.

I want to emphasize that the closing of the Shelter is solely the County’s decision and has nothing to do with me. I am more than willing to continue to donate the use of the building and  as I’ve before publicly stated and will state again, the County can use the building for up to two years for the Shelter free of charge.  

There  has been an outpouring of support from the Community for the people occupying the Shelter and closing it now especially during the Holidays and winter season will only have negative consequences. The closing of the Shelter will be perceived as inhumane and unconscionable. I am respectfully requesting that the County and its Legislators reverse the decision to close the Shelter as the need for keeping the Shelter open is very apparent.  


     P.J. Simao